For seasoned hikers, trekking poles have long been a helpful accessory. Even on short excursions, hiking poles are useful because they provide stability when carrying large loads or negotiating uneven terrain. They are terrific for getting into a rhythm and significantly reduce the weight and tension on the hips, knees, and ankles when going downhill.

Best Trekking Poles
Best Trekking Poles

Anywhere you hike, walk, or trek, a strong pole or combination of poles increases your stability and effectiveness, especially on uneven or difficult terrain. You get from three to four points of touch with the ground when hiking with poles as opposed to only one or two.

Whether you’re carrying the weight of a backpack or your own body-weight, trekking poles can assist disperse the load. Whether on a day hike or a week-long backpacking excursion, they dramatically lessen back pain while hiking with a pack and also aid tone your arms along the course.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Trekking Pole

Best Trekking Poles In India
Best Trekking Poles In India

The typical gear for many hikers, walkers, backpackers, trekkers, and snowshoers includes trekking poles and hiking staffs. The reasons are simple: They enhance your balance and provide support on any surface.

Follow these instructions to get the most out of your trekking poles or hiking staff:

  1. Choose between a single hiking staff and a pair of trekking poles to start.
  1. Pick the right length: Your elbow should be bent 90 degrees when the pole’s tips make contact with the ground.
  1. Select features: here are just a few examples of the features and choices that will affect your choice to buy:


  1. Adjustable: Numerous trekking poles can be lengthened to improve stability on various surfaces.

Usually, they can be adjusted between 24 and 55 inches long.

Typically, you should retract the poles for uphill travel and extend them for downhill travel.

  1. Non-adjustable: Some hiking poles are non-adjustable in length.

Because they have fewer moving parts than adjustable poles, these fixed-length poles are typically lighter than adjustable poles, which makes them popular with ultralight users.

They work well for tasks where you are certain that a specific length is required.


Instead of shrinking into itself like adjustable trekking poles, foldable poles behave something like tent poles.Folding poles are typically the most portable. They are typically lightweight and simple to set up as well. They are particularly well-liked among fast hikers and ultrarunners.

Shock Absorption

When you walk downhill, shock-absorption poles have inbuilt springs that cushion shock. 

When not in use, as when you’re climbing a hill, most poles let you turn off this feature.

Any hiker will appreciate shock absorption, but it is especially advisable for people with unstable hips, knees, or ankles or those who have had previous joint problems..


Because they have a lighter swing weight, ultralight poles have the advantage of being lighter to move. This results in less weariness over a lengthy hike. Additionally, ultralight poles are simpler to pack. The pole’s overall weight is significantly influenced by the material of the pole shaft.

Ultralight poles are ones that weigh less than half kg per pair, according to REI.

Locking Mechanisms (for adjustable poles):

  1. External lever lock: Adjusting the length of the pole is quick and simple with the external lever lock, even with gloves.
  1. Push-button lock: Poles equipped with this locking system lock with a single pull and snap into position.

To unlock the lock and fold the poles, push the button.

Several of these poles can’t be lengthened.

  1. Twist lock: Consistently robust and long-lasting expander and screw mechanism is used.
  1. Combination lock: To strike a balance between strength, light weight, and convenience of use, some poles employ a combination of various locking systems.

For instance, a pole might use a twist lock on the lower shaft and an external lever lock on the upper shaft.

Learn How to Handle Poles:

Using a few helpful hints, such as how to use poles to navigate path obstacles, will help you get where you’re going.

Best Trekking Poles In India 2024

1. Fizan Compact 3 Trekking Poles

Fizan Compact 3 Trekking Poles
Fizan Compact 3 Trekking Poles

The original compact hiking poles from Fizan are built in Italy using 7001 aluminum and a super-strong locking system. A unique ergonomic, padded design for the eva foam grip has a curved plastic top for a more comfortable under-palm feeling.


  • Aluminum structure 7001.
  • Private internal locking system that is flexible.
  • EVA foam grip with a rounded plastic top that is ergonomic.
  • Nylon straps that are 1.35″ (3.4 cm) wide.
  • Substitute carbide tips.
  • Two sets of detachable baskets are covered with metal-reinforced rubber tips: 35, and 50 mm.
  • Italian origin.
  • 3 sections.
  • Length-adjustable: 22.8-52 in (58–132 cm).
  • Diameters of the pole sections: 17, 16, and 14 mm.
  • Weight: 158g per pole.
  • Available in shades of Blue and Pink.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Compact.
  • Ultralight.
  • Not as durable.
Price₹5700 – ₹6000

2. IRIS Fitness Hiking Pole

IRIS Fitness Hiking Pole
IRIS Fitness Hiking Pole

The handles have an ergonomic design that perfectly fits your hand and are constructed of sturdy rubber. The tightness of the nylon strap can be customized. This implies that when you grab the pole, your hands will be less tired. These poles work with your height by contracting to a minimum of 25 inches and expanding to a maximum of 56 inches for safety.


  • Made of Aluminium.
  • Length: 135 cm.
  • No. of sections: 3.
  • Sales Package: 1 trekking pole.
  • Shock-Absorbing pole.
  • Foldable: Smallest setting is of 25 inches which can be expanded to 56 inches.
  • Available in the color Red.
  • Each pole comes with a snow basket and a removable rubber tip.
  • Good value for money.
  • Not very easily adjustable. Takes a few clumsy tries.
Price₹1,429- ₹2,600

3. Medvision Hiking Pole

Medvision Hiking Pole
Medvision Hiking Pole

The pole has a shock-absorbing attribute and a linked anti-shock spring system that minimizes strains on your hands. It is the best for downhill hiking and is ideal for people with weak joints and past sports injuries. a stable substance that can be used in extreme air and altitude circumstances. It has three extendable and retractable portions with locks, brakes, an extension limit, and indications for metric linear units. It also has a telescopic feature.


  • Shaft Material is Aluminium.
  • Extended length: 135 cms.
  • Available in the color Red.
  • It has an integrated rain-cover.
  • It weighs 350g.
  • It is a shock-absorbing pole.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Can be used all year round.
  • According to reviews, the extending and compressing system might be difficult to use.
Price₹950- ₹1499

4. STEPHANICO Hiking Poles


It packs inside your bag and unfolds quickly because of its light weight. It includes an LED torch. The design of the twin handle makes squaring up much easier! A sponge is included into the handle to reduce hand pressure and provide a secure grip. No matter the angle, a sturdy rotating quad base will ensure your safety and stability. Not for use on icy or slick conditions.


  • It is a shock-absorbing pole.
  • It is an easily adjustable folding cane.
  • It is made of aluminum.
  • The extended length of the pole is 37 inches.
  • Available in the color Black.
  • The body material is rubber.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Made for both men and women.
  • It comes with a carrying bag.
  • It can also be used by older people as a walking cane.
  • According to reviews, the extending and compressing system might be difficult to use.
Price₹750- ₹1,299

5. ADD GEAR Carbonlite Hiking Pole

ADD GEAR Carbonlite Hiking Pole
ADD GEAR Carbonlite Hiking Pole

Usually, when going uphill, you’ll have to shorten the poles, and when going downhill, you’ll need to lengthen them. When you walk downhill, these offer inbuilt springs that buffer shock. They have a specially designed associate engineering science EVA foam grip which is incredibly comfy, quick-drying, and adapts to the shape of your hand in order to provide the best expertise possible.


  • It is made of Aluminum.
  • Available in the color Blue.
  • It is a foldable shock-absorbing pole.
  • The base material is rubber.
  • It is ultralight with 400 g of weight.
  • Lock type: Twist.
  • Handle material is cork.
  • When extended, it measures up to 6.3 feet.
  • Lightweight, low-impact shock-absorbing pole with twist lock.
  • It can be used on any terrain.
  • Reviewers complain about the locking mechanism being faulty and the product not being very durable.
Price₹1,499- ₹2,000.

6. TREKOLOGY Trek-Z Hiking Poles 

TREKOLOGY Trek-Z Hiking Poles
TREKOLOGY Trek-Z Hiking Poles

You may hike in comfort thanks to its quick-drying handle and silky gliding joint straps. Innovative flip-lock technology is frequently used to swiftly modify the pole’s length. The pole is made entirely of air-space-grade 7075 aluminum, which is also utilized in maritime settings.


  • Available in the shades of Black and Blue.
  • Available in two lengths: 100cm-120cm and 115-135cm.
  • Shaft material is aluminum.
  • It is a two-piece collapsible folding walking stick.
  • It has a quickly adjustable flip-lock system.
  • Ultralight poles weighing only 294 g.
  • Handle material is EVA Foam.
  • Folded size is 15 inches.
  • Extremely durable and compact.
  • Clamping system not as easily adjustable and durable.
Price₹8,689- ₹12,999

7. Generic 3 Section Alpenstock Trekking Pole

Generic 3 Section Alpenstock Trekking Pole
Generic 3 Section Alpenstock Trekking Pole

It is practical and simple to use while walking. The defense system reveals that a connected expander is included with the three-section rod, strengthening the connection and improving usage steadiness swiftly and efficiently.


  • Pole material is Aluminum and Carbon fiber.
  • It has an ABS and metal lock system.
  • Folding length of 42 cms and Extended length of 130 cms.
  • Available in the color Green and Orange.
  • Base material: rubber.
  • Wristband material: Nylon strap.
  • Weighs 287 g.
  • This trekking pole’s handle is made of anti-slip, moisture-absorbent, and environmentally friendly EVA foam.
  • This pole is quite simple to use and comes with a removable nut support.
  • Suitable for both muddy and snowy terrain.
  • The pole’s structure and design fall short of expectations.
Price₹3,469- ₹6,124

8. Huaishu Collapsible Trekking Poles

Best Trekking Poles In India
Best Trekking Poles In India

A scale with clear markings will help remind you throughout the height modification process not to go beyond the “stop” mark. It is designed with rapidly drying foam handles for a more comfortable grip and fast-drying wrist joint straps to prevent unintentional falls. A portable pole that is lightweight.


  • Available in the colors Black, Blue, Gold and Red.
  • It has a flip lock system.
  • Can be found in two adjustable sizes: S/L.
  • The Size S measures 95 cms to 110 cms when folded and 145 cms to 170 cms when extended.
  • The Size L measures 110 cms to 125 cms when folded and 170 cms to 190 cms when extended.
  • The material is Aluminum alloy and tungsten steel alongwith foam for the handle.
  • It weighs approximately 270 g each pole.
  • The package consists of two trekking poles, boot tips, mud baskets, snow baskets, fastener tape and storage bag.
  • The whole package weighs 800 g to 900 g.
  • Ultralight and Compact.
  • It has comfortable foam handles.
  • Contains movable wrist straps that are quick-drying.
  • Especially made for beginners, thus, it might not be very useful for experts.
Price₹3,328- ₹5,546

9. Koviti Trekking Poles

Koviti Trekking Poles
Koviti Trekking Poles

When not in use, they may be folded up and are lightweight and tiny enough to carry comfortably in any bag or backpack. In addition, this pole is more durable, pleasant, and sweat-absorbent than the cork handle.


  • These are shock-absorbing foldable poles.
  • Made with an aluminum alloy.
  • It has a quick flip-lock system.
  • They can be collapsed down to 13.3 inches and extended up to 53 inches.
  • Comfortable handles made with EVA foam.
  • Available in the color Blue.
  • The base material is rubber.
  • The item weighs 708 g.
  • Compact design.
  • The product can be used all year round.
  • It comes with Bare tips, storage tips, mud basket, asphalt tips and snow basket.
  • Reviewers complain about the poles not being durable enough.
Price₹5,017- ₹6,589

10. XYCING Trekking Poles

XYCING Trekking Poles
XYCING Trekking Poles

These poles may be swiftly folded or stretched from 14 inches to 51 inches. These hiking poles can frequently be easily, swiftly, and firmly changed to fit the height of elders, children, men, and women thanks to fast lock-and-stretch technology. Once it’s folded up, it easily fits in your hiking backpack or any carry-on bag. By forcing you to balance, this pole also helps you avoid joint and muscle pain and helps prevent falls and knee injuries.


  • They are lightweight foldable two-piece trekking poles.
  • The handle material is EVA Foam, Rubber, Aluminum and Cork.
  • The Shaft material is Carbon Fiber and Aluminum.
  • Ultralight poles weighing at 289 g.
  • Folded length measures at 14 inches and Extended length measures at 51 inches.
  • Available in the color Black.
  • It has a quick-lock system.
  • Comes with three pairs of interchangeable trekking pole feet ferrule and two carry bags (one for each pole).
  • Having a special folding design that is simple to utilize.
  • Comes with removable rubber ferrules, detachable mud snow baskets, carbide tungsten tips, and other features.
  • Comfortable and robust handles.
  • Safety should be increased.

11. TAC9ER Ultralight Trekking Poles

TAC9ER Ultralight Trekking Poles
TAC9ER Ultralight Trekking Poles

This trekking pole disassembles into three parts, making the setup simple. The poles’ peak may be easily adjusted from 115 cm to 135 cm, or to your preferred height and terrain, making them suitable for hills, race sports, and snowshoeing.


  • These are ultralight foldable trekking poles.
  • Available in the color Silver.
  • The Shaft material is Aluminum.
  • The handle is made with EVA Foam for comfort.
  • Folded length measures at 115 cm and Extended length measures at 135 cm.
  • Lightweight poles weighing at 209 g.
  • The poles have a quick-lock system with metal lever lock to secure your pole.
  • Comes with two powder-snow baskets, two snow baskets, two mud baskets and two rubber tips.
  • Can be used by both men and women.
  • Can be used in all kinds of terrain.
  • Customers complain about the durability of the product.
Price₹12,486- ₹18,999

Final Thoughts for Best Trekking Poles

The cost of good trekking poles is high. Functional poles might have an impact on your wellbeing when travelling, so you’ll want to choose something dependable. Choose the less expensive options if you’re only intending to use them occasionally or on one trip. It is worthwhile to purchase the models with advanced features if you are an avid hiker and plan to use them frequently. It just costs a few bucks or a few pennies per mile to invest over the course of many years of use.

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A few of the main outdoor shops, as well as the major pole manufacturers, offer strong warranties and stand by the products they sell. Whether you plan to purchase or rent trekking poles, it is beneficial to understand a few things first to use them efficiently, comfortably, and with the least amount of frustration.

To use them efficiently, comfortably, and with the least amount of frustration, a few things must come first. If you’re still not convinced about hiking poles, borrow a decent pair from a friend and give them a shot, or buy them somewhere where they’ll allow you to return them if you’re not happy with them (whether for 30 days or 365 days).

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Trekking Poles

What trekking pole height do I require?

When standing straight up, the top of the pole should typically be 6 to 8 inches above your elbow. When trekking on level terrain using an adjustable pole, position it such that your elbow forms a 90-degree angle when you grip the pole. Long-term uphill travel? Reduce the length of your pole by 5 to 10 centimeters.

Which material makes the best trekking poles?

You mostly have two options when it comes to trekking pole materials: composite or aluminum. Aluminum is a strong, affordable material that can be straightened if bent. Composite versions, which are made mostly of carbon fiber, are lighter but cost more money and are more prone to irreparable cracking.

What differentiates a walking pole from a hiking pole?

Walking poles seem to be more athletic and perform better on softer ground, such as slopes and the majority of coastal paths. For rocky, uneven, and mountainous terrain, trekking poles are preferable.

Is having shorter or longer poles preferable?

While a shorter pole may help you maintain balance and rhythm once you arrive at your drop-in, a longer pole will lead you there faster.

Do hiking poles truly help?

Trekking poles provide you with an additional set of limbs to increase your stability when negotiating difficult terrain. When walking along slender ridge-lines, crossing quickly flowing water, navigating snowfields and ice patches, or climbing or descending hills on shaky terrain like sand or scree, poles can assist you maintain your balance.