Why Should You Have A Travel Journal?

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When you ever see a travel movie or a documentary, you see the beautiful location and the traveler sticking his Polaroid images and writing in his leather-bound journal. Somewhere at the back of our minds, we have to have a journal and write our thoughts during our travels. But sometimes, we forget it.

We do not reaons to keep one.  However, keeping a travel journal is one of the most beautiful souvenirs you take back from al your travels. Just than a documented book, it has so many other purposes. Here is why you should keep a travel journal:

A Documented Memory

A travel journal is the best documented memory from travels.  It is your travel memoir with all the adventures you have had. You might forget the emotions of certain experiences, but writing it down on your journal embeds it forever. It is a down memory lane to all your reflections you had during your travels


As I said before, keeping a travel journal is going through a down memory lane of all your adventures. When you are old , you can laugh at all the foolish things you have done during travels. Reading the travel journal all over again at different points in your life will make nostalgic and how adventurous your life has been through travelling

A Reference Point

For many of us who want to become travel blogger, it is important to have a journal. To make your content unique, you should have an original voice. What is better than sharing the experiences and emotions from your travel journal. It is the reference point in your blog content. Also, you cannot rely on your memory while writing , ablog, having travel journal is the refresh button you need to have to run a travel blog.

Stress Reliever

Keeping a journal during your travels helps you to get de-stress yourself. Sometimes, your travel experiences can be unpleasant and things do not go as it was palnned. Rather than just containing it inside, you can pour it all in your journal. It helps you to relieve of the emotional weight and you can reflect as you write in the journal.

Something To Hold Onto

When things are gloomy and upside down, you can always read your travel journal. It is place you have created on your own. Reading it makes you hold onto something and be optimistic. The fear you had during your first solo trip  or how you managed to accomplish the most difficult trek, you trave l journal is a beacon of resilience and achievement. It helps you to be better and not give up.

Personalized Souvenir

Your travel journal is filled with words of wisdom and photgraph of all the people you met and the food you ate. Sometime is also filledwith local artwork or a smal handicraft or herb pinned to the pages. Having a travel journal is like creating your own personalized souvenir from all over the world.

Passing It Down

Keeping a travel journal is one of the most coolest heirlooms. Since it is a personalized travel souvenir, you can have a series of it and store it pass it down to your children or grandchildren. They can read about your adventures and know more about you. It is the best way to keep certain family traditions alive.

There is nothing better than writing and travelling. Keeping a journal of your travels is one of the most prized possesions one can ever have. Just blotch it with your experiences and adventures. A part of you resides in a travel journal.