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10 Flowers That Are Edible And Super Nutritious – Scoutripper

Having a home garden is a thing of beauty as they are always blooming and are filled with all sorts of amazing produce. Taking kitchen gardening to next level, a number of home gardeners have opted to grow small herbs and flowers.  Well, known chefs across the whole world have started using flowers in their dishes. They add a great taste and looks lovely in presentation.

Given below are ten flowers which will surely make your dishes marvelous.


Marigolds are mostly used a pest repellent. However, it can also be used to make food. The vinegar made out of marigold is used for salad dressing Even a soothing tea is prepared using the same.

Banana Blossoms

This flower is famous in Kerala and is known as vazhaipoo. It has a mild version of a banana and is rich in iron and fiber. It is commonly used in Malabar cuisine, where it is fried in coconut oil, along with spices.

Moringa Flowers

In South India, moringa, or drumstick, is a popular vegetable. It is usually seen in Sambhar and has a great taste.  Even it can be used for a calming tea or can be fried in oil for a crispy snack to serve. It is a stress reliever flower.

Mint Flowers

Mint flowers have a great taste and can be added to desserts, such as custards or even can be used for garnishing drinks like iced tea or lemonade. It can also be made while adding other vegetables to it. From depression to digestion everything can be cured by this flower.


This flower is the best option when you want to have a soothing tea which provides relaxation. Just boil it in water and see its magic. Even it is used to cure a common cold.


This flower requires no introduction as  In India it is used as a common flavoring in a number of desserts.  Rosewater syrup is a vital component of the sweet, gulab jamun.  The fruits of the rose plants called as the rose hips have been converted into jams and marmalades, the extract from the petals is mostly used in syrups.The Rooh Afza which is the classic Indian sharbat is also made using the extract of rose. For a refreshing sweet tea, the petals of this flowers are combined with other elements.

Papaya Blossom

Papaya Blossom is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E, the flower has a number of health benefits which includes lowering cholesterol, improving appetite, and treating diabetes. It is bitter to taste but can be squeezed with salt and washed with water to reduce the bitter taste. After that, it can be used in vegetable for the making.


Lavender has a beautiful fragrance and is commonly known for its oil which is used for baths as an antiseptic and for its anti-inflammatory properties. However, a particular lavender which is known as the English lavender can be used for cooking dishes as well. To amplify the dish the dried lavender is used along with the rosemary. Lavender, when added to honey, gives a great taste and thus provides relaxation, aids sleep problems, and helps in cultivating good skin and hair.


Nasturtium is bright yellow in color and is good to use. They are not just the elements of garnish but even adds a great taste to the dish. It has a dominant peppery taste. This flower is used by chef’s all over the world in dishes such as stir-fries, stuffed the flowers etc. It is a rich source of Vitamin C and iron.

Toothache Plant

Toothache Plants have various names such as electric daisy, tying flowers, and buzz buttons. It is an amazing addition which can be made to any dish. You should try it. Break off a part of the flower and put it in your mouth. Be careful as once the bud touches your tongue, it gives an electric tingling flavour.  

Try out the dishes made with these electrifying blossoms and taste the unusual gift of the nature.