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Did You Ever Celebrate Holi In Pushkar?

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The Holi festival or the festival of colors as it is fondly called is one of the most important Indian Festival. Across the entire country, people come together, play with powder colors, water and numerous other things. One of the most popular holi celebration of the country is the Puskhar Holi Festival.

Holi festival has a very long history, which is mentioned in the Puranas (a vast genre of Indian literature about a wide range of topics), Dasakumara Charita (a prose romance in Sanskrit), and by Kālidāsa (a Classical Sanskrit writer and poet) during the 4th century, and also mentioned in the Ratnavali (a Sanskrit drama) during the 7th century.

However, it is believed that the meaning of earlier Holi festival is different from that of present Holi. In earlier time, it was performed by married women to pray for happiness and health of their families.

During Holi Pushkar’s ambiance is more than just colors.
It’s playful and spirited with a dash of madness it has a full blown electronic music party with some mind blowing Musical Acts. We can witness a palette of colors erupting from the hands thousands of attendees. The place gets filled to the brim with tourists from all over the country as well as numerous foreign national tourist who want to experience the festival. 

Holi Festival in Pushkar, a small holy town in Rajasthan, begins in the eve of Holi with a big bonfire. Local men gather around an unlit bonfire on a square, throw garlands and wooden branches onto the fire, and then light the bonfire. Soon the flames grow higher than two stories. After the flames die out, everyone brings pieces of burning embers to their home, which symbolizes bringing good luck to the home.

The color-throwing festivities start early in the morning of Holi. A dance party is held in the central square of Pushkar with everyone covered with beautiful colors.

In addition to Holi, Pushkar celebrates the annual Camel Fair in which thousands of camels gather on this beautiful desert town

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