Tired of working all day? Waiting for the weekend for a relaxing getaway? Then my friend, Dayara Bugyal trek is the answer for you. 

Untouched by beautiful plains and a plain covered with a sheet of velvety green grass,  it is Dayara Bugyal situated in the Uttarkashi of Uttarakhand. Dayara Bugyal is a perfect trek for long weekends and is an ideal start for amateurs/beginners in trekking. It is one of the most beautiful meadows in Garhwal Himalayas overlooking the Gangotri Ranges, Draupadi ka Danda, Srikantha, and Jaonli Peak. This is an easy trek that can be done throughout the year but May to September is the best time to do this trek. 

Dayara Bugyal Trek
Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal starts from 2600 meters above sea level and goes up to 3500 meters in height. This bugyal is also known as the paradise of cattle ranchers and a special and unique festival is celebrated by them every year. The butter festival, locally known as the ‘Anduri festival’ is celebrated on the occasion of Sankranti. During the festival, villagers play Holi with butter and buttermilk

History of Dayara Bugyal Trek

According to history, Kunti Mata used to cultivate paddy in Bugyal & hence the place is called by the name “Kunti Ki Seri”. There is a Bakriya top place where there is a Vakratunda cave where Lord Ganesha’s neck was cut by Lord Shiva in history.

BEST SEASON May to September 
ALTITUDE3024m (12057 ft)

Dayara Bugyal Trek Highlights

  • Immerse yourself in nature.
  • Walk over the luxurious grassy field of Dayara and Gidara Bugyal.
  • Explore the calm and tranquil environment by nesting near the Barnala Tal Lakeside.
  • Trek into the oak and pine woodland to meet wild animals.
  • Watch the majestic sight of snow-covered peaks like Bandarpooch (6,316 m), Bhagirathi (6921 m), and Black Peak (2,734 m).

Dayara Bugyal Trek Location

Dayara Bugyal is in the northwestern part of Uttarakhand in India. It is approximately 45 km from the famous town of Uttarkashi and around 190 km from Dehradun and is one of the easiest treks for beginners. This high-altitude meadow is located at a distance of 9 km from Barsu village. The tiny hamlet of Barsu can be reached by a 45 km drive from Uttarkashi.

Best Time to Visit Dayara Bugyal Trek

Best time to visit Dayara Bugyal trek in the winters is from October to December and in summer, the best time is from April to June. May and June are the months when you get a blend of both greenery plus snow which makes the trek so exciting. The weather in May and June is considerably stable and favorable for trekking. The area receives heavy snowfall throughout December and January which attracts the majority of tourists and trekkers. 

How to Reach Dayara Bugyal Trek

The nearest town to join the trek is Dehradun and is linked throughout India.

By Air:

Jolly Grant Airport is the airport serving Dehradun, established nearly 25 km from the city. There is a daily flight service from Delhi to Dehradun.

By Train:

Take the overnight train to Dehradun from Delhi.

  • Nanda Devi Express – Train no: 12205 (Departure 11:50pm; Arrival – 5:40am)
  • Dehradun Express – Train no: 12687 (Departure – 9:10 pm; Arrival – 5:00 am)

By Road:

There is a regular bus service from Delhi to Dehradun from Delhi ISBT Kashmere Gate. After that reach Dehradun Railway station from where many vehicles are available for pick up.

Dayara Bugyal Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Dehradun – Uttarkashi – Barsu-Barnala Tal Drive-185kms, Trek 4kms    

Dayara Bugyal Barnala Tal
Water View at Dayara Bugyal Trek

The 5-6hrs drive crosses through Mussoorie Bypass Road allowing you to enjoy picturesque views. You will get to observe the huge Tehri Dam Lake while driving towards Chilianisaur.

Barsu to Barnala Tal is a quick and simple hike with continuously rising altitude. The path is considerably marked for the first couple of kilometers. This area is abundant in Rhododendron trees.

Day 02: Barnala Tal – Dayara Bugyal Trek – 4kms, 3hrs)                   

Dayara Bugyal is located 5kms from Barnala Tal yet the sheepherder huts of Dayara Bugyal are situated one kilometer before the actual bugyal. If you are trekking to Dayara Bugyal throughout the summer season, you can trek farther to Dayara Bugyal.

Day 03: Dayara Bugyal – Bakaria Top – Dayara Bugyal  Trek – 4kms, 3hrs)     

Dayara Bugyal Peak Fun
People at Dayara Bugyal Trek – Photo Credit: Savita Dahiya

The most wonderful day of this trek. You will be astonished to see how the extensive Dayara Bugyal seems distinctive from each point. Follow a steep climb towards the right to get to the Bakaria Top (3810 mt), the highest spot in the nearby area.

Day 04: Dayara Bugyal – Barnala Tal – Barsu – Uttarkashi – Dehradun Trek – 8kms | Drive – 185kms)  

You absolutely would not want to miss the breathtakingly spectacular sunrise at Dayara Bugyal. Bid goodbye to the majestic Himalayan mountain range and hike back to Barsu through Barnala Tal. Attempt to depart beforehand if you need to drive to Dehradun on the same day.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Dayara Bugyal Trek

How to Reach Dayara Bugyal Trek?

The nearest town to join the trek is Dehradun and is linked throughout India.
Jolly Grant Airport is the airport serving Dehradun, positioned approximately 25 km from the city. There is a flight occurring each day from Delhi to Dehradun.
Take the train to Dehradun from Delhi. There is a regular bus service from Delhi to Dehradun from ISBT Kashmere Gate (Delhi).

Which is the best season for Dayara Bugyal Trek?

Dayara Bugyal is a trek that can be done around the year except during the monsoons. This means that the trek is open and great for almost 8 months in a year. If we take out the monsoons, we get 4 distinct seasons to experience Dayara Bugyal – Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

Where is Dayara Bugyal located ?

Dayara Bugyal is located in Uttarkashi district and is one of the easiest treks for beginners. Barsu serves as the base camp for the trek to Dayara Bugyal.