8 Best Street Food In India – Scoutripper


India is undoubted, the land of culinary superpower. Its mouth-watering street food all over the nation is what bewilders me at times. Being an avid traveler and a total foodie, I can tell you that there is hardly any street food that I haven’t tried here.

So, without testing much of your patience, I will go on with the list of Best Street Food in India. These are the names of those iconic Indian dishes that you will not only get everywhere but it won’t even burn holes in your pockets.

Hence, I’ve handpicked some of the Best Street Food in India, that you can totally die for.


There is no second opinion about why momos are one of the best Indian street food. A migratory food, however, momos is native to Tibet and Nepal. So, a spicy roadside cuisine with tangy red sauce and steaming hot dumplings loaded with veggies or chicken is all set to devour your mouth the moment you put it in.


Puchka is the Bengali versions of Golgappe or Paani Puri. Whatever the name be, but there is certainly no better alternative to beat the heat than these little tangy-minty delights. We lost ourselves drooling while watching Kangana make these mouthwatering feasts in Queen as well. So, this had to be included in the list of Best Street food in India.


Can you believe that this excessively common street food originated right from Shah Jahan’s kitchen? Yes, the Mughals too had a slight inclination to the sweet & sour world. A North Indian Cuisine, chaat has evolved to various new forms – Dahi Puri, Bhelpuri, Paani puri can be thus considered as cousins of this tangy treat. Well whether it’s the crispy combo or the mouthwatering blend of sweet & sour, we certainly are in love with this colorful fusion of tastes.


Chow mein, is one dish that actually made street food all the more popular in India. Hot red noodles getting tossed and turned on open flame is enough to salivate your mouth. A dish that is constantly evolving with more and more flavors being added to it, is undoubtedly the best snack to have with friends and family. It is considered one of the favorites and best street food in India in Himalayan regions.

Chole Bhature

If its bread and butter in English then we have our own desi version of ‘Chhole Bhature’.This lip-smacking Punjabi cuisine is a staple breakfast in the majority of Punjabi Households. Mouthwatering green peas cooked in traditional Punjabi spices and curry along with fried bread is enough to salivate your taste buds.


When it comes to Rajasthan, nothing can beat their exotic and rich variety of food. The well-famed Bikaneri Kachori is highly popular amongst the locals. Also, its well knew for enticing food lovers from all over the world. This crunchy treat stuffed with hot gravy and spicy chutneys. Hence, it will certainly keep you longing for more once you step out of Bikaner.

Aloo Tikki

Assorted with curd, red and green chutney, namkeen and pomegranate seeds, Aloo Tikki is a must-try. The explosion of flavors is a treat to your taste buds.

Vada Pav

Maharashtra runs on this Indian version of a burger. It is every Mumbaikar’s take – and- go quick bite. Everyone from student to elite businessmen flock onto these vada-pav stalls every day. Spicy Vadas with fried chilies might increase the heat inside your stomach. However, that satisfying taste is something that keeps people herding on these stalls.