Summer vacations called for a trip, and the destination had to cover two important things which was SNOW and ADVENTURE. Like most of our peers, inspired by the bollywood movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” we planned on having a road trip Delhi to Baralacha La distance.

Beginning our trip from Delhi to the Baralacha pass, we made sure that we were backed up with the important permits,documents and most importantly enough snacks. The Delhi to Baralacha pass distance is long enough to make us a little weary and that called for a stop over at Manali and Jispa. But, soon enough after crossing some very tricky roads we reached our destination.

About Delhi

Delhi being a metropolitan city and the capital of our nation has enough facilities to make our life easy. From metros to free bus facilities for women, there is no challenge in reaching any corner of the capital.

But, humans are adventure freaks. We like to enjoy our lives and see the different parts of the same world we reside in. Delhi being well connected with other parts of the country and world gives us the opportunity to make our bucket lists come true. TheDelhi to Baralacha pass distance is also connected through well developed roads that makes the journey adventurous yet enjoyable.

Baralacha La Highlights

AreaBaralacha La, Himachal Pradesh
Elevation16,040 feet
Best SeasonJune – October
Weather1°C (Cold)

About Baralacha La

Situated at the Zanskar range, this pass is 16040 ft above sea level. It is one of the highest passes in Ladakh, and is also worth noting that at this pass the three ranges- Himalayan, Zanskar and Panjal meet. The pass acts as a connecting point between Hadauli of Himachal and Leh, Ladakh.  


Interestingly, the native name of River Chenab is Chandrabhaga which comprises the names of the two headwaters of Chenab that originates from the Baralacha pass- Chandra and Bhaga.No destination is devoid of tales and mythologies and Baralacha pass too has one. It is believed that Chandra the daughter of moon and Bhaga the son of Surya decided to marry at this beautiful destination. It is then that they ran in the opposite directions in order to reach the Pass.Chandra, being more efficient and smart, reached Tandi much faster than Surya and they finally carried on the rituals there.

The pass is covered with snow most of the year. It is from April- October that the snow melts and the traveling becomes tourist friendly. As most of the passes, this too requires certain documents to be carried. For Indians, a proof of their nationality, photographs and it is always better to carry all your essential documents. For foreigners it is suggested to carry their visas and passports with them while visiting the Baralacha pass. At the top of the pass is a hall like structure named as the Shaheed Sainik Bhawan.

Places To Visit In Baralacha La Pass

1. Suraj Tal Lake

This beautiful lake is below the Baralacha pass and comes on the way of the Manali- Leh  path. This lake is considered the third highest located at the height of 4890 below the pass. The view here is so beautiful that it leaves the tourists completely mesmerized. This 800 Mt long lake is a famous tourist attraction in the Baralacha pass.

2. Deepak Tal/ Dozom Tso

There are two lakes that people encounter while traveling to the Baralacha la pass. One of them is Deepak Tal. It is nearly 20 kms from Jispa. Located at 3750 Mt, the lake acts as a stop while traveling on the Leh- Manali roadways, with the motive of relaxing and also eating at newly opened dhabas near the sight.

Places To Visit Near Baralacha La 

1. Keylong 

As Rudyard Kipling said about keylong that this is where God resides. This beautiful village is a representation of Lahauli culture. Tourists can try the local food here which is delicious and it can be a stop on your journey to the Baralacha la which is 75 kms from here.

2. Manali


Manali is 145 kms from Baralacha pass. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh and with the advent of the Atal tunnel the journey to Baralacha pass has become shorter and faster. From waterfalls to adventurous spots, Manali has it all.

3. Leh

Sham Valley Trek Apricot Valley Leh Ladakh

Nearly 282 kms from the Baralacha la is the lovely Leh. The capital of Ladakh, is a city of passes. From local foods,art and craft and various lakes, architectural attractions, it is a perfect tourist spot also keeping in mind that Baralacha pass lies in the pathway of Manali- Leh. 

Delhi To Patnitop Distance

5. Sissu Lake

Sissu is located at 10,235 ft in the Spiti valley area. It is here that the man made Sissu lake of great beauty is present in the foothills of Lahaul mountains. The lake is so pretty that it feels like the water body is reflecting the color of the sky. Sissu is nearly 106 km from Baralacha pass.

6. Jispa

One of the best places for camping located on the banks of Bhaga river is Jispa which lies on the crossroads of Leh- Manali roadways. This small village is often the stop over point for the tourists traveling towards the Baralacha pass. It is 52 kms from the pass and it takes around 2 hours to reach the destination from here.

Things To Do In Baralacha La

1. Camping

While covering the distance to reach the Baralacha pass, there are various stopovers taken by the tourists in order to rest, or enjoy the beauty the Himalayan ranges hold. While doing that, one of the interesting things that attract tourists’ attention is Camping. One of the major camping destinations is Jispa.

2. Trekking

For all the adventure enthusiasts and the lover of passes- The ChandraTal to Baralacha trek is worth a shot. The serene, chilly, snowy fortresses along with the mesmerizing lakes makes the trek even more enjoyable.

3. Sightseeing

There are various lakes, waterfalls that add to the beauty of the Baralacha pass. The small villages that carry a whole of traditions are frequent stopovers in the journey to the pass. Some of the nature’s gift are Suraj Tal lake, Chandratal, deepak tal and Sissu lake which is man made 

Delhi To Baralacha La Distance Connectivity

Delhi To Baralacha La Distance By Bus

The  Delhi to Baralacha La distance is around 645 Kms. There are no direct buses to Baralacha la but a connecting bus from Manali to the pass has been started by Himachal tourism.

Delhi To Baralacha La Distance By Road

The Delhi to  Baralacha La distance is 644.6 Km that can be covered via a car in nearly 14 hrs.

Delhi To Baralacha La Distance By Bike

Having a journey on bike can be very tricky and adventurous. The time taken depends upon the speed and the stoppages the biker takes. The minimum time can be around 15-16 hours for a distance of 645 Km.

How To Reach Delhi To Baralacha La?

How To Reach Baralacha La By Air

The nearest airport to Baralacha la is the Kullu Manali airport also called the Bhuntar airport which is 202 kms from the pass. One can take a flight from the Indira Gandhi international airport in Delhi to reach the airport at Bhuntar. After that, a taxi or a cab will take you to the Baralacha La.

One can also opt for the Chandigarh airport which is better connected, as per their convenience.

How To Reach Baralacha La By Train

The nearest train station is Ahju Railways station. The distance between Ahju to Manali is 174 Kms and the distance between Ahju and Baralacha la is 317.6 Km which can be covered via a car/cab/taxi. 

How To Reach Baralacha La By Road

Himachal Pradesh Tourist Development Corporation has started bus services from Manali to Baralacha pass making the journey even more convenient. The Delhi to Baralacha La distance is 644.6 Km which takes around 14 hours via road. With the newly developed Atal tunnel, the journey has become smoother. With various options of stopovers at Manali, Jispa, Keylong the journey from Delhi to Baralacha La is fun and adventurous. 

While traveling via cars kindly ensure to keep your permits and documents in check.

Final Thoughts For Delhi To Baralacha La Distance

The Baralacha la is a mountain pass in the union territory of Jammu Kashmir. The Delhi to Baralacha la distance is nearly 645 kms that can be covered through various mediums. The journey to the pass can be very tricky and adventurous so one should plan the trip accordingly.

Planning also includes making sure that the permits are granted and all the necessary documents are in check. The pass is always covered in snow so enough winter clothes should be taken and because the facilities like ATM and hospital stops before a few kms of the Baralacha la, it is advised to be equipped with the essentials.

Frequently Asked Question For Delhi To Baralacha La Distance

What is the best time to visit the Baralacha La?

The best time is between June to October as in the winters there is very heavy snowfall resulting in the closing of the pass for not less than 6 months. It is advised to start your trip early in the morning.

Is there any checking point while traveling from Manali to Baralacha La Pass?

Yes, there’s a checkpoint at Darcha where tourists have to share the number of people in the vehicle and its number.

Are there ATM services in the Baralacha La Pass region?

The last ATM service is in Keylong.  Tourists are advised to carry their cash and other food items, beverages accordingly.

What is the fare of the bus services from Manali to Baralacha La?

The fare is around ₹900 per person.

Is there a particular type of car required for the journey to Baralacha La?

No, Any perfectly functional car is okay for thr journey. Just make sure you have the permits in check and a spare tyre along with other equipment.

What type of clothes should I carry on my trip to Baralacha La?

The pass is always covered in snow and is chilly so it is advised to carry enough winter clothes.

Can I travel through the Baralacha La at night?

No, it is highly advised to start your trip early in the morning as the roads are not very appropriate to travel at night.
Delhi to Baralacha distance is around 645 Km. The journey can be carried on by enjoying the view around and it is better to take the trip slow and take stoppages at the beautiful villages on the Leh- Manali pathway.