Auden Col (Auden’s Col) mountain pass is a high altitude mountain pass that’s located in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand connecting Rudugaira valley and Bhilangna valley. 

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Located withinside the stunning Uttarkashi district at an elevation of 5,490 mts, Auden Col trek is one of the least explored in Uttarakhand– particularly due to its difficulty. In mountaineering terminology, a col is the bottom point withinside the ridge among mountains.

Auden Col Trek History

The pass is named in honor of John Bicknell Auden of the Geological Survey of India, who first located it in 1935 and crossed it in 1939. Mr. Harish Kapadia and Mr. Romesh Bhattacharjee from the Himalayan Club repeated Auden’s explorations withinside the late eighties.

AREAUttarkashi, Uttarakhand
BEST SEASON May to June after which from September to October.
APPROX TREKKING KM(70) kilometers.
Auden’s Col Trek Info

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Auden Col Trek Highlights

  • Auden’s Col Trek is packed with Hindu pilgrimage sites and hosts a shrine and sights that your eyes can fathom. 
  • The path passes via the thick alpine forests, meadows dotted with various species of flowers, gushing streams, and cuts via several villages.
  • Even being a strenuous path, the journey is filled with the majestic view of the hulking highrise peaks such as Rudragaira, Jogin, Bhagirathi, and Kedar Dome. 
  • Not only a trek, however, but it’s also it’s far an expedition that would rejuvenate and ignite you

Auden Col Trek Best Time To Visit

The Auden col trek best time is throughout summer and after monsoon season from May to June after which from September to October. During summers, you can notice the climate salubrious and captivating at some point of summers and the cool breeze add appeal to the vacation. During the post-monsoon season, the area could be called heaven on earth.

It is recommended to keep away from traveling in the course of winters due to snowfall and the accommodation options are limited to a few.

How to Reach Auden Col Trek?

By Road

There is an ordinary everyday bus service from Delhi to Dehradun, from Delhi ISBT Kashmiri Gate. We may recommend you take the fine authority buses from ISBT Kashmiri Gate. You also can hire private buses. After that, you may take a bus from Dehradun to Uttarkashi to Gangotri.

By Train

Dehradun railway station is the nearest railhead to Auden’s Col Trek. After that, you may take a private or government bus/taxi from Dehradun to Uttarkashi to Gangotri. Dehradun railway station relates/connects with many towns like Delhi, Chandigarh, Shimla, Haridwar, etc

By Air

Jolly Grant airport is the closest airport to Auden’s Col Trek in the Dehradun district. Jolly Grant Airport relates/connects with many towns like Chandigarh, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc. From there you could get a taxi Comfortably to the Dehradun bus stand ISBT then from the bus stand to Uttarkashi to Gangotri.

Auden Col Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Dehradun to Gangotri

Drive 240 km, 8-9 hours from Dehradun. After Uttarkashi Local Market and network is available. Gangotri is one of the Char Dhams of Uttarakhand. Stay there overnight

Day 2: Rest & acclimatization at Gangotri 

After breakfast goes to Pandav Guha, Gauri, and Surya Kund. Post lunch can go to Gangotri temple or go shopping. Stay there overnight

Day 3: Gangotri to Nala Camp

Altitude: 3,750m/12,300ft (Nala Camp), 6-7 hours.

Moderate walk with a steep ascent. Walk alongside the river. The initial path is with Bhagirathi River and with Rudugaira River. After 2hours of trek pass the river over a log bridge. Walk withinside the wooded area of Pine, Cedar, Rhododendrons, and Birch trees.Cross Bhoj Kharak camp (camp for Rudugaira peak). Stay in tent

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Day 4: Nala Camp to Rudugaira Camp

Altitude: 4,350m/14,300ft (Rudugaira Camp)Altitude gain: 600m/2,000ft.

Steep climb all the way. Amazing views of 3 different mountains.Cross a stream and landslide area. Stay in a tent.

Day 5: Rest and Acclimatization

An acclimatization day at this top is mandatory. Explore and experience a campsite surrounded by peaks. Can climb a ridge closer to Rudragaira top. Stay in tent

Day 6: Rudugaira Base Camp to Auden’s Col Base Camp through Gangotri Base Camp

Altitude: 4,750m/15,600ft (Auden’s Col BC.) Trek 6-7 hours.

Gradual and complicated ascent on the moraine. stunning views of Gangotri peaks.cross Sukha Tal on the way.Can see the gully leading to Auden’s Col.Stay in the tent.

Day 7: Auden Col Base Camp to Khatling Glacier Camp through Auden Col

Altitude: 5,490m/18,000ft (Auden’s Col), 5000m/16,400ft (Khatling Glacier).Trek 9/11 hours.

Start early. Difficult walk, steep ascent until the Col after that steep descent. Descent is extra difficult the ascent. The toughest climb yet. Khatling Glacier is well-known for deep crevasses. Stay in a tent.

Day 8: Khatling Glacier Camp to Zero Point

Trek: 11 km, 9-10 hours. 8 km trek is on the glacier.

First, 1/2 of the path is blended with the loose gravel, scree, black ice. The rest of the path is of the moraine. Camp near the Bhilangna river. Bhilangna river ends at Tehri dam.Stay in a tent.

Day 9: Rest Day Mandatory Rest day.

This day could be used as a buffer day.

Day 10:Zero Point to Chowki

Altitude: 3,500m/11,500ft Trek: 8 km, 5-6 hours.

Comparatively easy day. Most of the trek is on the green. Follow Bhilangna river for the first 3 km. One of the excellent campsites of the trellis on a meadow. Stay in a tent.

Day 11: Chowki to Masar Tal

Altitude: 3,750m/12,300ft (Masar Tal) Altitude gain: 250m/800ft.

Easy day. Initially, steep ascent then slows walk. The trail is well visible. Can see the stunning views of Thalay Sagar peak.Camping close to by the Masar Tal (lake). Stay in a tent.

Day 12: Masar Tal to Vasuki Tal through Mayali Pass

Altitude: 5,000m/16,400ft (Mayali Pass) Altitude: 4,200m/13,800ft (Vasuki Tal)Altitude gain: 1,250m/4,100ft.

Steep ascent until Mayali Pass.Steep descent after Mayali Pass. The trail is of boulders and snow. Camping close to by the Vasuki Tal (Lake). Stay in a tent.

Day 13: Vasuki Tal to Kedarnath

All descent until Kedarnath Temple.Easy and marked path. Kedarnath temple is for Lord Shiva. Visit Kedarnath temple withinside the evening. Stay there overnight

Day 14: Kedarnath to Gaurikund

Altitude: 1,950m/6400ft (Gaurikund) Altitude loss: 1,450m/4,800ft.Trek: 14km, 5-6 hours.

All descent until Gaurikund.Easy and marked path. Stay there overnight

Day 15: Gaurikund to Dehradun 250km, 8-10hours drive.

Driving time to Dehradun may also increase because of heavy traffic. Make your further journey from Dehradun after eight:00 pm.

Auden’s Col Trek FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long is Auden’S Col Trek distance?

The overall Auden’S Col Trek distance is around seventy (70) kilometers. It takes approximately fifteen days to finish this difficult trek in which each day you’ll be capable of covering around seven to 8 kilometers, gaining notable altitude. In a span of 5 days, you reach the top point of 18,050 ft from 10,000 ft.

Is Auden’s Col trek is hard?

Auden’s Col Expedition is a hard trek through all approaches and is regularly categorized as an expedition considering its duration and terrain. Auden’s Col ought to be approached by skilled trekkers/mountaineers who’ve previous excessive altitude experience and a group of skilled organizers who’ve carried out this trek. You want to have sturdy bodily endurance and mental power to finish this expedition.

What is the excellent time to go to Auden’S Col trek?

The Auden col trek excellent time is at some stage in summer and after monsoon season from May to June after which from September to October. During summers, you can still notice the climate salubrious and captivating throughout summers and the cool breeze is an add-on attraction to the vacation. During the post-monsoon season, the area looks as if heaven on earth.
It is recommended to keep away from traveling at some stage in winters due to snowfall and the lodging options are also restrained to a few.

Is Auden’s Col trek suitable for beginners?

Auden’s Col Trek is taken into consideration as one of the most difficult and least explored treks in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand. You get to come across glaciers, steep ridges, boulders, moraines which make things hard however the reward is equally greater.
This trek sets at an altitude of 5,490 meters that’s one of the high-altitude mountain passes withinside the Indian Himalayan vicinity. And, this trek forms a bridge among the northwest ridge of Gangotri III. The journey calls for adaptation as it passes via excessive altitude spots and the hiking trails run via the thick woodland of alpine trees, various species of flowers, captivating villages, and temples that mirror the spiritual significance.
All you want is average physical health and robust mental power to finish the Auden’s Col trek.

How do I reach Auden’s Col trek?

Auden’s Col Trek is located withinside the central Garhwal area and If you’re touring through the air then the closest airport is Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun at a distance of 215km. If you’re traveling via way of means of the train then the closest station is Haridwar railway station at a distance of 225km.
One also can reach Auden’s Col through Uttarkashi due to the fact there are everyday buses and shared jeeps from Haridwar to Uttarkashi that are accessible which takes about 6 to 7 hours to reach the destination. It is recommended to depart early because the Buses are accessible early morning. If you’re visiting with a gang then hiring a cab might be an extra convenient and quick option.

What is the close by sights that I can explore near Auden’s Col Trek?

There are a few attraction sights which you may explore while in Gangotri, which simultaneously acclimatize for the trek
Gangotri Temple: Gangotri, the starting place of the River Ganges and seat of the goddess Ganga, is one of the 4 sites withinside the Chota Char Dham pilgrimage 
BhagirathShila: thought to be the holy rock in which King Bhagirath prayed to Lord Shiva.
PandavaGufa positioned 1.5 km from Gangotri, in the vicinity in which the Pandavas are believed to have meditated and rested en route Kailash. Pilgrims will trek up to the PandavaGuha.