A Delhi to Amritsar distance via road trip not only takes you through a commanding view of picturesque Haryana and Punjab in between, but also provides you a great  view of the city itself that otherwise could be missed by flying to the destination or taking a train for the same.

Delhi to Golden temple distance places has multiple charming infrastructure, can be called as one of the cleanest places in India, and also holds a prominent place in the history of Indian independence. Delhi to Golden temple distance serves  best food. If you worry about missing the Delhi food while you’re there in Amritsar then don’t worry Golden temple served the best food of all time and Punjabi food is all you want at that time.

About Delhi

India’s capital is a mesmerising history and culture. The northern city has a marvellous story that dates back centuries, having been a key political hub for several dynasties, thus shaping its unique, dynamic culture. Delhi is normally famous for its different states cuisine that are served under a roof or place. Delhiites are famous for their warm hospitality, with the city being a fusion of various traditions, art forms, and festivals, food cousin.  

Delhi is a place where you all want to live and experience Delhi life that looks very fascinating and exciting because once you enter the atmosphere of Delhi then it’s all changed. You’re gonna enjoy your life and the most important thing is you’ll live your life without any problem and any barriers just going with the flow of Delhi life. That’s why most people want to live there. 

About the Golden temple.. Amritsar is a city in the northwestern Indian state of Punjab, At the centre of its walled old town, the gilded Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) is the holiest gurdwara  of the Sikh religion. It’s at the end of a causeway, surrounded by the sacred Amrit Sarovar tank (lake), where pilgrims bathe.

Golden Temple Highlights

AreaGolden Temple, Amritsar 
Elevation 234 m
Duration September to march 
Best Season Winter 
Weather Hot, Humid 
Golden Temple Highlights

Highlights Of Golden Temple

  • Golden temple is one of the sacred places of Sikhs,and the mesmerising view and the Beauty of the golden temple attract tourists all over the world. 
  • Golden temple is the place where rich and poor people are all treated equally and they all are eager to serve at the temple. That’s the beauty of that place. 

Places To Visit In Golden Temple

1. Golden Temple

Even the interior of the Amritsar Golden Temple is equally spectacular. But not just this, the golden temple holds a special place in Sikhism, and that’s why you’ll find lakhs of devotees visiting the temple daily.

There is also this tradition of Langar where meals are continuously served to all the people visiting the temple. The sight of watching such a large number of people being served is something that would surely move you.

2. Partition Museums

This museum has everything that’s related to the great Indo-Pak partition — from newspaper articles to the posters and so much more. You can almost time travel and feel the emotions of people as a line was drawn between two lands. It takes you back to the history of Indian Independence and the journey thereof, and the most important part of the phase — the partition of India and Pakistan. 

3. Jallianwala Bagh

The garden over here pays tribute to all the martyrs of the incident and naturally holds a place of utmost importance in the city’s culture and history. There is also this martyrs’ gallery and museum that hosts portraits of martyrs, artefacts used by them, newspaper cuttings and letters related to the aforesaid massacre.

The Flame of liberty is a beautiful sculpture that would make you stoop your head as a mark of respect as you read the names of the martyrs.

4. Sarai Fort

When you are further travelling towards Amritsar from Delhi, you can visit the Sarai Lashkari Khan fort and the Mughlai Sarai fort which were constructed by the Mughals and are often used as attractive backdrops in famous movies too.

Places To Visit Around Golden Temple

1. Punjab

Amritsar to Punjab distance is approximately 100 km and it takes you only 2 hours to reach and enjoy the marvellous beauty of Punjab. Going into the field of sarso, and the village of Punjab that takes you back to your place, the authentic taste of food, and the beauty of nature is just wow. If you’re going to Golden temple and aren’t able to travel to Punjab then your trip is a little bit incomplete. 

2. Ludhiana 

Amritsar to Ludhiana distance is approximately 135 km away from Golden temple and it takes you around 2 hours 40 minutes to reach your destination. Ludhiana is famous for its industrial market. It is the textile house of Punjab which is famous for its brilliant collection of fabrics, woollens, hosiery and even the textiles equipment that are exported to the various parts of the country. Here you can shop for yourself. The price of the fabrics is so cheap and affordable. 

3. Pathankot

Adding to the already scenic beauty of the city, the river Chakki along with carpets of greenery creates a picturesque landscape worth visiting. The historical structures of Shahpur Kandi Fort and the Nurpur Fort remain one of the major places to visit in Pathankot. It is also revered as a religious destination due to its many diverse worship places, such as Mukteshwar Temple and Nagini Temple.

4. Chandigarh

The town is a beautiful blend of architecture, design, natural beauty, gardens, heritage and urbanisation. Some of the must visit tourist places in Chandigarh include the Rock garden which is an absolute marvel of art and design, Rose garden, Pinjore gardens and the Government Museum and Art Gallery along with a few others. 

Things To Do In Golden Temple

1. Served At Golden Temple

While you visit Golden temple it seems that Everyone is working without any hesitation and they all are grounded to Earth. When you’re in that temple make sure to help everyone and serve yourself there without any issues because that gives you some kind of calmness and peace and also makes you stronger and powerful through Inside.

2. Shopping

Amritsar has an incredible collection of Punjab things that represents their culture and religion. Whether it is their traditional outfits, food, turban, shoes, and many more. And the best part about your trip is to bring something related to the place where you travel. Don’t come back without buying the colourful and beautiful phulkari dupattas and a pair of gorgeous Punjabi juttis from Amritsar. 

Delhi To Vaishno Devi Distance

3. Harike Wetlands 

Home to a vast shallow lake, created by the confluence of Sutlej and Beas river, Harike Wetlands is among the most important wetlands of India. Every year the gorgeous winged guests from countries like Kazakhstan, Russia, Siberia etc visit the wetlands. The birds arrive here in the first week of November and stay here till March. One can spot tufted duck, godwit, Siberian gills, Rudy, Bills, Spoon, Pantel etc

4. Street Food

Go on a binge spree in the holy city of Amritsar. When you’re in the city, trying their delicious street food and authentic dishes become one of the most important things to do in Amritsar. Amritsari kulcha, tandoori luchas, keema naan, mutton tikka, tandoori chicken, phirni, and kulfa (Amritsari version of kulfi) are a few dishes you must try, even of you aren’t a foodie.This place has the blasts of food flavour. 

Delhi To Golden Temple Distance Connectivity

Delhi to golden temple distance connectivity, you can easily travel from Delhi to Amritsar without any issues whether you choose to travel with car, bike, train , flight or Bus every type of transport is easily available. 

Delhi being a great city and from Delhi you can travel everywhere because Delhi connectivity is the best connection towards all the big cities or small cities. Amritsar connects most of the city whether it is Delhi or some other places. The distance between Delhi to Punjabc is approximately 448 km and the total time to travel Delhi to Amritsar distance is almost 8 hours via NH44.

Delhi To Golden Temple Distance Connectivity By Bus 

Delhi to Golden temple distance by Bus is approximately 450 km, there are almost 45  buses available to Amritsar (Golden temple). There are plenty of Buses available in both types AC or Non AC. You need to take the bus from New Delhi to reach Amritsar within just 13 hours of travel. 

Delhi To Golden Temple Distance Connectivity By Bike 

Delhi to Golden temple distance by bike is approximately 470 km. Driving your own bike is the best way to cover Delhi to Amritsar distance. Because during your journey there are also some places where you can roam around while driving your own vehicle.

It takes less than 14 hours to get there. The route is pretty good in shape and there are some popular towns where you can stay nearby. Since there are a few highlights around, taking your own car helps you explore nearby.

Delhi To Golden Temple Distance Connectivity By Car 

Delhi to Golden temple distance by car is approximately 344 km. It will take around 12 hours to cover this distance via NH44, if you choose to travel by your own car. Taxis can also be hired from Delhi to reach Amritsar easily. There are also some other routes to travel Delhi to Amritsar.

How To Reach Delhi To Golden Temple Distance

1. How To Reach Delhi To Golden Temple Distance By Road

Delhi to Golden temple distance has a gorgeous drive by road. covering a distance of almost 448 Kilometres and it takes you around 12 hours to reach your destination. And seeing the whole beauty of Punjab on your way.

This is one the route map, Delhi → Panipat → Karnal → Kurukshetra → Ambala → Ludhiana → Jalandhar → Amritsar. 

2. How To Reach Delhi To Golden Temple Distance By Train 

Delhi to Golden temple distance. There are plenty of trains available and they have the  fastest speed from New Delhi to Amritsar. To reach Amritsar this train takes  10 hours. The distance is approximately 453 km to reach your destination place. 

3. How To Reach Delhi To Golden Temple Distance By Flight

Delhi to Golden temple distance by flight is approximately 399 km and it takes you around 1 hours and 5 minutes to reach your destination. The fastest way to reach from New Delhi to Amritsar is by flight to Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport. 

Final Thoughts Of Delhi To Golden Temple Distance

Golden temple is the place of peace. This place is all about soulful experience. This place has beautiful architectural buildings with a touch of gold. Delhi to Golden temple distance like place makes you feel mesmerising after you see such a beautiful interior. where you can enjoy yourself without any hesitation and fear.

If you’re a true devotee then this place feels like a perfect destination for a holiday. If you want to spare a day from your hectic routine then this place is all yours to spend your holidays. Delhi to Golden temple distance is not only about beautiful architecture, natural beauty and scenery but here you can experience new taste buds of every local street food.

And also you can experience new things like If you’re talking to their native people then you can also learn new vocab and different languages. Delhi to Golden temple distance is just needed to feel the Vibe and peace of the place, you feel all the new things here and you’ll never be disappointed by such a beautiful place like the Golden temple. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) For Delhi To Golden temple Distance

Why is Amritsar so famous?

Amritsar is the largest and most important city in Punjab and is a major commercial, cultural, and transportation centre and the most famous temple of Amritsar is Golden temple which is quite popular in all over India. 

Who is the God in the Golden Temple?

Sri Harmandir Sahib, also known as Sri Darbar Sahib or Golden Temple, (on account of its scenic beauty and golden coating for the English speaking world), is named after Hari (God) the temple of God.

Which is the best time to visit the Golden temple?

The best time to travel to Amritsar or Golden temple is between the months of September to march.

What is the culture of Amritsar?

The citizens of Amritsar are very friendly and kind and they receive their guests with a warm heart. Amritsar has made a huge contribution in Punjabi and folk literature and culture by standardising the Punjabi Language.

Who built the Golden Temple?

In 1581, Guru Arjan started the construction of the Gurdwara. During the construction the pool was kept empty and dry. It took 8 years to complete the first version of the Harmandir Sahib. 

Can we wear shorts in Golden Temple?

Avoid wearing shorts or dresses above the knees. Golden temple is a holy place where you have to wear traditional outfits. Basically that’s the culture of India. 

What is the national food of Amritsar? 

Amritsar is famous for its cousin.and the most famous and delicious food is Amritsari kulcha which is made of maida roti, filled with a spiced mixture of potatoes, cauliflower, paneer, and special masalas, cooked in a tandoor, and served with a generous helping of butter or ghee, is the best food in Amritsar.