Scenic beauty captured in Thottikallu Falls photos to transport you to a realm of peacefulness. The approximate distance by road from Bangalore to Thottikallu Falls distance is 33.5km.”

Thottikallu falls are the best example of exploring wonderful sites, having the best sunset and sunrise point, exploring the jungle and having a good time with yourself and your loved ones. 

On the other hand Bangalore is the most beautiful city and the busiest city. You can also roam in Bangalore because Bangalore is called the IT city. The bars and pubs are a popular way for many people, especially college goers and professionals, to get some much-needed relaxation. But, even their charm fades after a while, and then we start looking for alternative ways to rewind and rejuvenate. One of the ways that guarantee you all the relaxation and peace you crave is heading to Thottikallu falls near Bangalore. 

About Bangalore

Bangalore is the capital and largest city of the southern Indian state of Karnataka. It has a population of more than 8 million and a metropolitan population of around 15 million, making it India’s third most populous city and fourth most populous urban agglomeration. It is the most populous city and largest urban agglomeration in South India. 

About Thottikallu falls

Thottikallu is a place near Bangalore off the Kanakapura road in the Bangalore Urban district which is famous for a falls called Thottikallu falls, more popularly known as Thottikallu falls. It is also known as ‘SwarnaMukhi’ water falls. SwarnaMukhi translates as ‘Golden-Faced’.

Thottikallu Falls Highlights

AreaThottikallu falls, Bangalore 
Elevation 885m
Duration October to March 
Weather Hot
Best Season Early monsoon 

Highlights Of Thottikallu Falls

  • The word Swarna Mukhi translates to ‘Golden Face’ . You can either take a cold shower from the waterfall or sit on one of the rocks in the surrounding area.
  • Note that you need to hike for about 300 metres to reach that fall from the parking spot.

Thottikallu Falls Photos

Discover the captivating beauty of Thottikallu Falls through stunning photos capturing nature’s splendor. Immerse yourself in the serene landscapes and cascading waters of this hidden gem. Let the picturesque scenery of Thottikallu Falls photos transport you to a world of tranquility and awe-inspiring vistas. Explore the allure of this natural wonder from the comfort of your screen.”

Bangalore To Thottikallu Falls Distance Connectivity

Bangalore is well connected through the road network. Since air and rail connectivity in Bangalore is well maintained, the road network is the best and easily available transport option. You can either drive to Thottikallu falls or hire a cab/taxi to reach Thottikallu falls from Bangalore or any other nearby cities.

The estimated Bangalore to Thottikallu falls distance by road is 33.5km. 

Thottikallu has the best weather and views but it remains closed most of the time because that place has no safety at night. 

Bangalore To Thottikallu Falls Distance By Bus 

Bangalore to Thottikallu falls distance by Bus is approximately 33 km. There are plenty of direct buses available to Thottikallu falls, you just need to take a bus from Bangalore to reach Thottikallu falls. The total travel time would be around 2 hours 15 minutes.

Bangalore To Thottikallu Falls Distance By Bike 

Bangalore to Thottikallu falls distance by bike is approximately 35 km. Driving your own bike is the best way to cover Bangalore to Thottikallu falls distance .It takes less than one hours to get there. The route is pretty good in shape and there are no popular towns where you can find traffic. Since there are a few highlights around, taking your own car helps you explore nearby.

Bangalore To Thottikallu Falls Distance By Bus  By Car

Bangalore to Thottikallu falls distance by car is approximately 33 km. It will take around one hour to cover this distance if you choose to travel by your own car. Taxis can also be hired from Bangalore to reach Thottikallu falls easily. 

How To Reach Bangalore To Thottikallu Falls

How To Reach Bangalore To Thottikallu Falls By Road

Bangalore to Thottikallu falls distance has a gorgeous drive by road. covering a distance of almost 33 Kilometres Via Bangalore Mysore expressway. Bangalore to Thottikallu falls route where you are gonna explore the most unexpected site of Bangalore.

How To Reach Bangalore To Thottikallu Falls By Train 

Bangalore to Thottikallu falls distance by train is approximately 33 km. Via train it’s total calculated time is 2 hours to reach your destination. There are plenty of direct trains running on that route. 

How To Reach Bangalore To Thottikallu Falls By flight

Bangalore to Thottikallu falls distance by flight has no route via air because it has the minimum distance and there is no airport in Thottikallu.

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Final Thoughts For Bangalore Tao Thottikallu Falls Distance

This place is surrounded with nature and scenery of Thottikallu falls. That makes it the most beautiful place. When you visit this type of place you feel relaxed because it’s the most peaceful place and it does not have crowded places so you can relax here far away from the busiest city. Here you can experience some wonderful experiences like seeing different types of flora and fauna, different species that are rarely visible and many more with your friends and family members.

Bangalore to Thottikallu falls distance are so beautiful surroundings but it’s a very dangerous place. Here you can come, enjoy and leave before dark. You can explore and make some new friends and memories because the native people are so friendly and supportive.This place is so beautiful and mesmerising to spend quality time with your friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) For Bangalore To Thottikallu Falls Distance.

What is the best time to visit Thottikallu Falls?

Best time to visit Thottikallu Falls is between October to March. Hence, it is advised to visit it right after the showers of the monsoon season have ceased.

What time is Thottikallu Falls open in Bangalore?

Thottikallu Falls is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Which river flows in Thottikallu falls?

Thottikallu Falls is a seasonal waterfall that is formed by the Swarna Mukhi stream, a tributary of the Arkavati river.

What is the name of the village in Thottikallu Falls?

The main attraction at Thottikallu is the Thottikallu falls which are situated off Kanakapura main road near a village known as Byalemaradadoddi.

How many months does Thottikallu fall open in a year? 

Thottikallu falls is only open at the time of first monsoon for the visitor. This place comes under forest management so most of the time it remains closed for visitors. 

How does Thottikallu fall under the name swarna mukhi? 

The name Swarna Mukhi means “golden-faced”, and the waterfall gets this name because of its golden hue during sunrise and sunset.