How To Travel As A Couple For The First Time?

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It is valentine’s week and love is in the air. Couples have a long list of planning and expectations coming up on their way to make the week special. Many couples plan to surprise each other with the big gesture, others stick to the conventional dinner and wine routine. However, there are couples also who makes the biggest move in their relationship by travelling together.

It is one of the most thrilling experience to travel  as a couple on the valentine’s  day week. Travelling allows couples to reconnect and get away from the crowd of the city life.  It is conventional, and, you can surprise your partner by this move. Though, this gesture sounds exciting, it can be daunting for  couples who are travelling together for the first time.

It is new point in the relationship.  You and your partner will be staying together at one place for the first time.  The journey is unknown and you might have to adjust to unforeseen situations. Worrying makes it worse. Though , there will be challenges, but still it can be the most romantic adventure you can have as a couple.  If you remember these tips, travelling together  will be the most fun thing to do as a couple. Let us have a look:

# Co-Ordinate For A Place You Love

For first  time couples who are travelling together, giving a surprise is not a good idea. This is a time to plan and coordinate together. For your first trip, decide a destination which both of you love. Make a list of the nearby weekend getaways or a long week trip. You will surely find something in common and head towards it.

# Make A Common & Affordable Budget

Travelling can be expensive or super-cheap and it depends highly on the travellers themselves. In a relationship, money should not be discussed, but expenses also should not be overlooked. Sometimes, due to money, disputes happen over the trip. Make a budget of how much to spend for the trip. You do not have to take luxury villa always. Try and understand that the company matters more than the luxury. Staying a middle-ranged suite will not ruin the vacation.

# Camping Is Not The Great Option

Camping trips sounds adventurous but are not a great idea for first time couples who are travelling. Being cooped in a tent creates a lot of adjustment issue. Also, one has to take care of the weather conditions and that might cause disturbance in your romantic camping trip.

# Drive And Take Turns

Driving to your destination sounds romantic and thrilling. It is also a great conversation builder. But, also sharing the load is equally important. Take turns to drive and rest or navigate the roads. Do not just put responsibility to your partner.

# Eat Healthy

During the trip, you might want to indulge yourself  with a delicious culinary fare. But it is also equally important to eat well and staying healthy. Eat and enjoy , but also taking care of each other is also important as food posioning should not ruin the romantic trip.

# Drinking Is Always Not Needed

Drinking and dancing during the trip is always good. It surely helps to create those special moments. But drinking everyday does more than harm than good. You will feel hungover every morning and will be lethargic to do any activities together. Hence, keep the alcohol at bay.

# Do Activities Together

Try to create moments together by doing things together. Go for a hike or even swim and brunch together. If your partner does not know how to fish, you teach. You can learn from each  other and discover each other’s hobby and know your partner. Cook together or even gaze at the stars together,  doing things together strengthen the bond

# Have Your “ME” Time

Even with your partner, there some activities which you  want to do it alone. Take time our for yourself. Having a  “ME” time is important even if this your couple time  together. You should not lose yourself.

This is your first travel together, have fun. Cherish it and take lots of pictures.