Back in the early summers, amidst the rising temperatures at Delhi and our summer vacations, we sat together to decide on our trip destination. Considering everybody’s interests and in hope of a change in weather conditions we decided on Delhi to Katra distance.

It was the perfect choice for us, as after seeking blessings from the auspicious Vaishno Devi, we could also enjoy the scenic beauty around. What drove us through this decision was also my grandma’s wish to witness the holy deity in front of her. So, in not less than a week, we started our road trip from Delhi to the foothills of Mount Trikuta.

Situated near Jammu and 650 kms from Delhi, Katra is one of the most busy tourist spots, it is estimated to have 1 crore people annually. Despite this, there’s a popular saying ki Chalo bulawa aaya hai, Mata ne bulaya hai(no one visits the temple without invitation). The aura, the positivity, the echo of Jai mata di, rejoices you and fills you with new hope, joy and faith. 

About Delhi

Situated 630 kms away from Katra, Delhi is the capital of our country. With the majority of population being Hindu, there are constant visitors of Delhi to the divine land of Katra but the shrine is not the only reason for this famous tourist spot. The treks, the adventure sports,all are major attractions.

Delhi is prone to extreme temperatures so Katra can be an escape to a cooler region in the middle of the vast greenery and mountains. The change of weather can be a pleasant experience for the people living here. The transport from Delhi to Katra is busy but accessible. Flights, trains, buses, cabs all are key factors for promoting the Delhi to Katra connectivity.

About Katra

Katra lies on the foothills of the Trikuta mountain, almost 42 kms away from Jammu. Famous for the divine abode of Goddess Durga, Katra is one of the most visited tourist spots especially for the believers of Hinduism.

Mata Vaishno Devi view
Route to Mata Vaishno Devi

The union territory, Jammu and Kashmir is popularly considered as a heaven on earth. The hilly regions, the chilly winters, the lakes are most sought after attractions for the people worldwide.The subtropical region is a part of the union territory and is picturesque and perfect for sightseeing.

Vaishno devi, the holy shrine of Goddess Durga is the main attraction of Katra. A 12 km trek from the base camp, Katra leads to the temple.There are devotees who walk through the journey, some take the ponies,others take the pithus but apart from these traditional services, helicopters and ropeways also make the trek easy. There also are many mythological stories associated with the pilgrimage, Beginning from the establishment of the temple to the procedures of worship. It is a common belief among the devotees that the trek to the Vaishno Devi temple is complete only when you also visit the Bhairavnath temple situated 2kms above Mata’s shrine.

Bhawan Mata Vaishno Devi
Top view of Mata Vaishno Devi

The temple is not the only attraction, there’s more to this mesmerizing place. Treks, white water rafting on the Chenab river, water parks are other sought after activities. To enjoy the trip, prefer visiting around March- October, as the winters can be chilly but if snow is something you’d like to witness then all day is a Katra day. Katra is a great market for Kashmiri stalls, embroidery, dry fruits and leather items.

Delhi To Katra Distance: Places To Visit In Katra


The divine shrine is a 12 km trek from Katra and is always filled with devotees.The distance is covered on foot, ropeways, helicopter, pithus. It is completely based on the capability and capacity of the devotee.


During one’s Trek to the Vaishno devi temple, devotees take rest and blessings near the BanGanga. There are a lot of mythological beliefs associated with it. Some consider that Mata Durga allowed the Ganga to flow through her arrow(Ban) whereas some consider that Mata washed her hair in this pure water and therefore call it BalGanga.


The Shalimar park is a perfect place at the nearest distance from the Katra market to enjoy the greenery and peace around. It is great to pass your time with your family and friends.


It is mythologically believed that Mata Vaishno devi granted forgiveness and boon to Bhairavnath, by allowing him a divine abode 2 km upwards her own. It is considered that a devotee’s visit is considered complete if he/she takes the blessings of Lord Bhairavnath.


One of the best places to visit with your friends and family and relax for a bit in the lap of nature. The view is mesmerizing and tourists/locals prefer to have picnics and small outings here.


This place is a 3 hour ride from Katra and is famous for paragliding. If the tourist is keen on playing adventure sports then it is the perfect outing spot. It is famously also called Mini Gulmarg.

Delhi To Katra Distance: Places To Visit Near Katra


This hill station in Jammu and Kashmir is   nearly a 6 hour drive from Katra (210 km) Pahalgam is the best place for adventure sport and nature lovers. The Kolahoi glacier located at 4700 meters is 26 kms north of Pahalgam.


Like Katra is the base point for the Vaishno Devi Temple, similarly Chandanwari is the start point to the divine Amarnath Temple.  The place is 16km from Pahalgam and nearly 210 kms from Katra.


Jammu is located nearly 50 kms away from  Katra. The delicacies, temples, various  architectures can be an escape from the day to day hustles of life.

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Dalhousie is a five hour ride from Katra.The mountains, the greenery, picturesque landscape, colonial legacies are all the major attractions of the town. Tourists can try adventure sports like paragliding, offer prayers, visit architectural beauties and much more.

Delhi To Katra Distance: Things To Do In Katra


  An adventure enthusiast or any fun loving person shouldn’t miss the opportunity to try white water river rafting on the pristine Chenab river in Katra. The adrenaline rush, the flow of water makes the person feel more in connection with nature. The best time to visit the location is anytime except monsoon, mostly

May-June or Late Winters.


  The Delhi to Katra connectivity has facilitated the travel expenses and experiences of the devotees. The shrine is the top in the bucket list of all the travelers to Katra.


Recently, night trekking to the Temple is the new interest of travelers. Apart from this, trekking is also practiced in the nearby locations of Jammu too.


 The Sulla park, the Banganga river, chenab river, Shalimar park and many more are the perfect spots for spending your free time with your family and friends.

Delhi To Katra Distance Connectivity

Delhi To Katra Distance via train

The 650 km between Delhi and Katra can be easily and cost effectively covered through railways. The train facilities run on a daily/ weekly basis and reach the destination in a day. Some of the trains are Malwa express, Vaishno devi Katra express, Rajdhani express, Jammu Tawi weekly express and many more. Although the fastest train is The SVDK Vande Bharat express, all the nearly 29 trains to Katra are available on the online portals. So, get your journey started from New Delhi airport to the Vaishno devi Katra railway station, vice versa.

Delhi To Katra Distance via Flight

The aerial distance between Delhi to Katra is 533 km. A flight from Indira Gandhi International airport to the Jammu civil Enclave is easily available and is facilitated by various aviation companies. From Jammu you can cover the nearly 50 kms can be covered by a taxi, cab or a bus that are available at a frequency of 15-30 mins maximum.

Delhi To Katra Distance via Bus

There are bus services available from Delhi to katra as well as from Jammu to katra and vice versa. Intercity bus services, Volvo bus services and many more. It is cost effective and easily available. The 630 kms can be covered in minimum 10-12 hours through a fast bus service.

Delhi To Katra Distance via Cab

Through the online portals, you can book a cab that moves intercity. The cost may be a little expensive for some, but it is generally affordable and pleasant. This facility is very comfortable and stress free.

Final Thoughts for Delhi To Katra Distance

Katra, a town near Reasi district is primarily considered a religious place but it possesses great scenic beauty that also excites the visitors with its incredible adventure sports. The place has lakes, parks, pilgrimage, it is an all in one, travel spot for all the age groups.

Located in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir at a close distance from the national capital makes the place more desirable and accessible. Accessible in the sense that the distance can be easily covered via the newly advanced different modes of travel. The best time to visit is anytime in the middle of the year to avoid the extremities of climate.  


Take enough time to enjoy the scenic beauty of the union territory, it is truly heaven on earth and carry enough warm clothes with you. During the trek to the temple, don’t overwork and keep yourself hydrated. The journey to Mata should always be fulfilling and not tiresome.  

The ease in the  Delhi to Katra connectivity provides an additional advantage to the tourists. Katra is a busy tourist spot and the comfort in travel makes it even more desirable.

Frequently Asked Questions for Delhi To Katra Distance

Is there any price for visiting the Vaishno Devi Temple?

The entry fee is none. The temple allows entry to all, without any charges. However, if you get a mule, have a meal in between, take a pithu then that will add to your cost.

Is there any price for visiting the Bhairavnath Temple In Katra?

It is not compulsory to visit the Bhairavnath temple situated 2 km upward to the Vaishnodevi temple. However, it is believed that ones journey is considered complete once they visit the Bhairavnath temple.

What is the cost of Ropeways in Katra Vaishno Devi?

The cost is ₹100 per person and it takes you to the Bhairavnath temple in nearly 5-10 minutes.

What is the best time to visit Katra?

The best time to visit is around March- October as during winters there’s heavy snowfall in the region.

Is there Ganga River in Katra?

The Banganga river is a tributary of the Chenab river and is believed to be created by Mata Vaishno Devi.

What is the cost of the helicopter in Katra?

There is pre booking involved in booking the helicopters ( 60 days in advance) . The tickets will be booked online as well as at the Current Heli ticket counter. The price of which is roughly ₹1830 for one side. The journey from Katra to Sanjhichhat takes around 8 minutes.