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5 Cool and Simple Ways To Improve Your Sleep Quality


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Getting high-quality and regular sleep is important for your brain health and well-being. The restorative sleep allows brain to grow cells, balance your immune system, regulate hormones, and protect tissues and nerves. When it is coupled with healthy diet and physical activity, healthy sleep habits can become the cornerstone of healthy brain.

Suppose you are struggling hard to get best quality of rest, it can have negative effect on the brain’s functioning. The study states that sleep issues will lead to the decline in the brain performance and affect thinking performance, emotion and memory. Suppose you are struggling hard to get good rest, continue reading for some science-backed ways for high-quality sleep. So, here are five tips to improve your sleep quality, and helping you to fall asleep easily. It helps you to wake up feeling rejuvenated and restored.

Monitor Your Sleep Position

Most likely you have the sleep position that you have maintained for most of your life. Perhaps you cannot even imagine switching this up. Less back pain and better posture comes with the side sleeping, but what is good for your brain? When we sleep, our whole body clears glymphatic pathway of the toxins more than when we are awake. The side sleeping seems to help this functioning of pathway. Ultimately, side sleeping helps to filter out all the damaging proteins build up over your brain and spinal cord.

Do You Like Music – Go For Classical Music

Classical music will help to relieve your stress and lower down your pressure. You can think about how good it will be for the night’s sleep. When you were a baby, your mom or other members may have sang some lullabies to make you sleep. There is no difference even now! Instruments used in the classical music like piano, harp, and orchestras are soothing and proven to lessen sleep problems.

Stay Away from All Electronic Items

Last thing you will do before going in for the relaxed slumber is exciting your brain with some bright light from your mobile screen. Instead settle down with a book that will help you relax your body and mind.

Get Exercise Early in the Morning

Exercising is best for falling asleep but needs to be done at a right time. When exercising, your body stimulation tells your brain to secrete some hormones that will keep your body alert. It works out well when you are exercising, but it is also one reason you must try and finish exercising 3 hours before going to your bed.

Make A Pre-Sleep Habit

You can easily create a relaxing bedtime habit for yourself. Just give yourself some extra time every night for doing things that will help you relax. Do you like to take hot water baths? Just before going bed in night is a perfect time. An immediate rise and fall in your body temperature will promote drowsiness. You can make extra time for reading. Suppose you over-think about your problems before going to bed, try to write it down and set it aside.