Kheerganga is famous for its trek which is suitable for beginners and does not require prior trekking experience. It is the most recommended trek in Parvati Valley and offers amazing scenic views of the mountain.

Delhi To Kheerganga Distance
Delhi To Kheerganga Distance

The trail is 12 km long (one side), and takes 2 days to complete. Nearby places to Kheerganga include Kullu, Manali, Malana, and Gulaba. The Delhi to Kheerganga distance is 557 km by road. 

About Delhi

The vast metropolis of Delhi, which serves as the capital of India, is located in the north of the nation. Its majestic landmarks, the history of the country as depicted in museums, and the artwork on the walls all contribute to its beauty.

Delhi to Kullu Distance

It is filled with historical value and is known for its congested streets of Purani Dilli i.e. ‘Old Delhi’, with mouthwatering delicacies.

About Kheerganga

Kheerganga is a beautiful meadow in Himachal Pradesh situated at an altitude of 2960 meters. It is known as a trekking spot ideal for beginners. Perched at the top of the mountain, the scenic beauty and easy climb of the Kheerganga trek make it one of the most visited treks in Himachal.

Delhi To Kheerganga
Delhi To Kheerganga

Moreover, Kheerganga is a holy place as well with a temple of Lord Shiva and a Hot spring which gains the attraction of many tourists. 

Delhi to Kheerganga Distance: Places to visit in Kheerganga

Sulphur Spring:- One of the major attractions of Kheerganga is the Sulphur hot water spring which is known to have some medicinal properties to cure skin ailments.

Shiva-Parvati Temple:- Dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, this temple is a major tourist attraction in Kheerganga. 

Nakthan:- A small village that lies in the way of the Kheerganga trek with some cafes and eateries to refill your body with much-needed energy for further trekking. 

Robin Hood Woods:- A picnic spot in the middle of the Kheerganga trek covered with pine trees and many flat surfaces to sit and chill.  

Delhi to Kheerganga Distance: Places to visit near Kheerganga

Manali:- At a height of 2050 meters, Manali, a charming village in the Beas River Valley, may be found. Couples and those looking for adventure both want to visit this place. The main tourist destinations in Manali include Hadimba Temple, Jogini Waterfall, Manu Temple, Paragliding, and Rohtang Pass, to name just a few. From there, you may see the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges in their most breathtaking configurations, which are virtually always covered with snow. 

Kullu:- Kheerganga is about 38 kilometers away from Kullu.  Numerous items, including the Dusshera festival, rafting, and the Beas river, are associated with the location. It is high in elevation and provides beautiful vistas of the snow-covered Himalayas. Additionally, it is well-known for its several historic temples, including Raghunath and Jagannath Devi. Since numerous hikes start in Kullu, a lot of trekkers explore it.

Malana:- The Malana village is a tiny settlement in the Kullu area, 21 kilometers from Kasol. It is well-known as a trekking destination and for having significant spiritual significance. The two main temples in the area, the Jamadagni Temple and the Shrine of Renuka Devi, are both well-known tourist destinations.

Gulaba:- There are around 85 kilometers between Kheerganga and Gulaba. Gulaba is also referred to by the locals as “Snow Point” because of its snow-covered mountains and plains. Gulaba is a popular travel location because of its stunning views. Sadly, most of the year the Rohtang Pass is closed. After Rohtang Pass, Gulaba is the highest point that is reachable, and it does not disappoint. The area has plenty to offer everyone, whether you’re an action-loving adrenaline seeker or you’re seeking some peace and quiet.

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Delhi to Kheerganga Distance: Connectivity

Only roads connect Kheerganga to other regions of India. However, Kheerganga is not directly connected by any aircraft or routes. Regular bus services—operated by both private and public entities—travel to and from the city of Kheerganga. Rail or direct flights are not available to Kheerganga.

Delhi to Kheerganga Distance

The Delhi to Kheerganga distance by road is 557 km.

Delhi to Kheerganga Distance by flight

The Delhi to Kheerganga distance by flight is 377 km.

Delhi to Kheerganga Distance by Bus

The Delhi to Kheerganga distance by bus is 557 km and it takes around 16 hours to reach there. 

Delhi to Kheerganga Distance by Car

The Delhi to Kheerganga distance by car is 557 km and it takes around 16 hours to reach there. 

Delhi to Kheerganga Distance by Bike

The Delhi to Kheerganga distance by bike is 557 km and it takes around 16 hours to reach there. 

How to reach by Air

The closest airport to Kheerganga is in Bhuntar, however, there are a lot of erratic and frequently canceled flights there. So you can fly to Chandigarh and then take a train to Kasol.

How to reach by Road

There are HRTC bus services that leave Delhi every day. There are numerous private bus services that travel from Delhi to Kasol as well. To go to Kasol, a hill town, you can also drive your own vehicle. Bhuntar will be where you start. Get on the bus bound for Manali, get off at Bhuntar, and then transfer to a bus bound for Manaikaran.

How to reach by Train

Joginder Nagar, located 125 kilometers away from Kheerganga, is the station that is closest to the town. However, this one is a narrow-gauge track. Chandigarh has the second largest railhead, which is also a better choice. The process of finding a train to Chandigarh will be a lot simpler.

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Delhi to Kheerganga Distance: Final Thoughts

Trekking in Kheerganga is perfect for those who do not have any prior experience of trekking and wants to start their journey in trekking. This trek will take you through some beautiful spots along the way. Natkhan, Robin Hood woods, Sulphus hot water springs, etc are some major pit stops of the Kheerganga trek and it is advised to spend some time here to relax. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Delhi to Kheerganga Distance

How long is the Kheerganga trek?

Kheerganga trek has a trekking distance of 26 km inclusive of both sides. 

What is the ideal time to visit Kheerganga?

May-June and September-October are the best time periods to visit Kheerganga and enjoy trekking. 

How many days are enough for Kheerganga?

2-3 days are enough for Kheerganga Trek. 

What is the starting point of the Kheerganga trek?

Tosh/Barshaini are the starting points of the Kheerganga trek.