Some Days you don’t want to plan a trip for adventure or fun,Some Days trips are a means to unwind. It was one such day for my colleagues and I, where we wanted our week-long holiday to be cosy, without any technology and amidst nature. 

Khati was the perfect destination for us. It is located at Kapkot in Bageshwar. Situated at an elevation of 7250 ft, this beautiful village is a gateway to famous trekking spots like Sunderdunga, Pindari,Dhakuri and Kafni glaciers.

Delhi To Khati Distance Highlights

AreaKhati, Uttarakhand
Elevation7,250 feet
Duration17 Hours by Road
Best SeasonSummers & Autumn
WeatherPleasant and Cool

About Delhi

Life in Delhi is fast,chaotic and in a race to always be somewhere. The developed roads, the advanced form of transportation makes the existence here very easy. However, whenever Delhiites receive an opportunity to get away from this hustle and bustle, we take it right away.

Getting away to a land devoid of all the chaos, amidst nature, bestowed with adventurous opportunities are the first few things on our checklist to visit any destination. Khati, which checks all the requirements, is one such tourist attraction in our neighbouring state of Uttarakhand. Delhi to Khati distance is nearly 400 km, and is connected through motorable roads. 

About Khati

Situated at a distance of 59 kms from the Bageshwar headquarters, Khati is a picturesque village in the Kumaon region. This beautiful village is 5 kms away from the last motorable village Kharkiya to reach the Pindari Glacier. 

Khati has just started getting recognition and development. The crucial issue while travelling to Khati was the lack of proper roads and daily useful facilities like electricity, internet and what not, however things have started getting better. The small houses almost similar in structure are located very closely with each other. What makes the area even more beautiful is the graffiti/ art on the walls of the houses.

The people here are very hospitable and kind. The place finds its reference in Mahabharata too as the Pandavas seemed very satisfied and full of appreciation for the great hospitality of the people of Khati who served them during their Vanvasa.

Places To Visit In Khati, Uttarakhand

1. Kharkiya

Kharkiya is the nearest place to Khati which is well connected through motorable roads. Situated nearly 5 kms from Kharkiya, Khati is a 2 hour trek from the said location. During  their trekking expedition, tourists can witness the immense beauty of the mountains covered in Oak, pine and rhododendron trees.

2. Birthi Waterfall

Situated 35 kms away from Munsiyari, this waterfall surges from 400 ft above sea level.This scenic gorgeousness is a sight worth admiration. To enter the waterfall, a minimum fee of ₹20/- is taken. The lush greenery, serene atmosphere and the peeping mountain ranges adds to the beauty of the scenery.

Places To Visit Near Khati, Uttarakhand

1. Bageshwar

Distance between Delhi and Bageshwar is nearly 460 kms. This location connects the neighbouring villages, towns like khati which is nearly 60 kms from this town,and makes travelling very convenient. Bageshwar is a tourist destination in itself, from temples to historical architecture, this place is a must visit.

2. Dhakuri

Distance between Khati and Dhakuri is nearly 8km. Situated 2680 mts above sea level,this is an exciting pathway for trekkers. The place has flora, fauna, meadows and provides an amazing view of the Himalayan ranges.

3. Pindari Glacier

Pindari Glacier trek is one of the most sought after trekking spots for all the adventure enthusiasts. The peak point of the Pindari valley gives an amazing view of the Pindari Glacier, Several adjacent mountain ranges and lovely flora around. Situated 22 kms from Pindari Glacier, Khati is the last inhabited place during the trek.

4. Nanda Devi Sanctuary

Situated in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, Nanda Devi Sanctuary is a beautiful tourist spot along with being in the UNESCO world heritage list. Divided into the Core and Buffer zone, the sanctuary is a habitat for rich natural surroundings.

5. Almora

Almora is situated at a distance of 65 kms from Khati.Located at the southern edge of the Kumaon hills, this land is covered with pines and oaks making it a picturesque location. It has numerous options to explore including the scenic beauty, handicrafts, cuisines and cultural heritage. A bus or a shared taxi cab be taken to cover this distance between the two places.

Things To Do In Khati, Uttarakhand

1. Trekking

Trekking is one of the most popular activities here. People often take khati as a stop while trekking to the Pindari Glacier. Other options are Pongu top and Dhakuri.

2. The Local Life 

The hospitality of the people in Khati is even mentioned in Mahabharata.The village gives the tourists the experience of how the lives of locals are, from their food to their daily activities like farming etc, everything connects us with nature.

3. Admire The Graffiti Art

The walls of their beautiful small houses are covered with paintings and art. The art is symbolic of their lives, beliefs and faith. Although, several artworks are meant to inform people about certain crucial amenities like hygiene, menstruation and what not. The place, which is already very pretty, gets even more colourful and vibrant.

4. Sightseeing

Khati is located on the banks of river Pindar Ganga and provides a serene view to the tourists. Nandakot, Nada Baner and LaspaDhura are clearly visible from this destination and other than these ranges one can also enjoy the view of the farming lands and the beautiful local structures.

Delhi To Khati Distance Connectivity

Delhi To Khati Distance by Bus

Delhi to Khati distance is 316 km which can be covered via bus. A bus from Delhi to Kathgodam, the gateway of Kumaon region. Later, a taxi from Kathgodam to Bageshwar can take you to Khati, which is 60 kms from the city.

Delhi To Khati Distance by Car

Delhi to Khati distance via car can be covered by travelling till Bageshwar which is 460 kms from Delhi and takes around 12 hrs. Later, travel till Kharkiya which is a 1.5 km trek to Khati and around 100 kms from Bageshwar.

Delhi To Khati Distance by Bike

Delhi to Khati distance is around 460 km, and a bike ride to this location can be very adventurous and tricky. Nearly 15-16 hours will be required to finish off this journey.

How to Reach Khati, Uttarakhand

How To Reach Khati By Flight

Distance between Bageshwar and the nearest airport, Pantnagar is nearly 205 km. Flights are functional from the Indira Gandhi International Airport and it drops you at the Pantnagar airport. After which the 192 km distance between Pantnagar and Bageshwar can be commuted via a taxi or a cab. Later, another taxi/bus can take you to Kharkiya which is a 1.5 km trek to Khati.

How To Reach Khati By Train

The gateway to Kumaon region is Kathgodam which is 171 kms away from Bageshwar. From Bageshwar a cab will take you to Kharkiya which is 100 kms away from the former location. A trekking expedition to the Khati which is 5 km from Kharkiya will help you reach the destination.

How To Reach Khati By Road

Delhi to Khati distance is 316 km. The Almora- Bageshwar – Munsiyari roadways connect Delhi to Khati which is nearly 59 kms from Bageshwar.

Final Thoughts For Delhi To Khati Distance

One of the largest villages situated at the banks of Pindar Ganga river, Khati is a beautiful town. The town is mostly visited by the trekkers who are on their trekking expedition to the Pindari Glacier.  The place is rich in flora and is covered with rhododendrons and oak trees all around. Khati is rich in hospitality, culture, history and is an exciting destination for adventure lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions For Delhi To Khati Distance

Are there any hotels in Khati?

Yes, traditional as well as a few modern day guest houses have been developed in Khati. Homestays, Guest house’s details are all visible on the internet.

Is the trek from Kharkiya to Khati safe?

Yes, the trek is between easy to moderate level and it takes a maximum of 2 hours to reach Khati from Kharkiya.

How far is Pindari Glacier from Khati?

Distance between Pindari Glacier and Khati is 22 kms. The maximum a tourist can trek is till zero point, to get further ahead a special permit is required.

What is the best time to begin trekking?

Treks during Summers and Autumn is the best time to experience the beauty of Khati.

Does internet work during the trek in Khati?

Yes, certain Internet connections work like BSNL.

What is the climate of Khati?

The weather in summers is pleasant, sunny and it’s chilly during winters and one can witness snowfalls. Delhi to Khati distance is nearly 400 km. Khati is a popular destination for trekking and is considered a gateway to famous trek spots. The village is popular for its simplicity and richness in culture.