The place was much loved by Babur, who called it Shukri (Thanks), after its large lake that was used by Mughal armies.The city was built massively and preferably with red sandstone.Gujarati influences are also seen in its architectural vocabulary and decor of the palaces of Fatehpur Sikri. Delhi to Fatehpur Sikri distance visited because of the city’s architecture reflects both the Hindu and Muslim form of domestic architecture popular in India at the time.

Delhi to Fatehpur Sikri distance is the remarkable preservation of these original spaces that allows modern archaeologists to reconstruct scenes of Mughal court life, and to better understand the hierarchy of the city’s royal and noble residents. Delhi and Fatehpur Sikri both cities have historical buildings like red Ford and it’s all captured in the history of Mughal emperor. 

About Delhi

As we all know that Delhi is the capital of India( Bharat ). Delhi is a very unique place not just because of Delhi diversity but also the way Delhi people live their life is also incredible. In Delhi you can find different types of traditional cuisines, and different cultures under one roof. Here you can do whatever you feel like doing. If you’re a night out type of person then Delhi is the place to hangout with your friends and family.

And if you’re a morning lover, then there is also no problem for that person because people can enjoy day and night at the same level while you’re living in Delhi. Here you can see Punjabi traditions, South Indian culture, Marathi culture and many more, because in Delhi all types of people live. Here you can easily find Gurudwara, Temple, church and mosque.

About Fatehpur Sikri

Renowned as “The City Of Victory”, it was founded by the Mughal emperor, Akbar. Exhibiting a fusion of Hindu, Jain and Islamic style of architecture, this city is built using the Red sandstone also called the “Sikri Sandstone”.

With 9 gates namely, Chandan Pal Gate, Agra Gate, Tehra Gate, Lal Gate, Delhi Gate, Birbal Gate, Gwalior Gate, Ajmeri Gate, and Chor Gate, one can enter the city. The region hems in various sites, built on Indian architectural principles like royal palaces, private quarters, harems, different utility buildings, court, and mosques.

Fatehpur Sikri Keypoints 

Area Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Elevation 170 m
Duration November to March 
Best Season Pre winter 
Weather Hot, Humid 
Delhi To Fatehpur Sikri Distance Keypoints 

Highlights Of Fatehpur Sikri

  • He named the city Fatehabad, with Fateh, a word of Arabic origin in Persian, meaning “victorious.” It was later called Fatehpur Sikri.
  • This place is purely given the Vibe of the historical period of the Mughal emperor. 

Places To Visit In Fatehpur Sikri

1. Taj Mahal 

The massive ivory-white structure” renowned as the symbol of unconditional love, was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his third wife Mumtaz Mahal. This mausoleum is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Often called the “Jewel of Muslim artistry”, this monument is a frequent tourist spot by people, from all the vertices of the earth. 

Tajmahal laced with beautiful lush green gardens and scintillating fountains the beauty of the edifice is miraculous. Marking its significance in history, this monument was crafted by more than 20,000 artisans and architects exhibiting an excellent skill-set of the Mughal architectural style.    

2. Agra fort

Righteously said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and here, you can witness the mind-blowing beauty of Agra Fort. With a rich historical background, this majestic fort marks its place in the most-visited tourist place in Agra.

Sprawling over an area of 94 acres, this fort has four gates namely the Khizri Gate, Delhi, Lahore Gate and Amar Singh Gate. The mighty structure displays elegant artistry of Hindu and Mughal styles and visiting this fort is one of the best things to do in Agra.

3. Jama Masjid

One of the largest mosques in India “The Jama Masjid” is also famed as the “Friday Mosque”. Beautifully arched gate supported by pillars will bind you in its charm. Built by Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, who dedicated it to his adorable daughter Jahanara Begum exhibits his love for his daughter. 

Places To Visit Around Fatehpur Sikri

1. Vrindavan

Vrindavan is a holy town in Uttar Pradesh, northern India. The Hindu deity Krishna is said to have spent his childhood here. It’s home to temples, many dedicated to Krishna and his lover, the deity Radha. At Banke Bihari Temple, the curtain in front of Krishna’s statue is opened and closed every few minutes. At Radha Raman Temple, a gold plate beside Krishna signifies Radha. Prem Mandir is a huge white marble temple. 

2. Aligarh 

Nestled in the populous state of Uttar Pradesh, Aligarh has grown as a prominent educational centre as well as a commercial centre in North India. Known as Kol or Koli in the ancient times, the city is said to have been founded by the Dor Rajputs in 372 AD and has housed the famous Aligarh Muslim University since 1875. Aligarh is also famous for its lock industry.

3. Mathura 

One of Hinduism’s seven sacred cities, Mathura is the birthplace of the very beloved Lord Krishna. Located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Mathura and Vrindavan are often considered twin cities (located only 10 km away from each other). Mathura is a small town dotted with temples from various ages and attracts a horde of pilgrims from all over the world. 

4. Bharatpur 

Bharatpur is located in the Braj region of state Rajasthan, around 38 km from Mathura. Bharatpur is popularly known as the home of Keoladeo National Park, which habitats over 370 species of animals and birds. It is recognised as one of the most popular bird feeding and breeding grounds. In 1982 the park was marked as a National Park, and later in 1985, it came on the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Things To Do In Fatehpur Sikri

1. Roaming Around The Street

If you want to enjoy the true beauty of Agra then you must visit the street of Agra. But if you want to roam around the street then choose a proper time because at night some places are not safe to roam around. And also various places are closed and you won’t go inside. So try to cover the place at evening or morning time. And also enjoy their best street food.

In the evening the best partner is your friends and family so go in a group and enjoy the best. 

2. Shopping

For shopping Agra is the best place because as you also know that during Mughal time this place is known for its historical things like in shopping you can shop leather products, silk saree, silk products, handicrafts things, marble and so on. A store named Taj Leather World located in the market is reasonable and offers good quality products. Also there are lots of shops where you can buy these products at a reasonable price. 

4. Delicious Food

Talking about Agra, the first thing that comes to mind is the “ Exotic Mughlai Cuisine”, which has variants of chicken and various other delectable dishes.

The city’s food is still quite flavourful and is full of colours and richness in it. A typical platter here is incomplete without petha. The town also houses quite a variety from traditional snacks and delicacies on the street to global cuisines with the finest Paratha, Tandoori chicken and shawarma.

The other relishes of the town that you must try, include different styles of chicken and meat that are served here. One of the most delightful things to do in Agra, is to savour the mouth-water delicacies of the city. Badam Milk, Lassi, and Rabbi Wali Kulfi make your day. 

Delhi To Fatehpur Sikri Distance Connectivity

Delhi to Fatehpur Sikri Distance connectivity, you can easily travel from Delhi to Agra without any issues whether you choose to travel with car, bike, train , flight or Bus every type of transport is easily available. 

Delhi being a great city and from Delhi you can travel everywhere because Delhi connectivity is the best connection towards all the big cities or small cities. Agra connects most of the city whether it is Delhi or some other places. The distance between Delhi to Agra Is approximately 231 km and the total time to travel Delhi to Agra Distance is almost 4 hours 51 minutes via NH 44.

1. Delhi To Fatehpur Sikri Distance By Bus 

Delhi to Fatehpur Sikri Distance by Bus is approximately 231 km, there are plenty of  buses available to Agra. You also get both types of buses options like AC or Non AC. You need to take the bus from New Delhi to reach Agra within just 3 hours of travel. 

2. Delhi To Fatehpur Sikri Distance By bike 

Delhi to Fatehpur Sikri Distance by bike is approximately 231 km. Driving your own bike is the best way to cover Delhi to Agra Distance, Because during your journey there are also some places where you can roam around while driving your own vehicle. It takes 5 hours to get there. The route is pretty good in shape and there are some popular towns where you can stay nearby. Since there are a few highlights around, taking your own car helps you explore nearby.

3. Delhi To Fatehpur Sikri Distance By car 

  Delhi to Fatehpur Sikri Distance by car is approximately 231 km. It will take around 4 hours 34 minutes to cover this distance via NH 44, if you choose to travel by your own car. Taxis can also be hired from Delhi to reach Agra Easily. There are also some other routes to travel Delhi to Agra

How To Reach Delhi To Fatehpur Sikri Distance

1. How To Reach Delhi To Fatehpur Sikri Distance By Road

 Delhi to Fatehpur Sikri Distance has a gorgeous drive by road. covering a distance of almost 242 Kilometres and it takes you around 4 hours to reach your destination. And seeing the whole beauty of Uttar Pradesh on your way via NH 44.

2. How To Reach Delhi To Fatehpur Sikri Distance Agra By train 

Delhi to Fatehpur Sikri Distance. There are plenty of trains available and they have the  fastest speed from New Delhi to Agra . To reach Agra this train takes 2 hours 05 minutes.The distance is approximately 188 km to reach your destination place. 

3. How To Reach Delhi To Fatehpur Sikri Distance By flight

Delhi to Fatehpur Sikri Distance by flight is approximately 181 km but there are no direct flights to reach Agra. There are plenty of flights that travel Delhi to Agra distances. Within just 2 hours you can reach your destination without any problem. 

Final Thoughts Of  Delhi To Fatehpur Sikri Distance

Fatehpur sikri is a historical place where you can feel the presence of the mediaeval time period. This place is all about the way the king and queen live there. Here lies lots of beautiful architectural places like deewan-e-khas, deewan-e-aam and all.

Delhi to Fatehpur Sikri distance makes you feel mesmerising after you see such a beautiful moment of the Mughal emperor, where you can enjoy yourself in the movement of the past, without any problem. If you’re a true historical reader then this place feels like a perfect destination for a holiday. Delhi to Fatehpur Sikri distance turns your day from a hectic routine to a wonderful day that you spent there.

This place is not only about beautiful architecture, natural beauty and scenery but here you can experience new taste buds of every local street food. And also you can experience new things like If you’re talking to their native people then you can also learn new vocab and different languages. Delhi to Fatehpur Sikri distance you like to feel the place, you feel all the new things here and you’ll never be disappointed by such a beautiful place like Fatehpur Sikri. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) For Delhi To Fatehpur Sikri Distance

Do we need an ID to enter the Fatehpur sikri?

You will also need to show your photo ID during ticket purchase. This ticket includes a bottle of water, a recycled shoe cover, an Agra guidebook, a golf cart service, and access to the restroom facility. Kids below age 15 can enter for free.

What are the main points of Fatehpur Sikri?

Fatehpur Sikri is a fortified city that is enveloped by 6-km long defensive walls with several entryways on three sides while the fourth side borders on an artificial lake. The city features the Indo-Islamic architectural style and is constructed using red sandstone.

Why is Fatehpur Sikri called Ghost city?

Fatehpur Sikri was abandoned in 1585, not even two decades after its construction – possibly due to perennial water scarcity. Over the years, the city was targeted by robbers, slowly reducing to a shadow of its former glory. Today, Fatehpur Sikri is a ghost town, haunted by tourists hungry for the past.

Why is Fatehpur Sikri famous?

Because of its historical importance as the capital of the Mughal Empire and its outstanding architecture, Fatehpur Sikri was awarded the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986.

Which is the highest gateway?

Buland Darwaza is an incredible example of India’s history of architecture. Situated in Fatehpur Sikri, it was built by the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Built in 1575 AD, it is the highest gateway in the world.

Which day Fatehpur Sikri is closed?

Fatehpur Sikri is open for people from 6:00am to 7:30pm and it takes around one hour to visit the city. It is open on all days, even on public holidays.

How much time is enough for Fatehpur Sikri?

What to See at Fatehpur Sikri. Between 2-3 hours are sufficient to visit the whole complex.