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Google took 3.5 hours in front of Congress to explain everything about user privacy

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The query had gone viral by the representatives what the relation is among their iPhone and Wikipedia to the search results

Big people have big-big problems! The evidence is there when Google‘s CEO Sundar Pichai remained a testimony of the House Judiciary Committee this week for about three and a half hours. This is not only with the one big personality but also Mark Zuckerberg has already been apart of Congressional testimony before for a question-answer round and people properly observed that the representatives are not so aware of what they are supposed to be about the basic working of the Internet and the powerful companies that dominate it. The House Judiciary Committee was held to run a round of questionnaire based on Google functioning about data leakage and tracking of the users’ information. Read Google Testimony Congress with this highlights.

As per announcement which Sundar Pichai made that he would shut the Google plus, the controversy started whether the Google is tracking the users as per the data had gone viral. Pichai didn’t speak muchhow Google is collecting data on users or why recent walkouts of sexualharassment occurred although he was expected to break the ice on that. However, this session was not so favored by several of observers and they suggested on social media that it must be stopped by the Legislative Branch of our government to run the round of putting questions and expecting explanations from the tech CEOs due to their prevention from embarrassment.

To know why these kinds of suggestions were provided on social media, you must have a look upon some interesting question here which you may find funny.

How can an undesirable information advertised by an iPhone?

The granddaughter of Iowa a representative Steve King saw an ad which was presenting awful things about him and showing such kinds of records which he didn’t want to share or he denied up to some extent to be a part of which. It was actually about the King’s support for racism,antisemitism and neo-Nazi groups. Pichai was questioned about the ad and hechanged the matter by saying, “iPhone is made by a different company.” It is aquick fun as if people are assuming that iPhone is made by Google due to the perception made by Pichai’s statement.

King emphasized, “it might have been an Android. It was a hand-me-down of some kind.” But he forgot to explain what kind of game was there or the type of notifications set on the phone without which the answer was hard to imagine. “I’m happy to follow up when I understand thespecific,” Pichai said for the unexplained points of King.

On typing the word ‘idiot’, Google shows the picture of Donald Trump under the image. What is the link between idiot and Donald Trump?

This question is a kind of funny. Zoe Lofgren (D) asked this question and Pichai answered wisely without being laughable. Suggestions are like this is not a thing to be asked as both Sundar Pichai and Zoe Lofgren are aware of Trump’s ranking and there are so many articles and blogs about Donald Trump containing the word idiot in themselves. There is a deliberate manipulation by Reddit users, the point was supported by the people.

No employee can manipulate the search results because there is no sanction for that. Didn’t the same thing happen?

The question about Google search result was raised by Congressman Lamar Smith (R) of Texas. Pichai had an explanation about this as he said that no employee can manipulate the Google search result because it is a very complicated process which includes some steps. The explanation was denied by Lamar, “I disagree, I think humans can manipulate the process!” he seemed unconvinced about what Pichai was saying.

Two years ago in the election, Russian actors invested wealth in buying the online platforms for advertisement. Is Google aware of the whole matter?

The question was raised by Jerrold Nadler (D) representative from New York. Nadler cited media reports which showed the thousands of dollars were spent to buy ads on Google from multiple accounts and he asked Pichai as if the matter is under the knowledge of Google! Sundar Pichai answered, “yes!” along with his explanation through an investigation conducted by Google showing the amount of $4700 spent by the Russian actors. Suggestions came as if Congress is concerned about Russian manipulating U.S. elections, the attention must be paid to the social media rather Google search. More than 100,000 dollars were invested on Facebook ads by Russians which reached 146 million Americans. Besides ads and investment, there was much damage done by the simple post of fake items and news to be repented.

Every time we do search the contents and the result is like, Wikipedia!

The question was asked by Louie Gohmert (R) the representative of Texas. What actually done by him was that he used his five minutes to lament what he sees as Google’s deeply ingrained liberal bias rather than ask any question. The complaint was that Gohmert’s chief of staff had updated his Wikipedia entry with the required information every night for two weeks only to find her changes removed each morning. He said that it is hard to know whether it’s against Wikipedia’s guidelines as if how can the editing process go on employer page.

I have an iPhone. If I go over there and sit with my Democrat friends, does Google track my movement?

A question was asked by Ted Poe (R) representative of Texas who wanted to know the tracking facility of Google. Sundar Pichai simply said, “There may be a Google service you have opted in to use.” Simply if you opt-in Google search with the location turned on, Google maps would be in service. If his phone is one of them using these facilities, Google will track his movements.

Poe emphasized, “ it’s not a trick question. You make 100 million dollars a year. You ought to be able to answer that question and I’m shocked you don’t know.” Poe didn’t seem to be convinced by what Pichai answered.

A significant portion of this hearing was a waste of time.

The overall conclusion was drawn that this hearing was not more than a time waste and a political plot. Ted Lieu (D) California representative said that the First Amendment of the Constitution protects the free speech rights of people and corporation, which would include search result. Even if Google were able to adjust its search results so as to favor Conservations more, Congress can’t legally compel it to do so, the suggestion was made.

Totally the hearing was supposed as a political theatre. The elected officials must be aware of how Internet functioning goes for the sake of actual official doings.

See all the highlights here in the video from that conversation: Click Here