We all have dreams but there is only a handful of us who dare to fulfill those dreams. One such example is Chandra Shekhar Sharma from Indore, India. He is certified by IMF (Indian Mountaineering Foundation) and has completed several national and international expeditions. And we are lucky to have Chandra Shekhar Sharma with us and share his personal experience with us.

His immense passion for mountains has led him to various expeditions. But you would be amazed to know that he is also a corporate-like most of us. He is a relationship executive at TaskUs. But it never stopped him from following the mountains, his dreams. 

Chandra Shekhar Sharma

There was a point for all of us where we thought let’s just focus on career now, I will have time for these dreams. But as expected that “perfect time” never came. And it never will. 

Our dreams must be strong enough to guide us thru. We must all dream first and then only we can achieve it. But we all need some support too. And we need more people, more companies like TaskUs who truly support others’ dreams. It would have never been possible for Chandra Shekhar to pursue his dreams if it wasn’t for TaskUs. 

TaskUs supported his dreams but also encouraged him to fulfill their dreams. Not just they gave Chandra Shekhar a leave for 23 days without a second thought when he expressed his wish, but they also partially sponsored the expedition. We need more companies like TaskUs to support their employee’s dreams. Thank you TaskUS for believing and supporting our dreams!

Quick fire questions:-

  • Favourite BackpackOsprey & Ferrino
  • Favourite Trekking Shoe- LA Sportiva
  • Favourite Sleeping Bag: Mountain Hardware, Black Dimond,
  • Favourite Tent – Osprey & Ferrino, RAB
  • Favourite Food While Travelling- Local Food
  • Favourite Adventure: Mountaineering & Backpacking trips

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Best wishes for your future peaks: Nikhil Sharma – Scoutripper