Bhutan – Himalaya’s Buddhist Kingdom Where No Visa Required

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The Buddhist Kingdom

Bhutan, also known as “Land of the Thunder dragon” is a tourist attracting country located in Eastern Himalayas of South Asia. Famous for its tradition, culture and devotion to Buddhist religion, Bhutan can be listed in the top traveling destinations. Moreover, being our neighboring country we have a good chance to visit such beautiful country.

Perks Of Traveling Bhutan For Indians

Bhutan can be placed in the most expensive traveling countries. The Bhutan tourism charges $250 per night for foreign travelers and if you are traveling solo then you have to pay $290 per night which can be really expensive. Fortunately, citizens of India, Bangladesh and Maldives don’t have to pay the tariff charges for traveling the country.

Also, the tourists have to take permits to travel to certain cities and towns for visit but for the mentioned three countries, no permit is required.

No Visa Required

Adding one more reason to travel Bhutan is that we do not require visa to travel Bhutan. Indians can travel carrying one of the two documents, the first is Indian passport and the other is the Voter ID card. You can get authorized at the airport itself and carry on your journey ahead without any meticulous processes.

How To Travel To Bhutan From India?

You can travel to Bhutan by air as well as road. If you are living in north east or east part of India, you can check the bus and train facilities for Bhutan. While traveling by air, there is only one airline which is Druk air which takes you to Paro, the only city with an international airport.

The tickets can be a bit expensive for Indians and there is no online check-in available for the airline so you need to reach the airport early for better seats.

Currency In Bhutan

The currency of Bhutan is Ngultrum (simply called Nu) which has the same value as the Indian rupee. Also, Indian currency is accepted everywhere in the country, so you do not need to worry about the foreign currency exchange.

Places To Visit In Bhutan

Bhutan is known in three different regions: Western Bhutan, Central Bhutan and Eastern Bhutan. If you travel by air, then you land in Paro which is located in western Bhutan and can start your journey from there. Apart from Paro, other places to visit are Thimphu, Dochula pass, Punakha, Haa and many others.

Paro – Valley of Bhutan

Renowned for its natural beauty, traditional style houses and surrounding hills, Paro is home to many temples and monasteries. It is also famous for Bhutan’s most iconic landmark, Taktsang Monastery also known as the Tiger’s Nest. The temple admired for its location and construction is situated upon cliff above the forests and you can experience an amazing trek to the Tiger’s nest on your trip to Bhutan. Moreover, Paro is acclaimed for Dzongs.

They never fail to impress the tourists with their impressive architecture and its vibes. Rinpung Dzong and Drukgyel Dzong are top attractions in Paro. Ugyen Pelri palace is among the top attractions along with the National museum of Bhutan. Haa valley is a wonderful place for experiencing nature and adventure.

Thimphu: The Capital Of Bhutan

Thimphu is the most modern city if Bhutan. Tourists from across the world have to take permit to visit Thimphu along with Paro. But Indians do not need any permit and can visit the place without any permit. Thimphu is well known for Buddha dordenma also known as the Buddha point. Buddha point treats you with a great view of the city and the surrounding beautiful nature. The statue of Buddha at the tops adds to the beauty of the place.

Other top attractions of Thimphu are National memorial Chorten and Tashichho dzong. Dochula pass between Thimphu and Punakha is also a must visit place on your route to Punakha from Thimphu. You can also observe the traditional dances and cultural events organized by the locals.

Panakha Dzong Capital Of Bhutan Until 1955

Unlike Paro and Thimphu, you need a permit to travel in Panakha. Punakha Dzong, famous for its architecture is a tourist attraction in Panakha. Chime Lhakhang temple shares the spiritual vibes and is really peaceful temple.

Approximate Cost For Your Travel

If you plan in advance and book your tickets, then you can travel Bhutan within ₹10000 but it may vary according to the time of your travel and other circumstances. So what are you waiting for? Travel to this awesome country without spending too much money.