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How To Celebrate The Tradition Of First Period In Different Countries?


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A period is a taboo topic in many countries of the world. With feminist activists and health workers, the taboo around menstruation is slowly fading. But, have we ever heard anyone celebrating their first period? Obviously not. It is definitely not seen as an occasion of festivities. 

However, there are countries in the world where the citizens throw parties and ceremony in their household when a girl has her first period. It is a moment of celebration of entering into womanhood.

It makes the girls assured that their periods is a creation of new life and their step into womanhood. It should be embraced like everything else.

Here is a list of some countries in the world which celebrates the tradition of a girl’s first period:

# India

Although know for several menstrual taboos, however in Sothern region India, a girls first period is celebrated. Amidst, Tamilians, a girl’s first celebrated with a pomp. The girl is bathed in turmeric. She wears new clothes and dressed in garlands. She is also showered with gifts from her relatives. There is a bhoj or a feast organized with priests performing rituals in her honour.

# South Africa

All in this country, the girl has to stay away from her family for three days. However, before the isolation, the family throws her a big party with gifts . This helps her to deal with the isolation.

# Japan

In japan, when the girl gets her first periods, the mothers prepare a traditional meal called seikhan consisting of meat, sticky rice , and red beans. This is prepared as it is full of nutrition which the daughter needs, but with this meal, the mother announces the neew to the rest of the family members.

# Brazil

In Brazil, when a girls hits puberty with her first period, the news is announced to the men of the family. All the mebers and friends of the family are given the news. It is a symbolic way to celebrate and embrace a girl’s first period

# Italy

It is weird to  congratulate a girl on her first period. But not in Italy. With the onset of her period, she refered to as signorina or young lady. It is news of celebration in the family and the girl is congratulated for entering into womanhood.

# Iceland

All celebrations are marked with cutting the  cake. In Iceland,  mothers bake a red velvet vannila cake, to cele brate her daughters first period. It is  a special reason to cut the cake and celebrate the girl’s entance into womanhood.

# Croatia

Wine is biggest symbol of celebration. Croatians celebrate the girl’s first period with drinking glasses of red wine. It is customary tradition performed by the elder meembers of the family including men.

Periods must be embraced. It is a new chapter in a girl’s life. She should feel celebrated and special rather than be isolated into the corners. We also should break the taboo of periods and cut cake and drink wine with a girl’s first period