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Our vision

Building a Fraternity of Nature Enthusiasts

We are a team of certified professionals and experts, determined to make the dream of eco-friendly trekking a reality for all our fellow trekkers and community. We don’t overlook the price nature pays when it comes to trekking and adventurous activities, so here we make all the possible efforts to be sustainable during the treks. The zeal with which we put in all the efforts to make treks a lifetime experience for you alongside the approach of sustainability is where the true essence of scoutripper lies.
Our Mission

Why Scoutripper?

Mountains are the tales untold and beauty unseen, keeping this thought in mind Scoutripper is determined to protect mountains and ensure that the trekking experiences are as sustainable as possible. Furthermore, help in replenishing nature for future generations.

Safety of Trekkers + Nature:

We ensure to provide you with all the information to keep you safe in the wild and also how you can contribute to preserving the integrity and beauty of nature.

Determined to promote eco-friendly trekking

Scoutripper doesn’t overlook the prices nature pays due to irresponsible trekking, so Scoutripper is not only a community of adventure seekers but also an advocate of eco-friendly trekking.

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