The Charang Ghati pass is one of the most demanding trips in the Kinnaur and Spiti valley locale. It is situated at an elevation of 5242 m and goes about as a base for traveling in Chitkul Town, which is situated in the Sangla Valley. Charang valley is one of the most appealing trips in Himachal Pradesh, This trek in Himachal Pradesh attracts numerous travelers from various corners of the country as well as different nations.                                                                                             

Charang Ghati Trek
Charang Ghati Trek

Kinnaur, the land between paradise and earth, is encircled by Tibet on the east, Garhwal Himalaya on the south, Spiti Valley on the north, and Kullu on the west. The Sutlej river, which ascends from the southern slants of Mt. Kailash close to Mansarovar in Tibet moves through the Kinnaur valley. Individuals, called Kinners, have lived in meditation for millennia. They mostly follow two religions Hinduism and Buddhism and wear green caps.

History of Charang Ghati Trek

Mt. Kinnar Kailash (19850 ft), known as Kinner Kailash, is viewed as the legendary home of Shiva. Its 79 ft high stone development looks like ‘shivalinga’ that changes its color as the day advances and is visible on a day. The parikrama around the mountain is a 5-day trek. It starts from Kalpa via Triung valley and back to Kalpa through Sangla valley. Likewise, apparent on the trip is the pinnacle of Raldang (18041 ft) – where the spirits of the dead people of Kinnaur are considered to reside.

Key points of Charang Ghati Trek 

AREAKinnaur, Himachal Pradesh
BEST SEASONMay, June, July, Aug, and Sep
ALTITUDE5242 mts / 15,500
Keypoints of Charang Ghati Trek

Highlights of Charang Ghati Trek

  • Dive deep into the valley and explore its natural beauty.
  • Get an open door to cross high mountain passes, for example, Charang La and Kunzum La
  • Get a look at Buddhist culture and visit old Buddhist monasteries.
  • Kinner Kailash Mountains.
  • Witness the ravishing views in the lower Spiti region.

The Best Time to go Charang Ghati Trek

The trip can be started between the time of mid-June to October however, the ideal time is between September and October as, before that, the area faces heavy monsoon showers and cloud bursts. 

Location of Charang Ghati Trek

The Charang Valley is in the midst of the Kinnaur Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Viewed as a place that is known for dreams, a journey to this fairyland is a remarkable encounter. The valley is likewise home to Mt. Kinner Kailash, the dwelling place of lord Shiva. On this journey, there is just a single pass – Charang La which is at an elevation of 5,300 m. Chitkul Town is the last close to the Indo-Tibet line, in the Baspa Valley of Kinnaur, Himachal.

How to reach Charang Ghati Trek

Via Train:

Anyway, Shimla station is the closest station to reach thangi which is 172km away.

Via Air:

Bunter air terminal is the closest air terminal to reach thangi which is 160 km away. From there you will hire a taxi to reach thangi.

By Road:

Thangi is very much associated with the street, you can hire a personal taxi to thangi from Delhi.

Itinerary for Charang Ghati Trek 

Day 1: Shimla to Kalpa 

Start your journey from Shimla to reach Kalpa. You can also drive here to Kalpa.

Day 2: Chail – Kalpa

You trek through Kufri, Narkanda, and Rampura, basically on metalled streets, through thick forests to arrive at Kalpa. During this season the scent of Apples is alluring and drawing en route. It likewise offers stunning all-encompassing views on the 6000 m high Kinner Kailash range. Spend your night in camp, and enjoy a Bonfire at night.

Day 03: Kalpa – Lambar

The Charang Trip/Kinner Kailash Parikrama, drive to Thangi (65kms/3hr). This is the beginning stage of the trip. Trip to Lambar 2896 m in the Upper east bearing climbing the level following the creek. 

Day 04: Lambar – Charang

The next destination of the journey is Charang, where we arrive at er 4 hours of traveling. On this course, walk along the stream and regular timberlands and feel the beauty of the place. Camp close to the stream. 

Day 05: Charang – Lalanti

Trek uphill in the Charang valley and cover 8 km in around 6 hours. It is a yellow and red immense spread rug of blossoms under an open blue sky with the thundering sound of spouting Mountain Streams that adds to the grand magnificence.

Day 06: Lalanti – Chitkul

On the way to Atlanta, we have tranquil and lovely views of many peaks,  hanging ice sheets, and towering Rocky mountains. 

Day 07: Chitkul – Tabo

 The initial part of the drive follows the Sutlej river, however as we continue ahead the unmetalled stretch of street fires ends up inside stones. From the top, there are some intriguing views of snow-covered peaks.

Day 08: Tabo

Visit the Dhankar and Tabo monasteries. Dhankar is a vault of Buddhist sacred writings in the Bhoti script. The Tabo religious community is 1,000 years of age and second in significance just to the Tholing Gompa in Tibet. This is the biggest religious complex in the Spiti.

Day 10: Tabo – Losar

After driving for 5 hours, visit Ki monastery and Kibber town. Local people here offer a decent mix of Hindu and Buddhist societies. 

Day 11: Losar – Manali

Roll over Kunzum Pass 4551 m and Rohtang Pass 3978 m. Arrive at Manali. Stay in a hotel and enjoy the beauty of Manali

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs for Charang Ghati Trek

Where is Charang Ghati is located?

The Charang Valley is in the midst of the Kinnaur Valley in Himachal Pradesh.

What is charang valley famous for?

It is famous for doing multiple adventurous and fun activities like Trekking and Camping.

What is the duration of the charang valley trek?

It is 11 days long trek.

Can beginners do this trek solo?

No, as it is a difficult level trek. So, it is not recommended for beginners to do this trek solo.