When I first saw the Konark Sun Temple, I witnessed this grand chariot structure with mesmerizing motifs and iconographical depictions on it. For the lover of history and architecture, it was heaven. My earliest impression of the exquisite Sun Temple of Konark was through the 10 rupees note, but even a high quality HD picture will not do justice to the grandeur of its architecture.

Konark Sun Temple-Entrance
Konark Sun Temple-Entrance

The Sun temple as the name suggests was built in regard to the Hindu God, Lord Surya and is a celebrated place for the pilgrims. Coming from the busy, landlocked national capital Delhi, I was not new to these beautiful monuments and structures but The Sun Temple of Konark,  is different.  Different in history, mystery and beliefs.

Also called Surya devalaya, the temple is located in the east, on the coastal plains of Bay of Bengal. The sun temple for me was an escape from the contemporary land of speedy metros to the shores of a calm, serene and tropical atmosphere from where I could bathe under the first rays of Lord Sun.

Konark Sun Temple-Art
Konark Sun Temple-Art

Located in Odisha, 35 km northeast from Puri district, is around 1850 km from the capital of the nation,Delhi that can be easily covered by train(Purvanchal express),Flights(to bhuvaneshwar) bus, taxis.  A journey from the landlocked capital to the land of sun will be a change in climate and atmosphere. The tropical city is best visited in the months of October-March, a perfect time for sightseeing and can be an escape from Delhi’s extremely chilly winters.


A place that has history as well as modernity, a heap of ruins and the sky reaching buildings. The national capital is a hub for exquisite, delicious North Indian foods and of course momos. The food, the streets, the people all tell a story, there’s chandni chowk near which you’ll find the red fort, there’s humayun tomb,Kashmiri gate, lodhi garden, Connaught place to the superfast metros, new parliament and what not, all worth a gaze.

Konark Sun Temple

As Rabindranath Tagore says,the Sun Temple  in Konark is where The language of stone surpasses the language of humans.  Built in the 13th century, it was constructed in the Kalinga architecture under the leadership of NarasimhaDeva I, the great ruler of Ganga Dynasty. The word Konark comprises two words, kona which means corner and Arka that refers to Sun meaning “Sun of the Corner.” 

Konark Sun Temple-Chakra Frontside
Konark Sun Temple-Chakra Frontside

The Konark Sun Temple is built of three parts, the main temple, Jagannath Puri and the main entrance. With an ambition to resemble the temple to the sun’s chariot, 12 pairs of wheels each about 3 m in diameter along with 7 horses were engraved on the stone. The three divisions of the temple showcase the Kalinga architecture, which is known for the same distributions as  Rekha Deula ,Pidha Deula, Khakhara Deula

The main entrance leads to the Dance Pavilion( Nata Mandir) that has 16 beautifully carved pillars portraying dance poses. One can also find the Audience Hall whose entrance has been sealed and the interior has been protected with the help of sand to prevent it from collapsing. This architectural beauty is embellished with iconographical depictions of the lifestyle and beliefs of that period. 

However, I came to know about the interesting HISTORY  and the mystery behind the DESTRUCTION of the Konark Sun Temple. Various stories have been revolving around to settle the enigma but none proven. It is said that Portuguese sailors removed the magnet holding the main temple as it led to shipwrecks, another reason is a natural calamity or a Muslim invader but the shocking of them all was that this temple was never worshiped as the child, Dharmabrata of the architect, Bisu Maharana died while fixing the Daudhi Nauti (top of the temple) whose incompletion dreaded the architects.

Konark Sun Temple Chakra Centre Point
Konark Sun Temple-Chakra Frontside

The temple premises can be intricately covered in 90 minutes or around, a guide( you can get a government licensed one at 250 rupees per hour)can help you cover the history, the details which can make your experience even more meaningful and joyous. A sound and light show is organized in the evening that narrates the significance of the temple, it roughly begins by 6.30 pm but during winters the timings may differ, the show costs 50 rupees per person.

If you want to attend the Konark Festival then the right time for you to visit is the first week of December which is around the same time as the International sand art festival at chandrabhaga beach.

Places To Visit Near Konark Sun Temple

1. Chandrabhaga Beach

It is 3 km east of the sun temple and 30 km from the city of Puri. It is the first beach to get the Blue Flag Certification. It is famous for the International Sand Festival.

2. ASI Museum

It was established in 1968, the museum is run by archaeological survey of India, it houses real helics from the temple. There is a fee which is very nominal.

3. Ramchandi Beach

It is 7 km from Konark on the Marine drive road from konark to Puri. Ramachandi is believed to be a deity, most benevolent Chandi, the beach is beautiful and a must visit.

Konark Sun Temple Connectivity

There’s no direct connectivity to Konark from Delhi however there are various ,means to reach the location.

Konark Sun Temple Chakra Corner
Konark Sun Temple Chakra Corner

Delhi To Konark Sun Temple Distance by Bus

The 1849 km distance by road can be covered by bus. The bus stop is at the distance of 6 minutes from the temple. Or, after reaching Puri you can board a bus( there are various private operators and OSTRC) to reach Konark that is just 35Km away.

Delhi To Konark Sun Temple Distance by Cab

Taxi services are available for long distances, you can consult on their applications, like Uber or Ola or there are always private car owners from Bhubaneswar (60 km from Konark) and Puri that can take you to Konark.

Delhi To Konark Sun Temple Distance by Railway

Puri Railway station is the nearest station to Konark, you can take a bus or taxi from Puri to reach the Sun Temple.  There’s also Bhubaneswar railway station ( One can take the Rajdhani Express from Delhi to reach Bhubaneswar) and from there on a bus, a taxi can facilitate your travel.

Delhi To Konark Sun Temple Distance by Air

The Biju Patnaik Airport at Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport from Konark( around 60 km). You can book a flight from the Indira Gandhi international airport, Delhi to Bhubaneswar from where a bus or a cab service can take you to the Konark Sun Temple.

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Conclusion for Delhi To Konark Sun Temple Distance

The Konark Sun Temple is a historical architecture representing Lord Sun’s chariot. The 24 wheels are carefully designed with intricacies and are led by the six powerful team of horses portraying its movement towards the heavens. The sun temple is protected by the AMASR( Archaeological Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains) act under the National Framework of India 1958 and its rules 1959 in order to maintain the glory and infrastructure of the temple. 

Konark Sun Temple - Art Pillar
Konark Sun Temple – Art Pillar

Traveling from Delhi to the Konark Sun Temple is facile. The change in atmosphere will be a plus point to the travelers from Delhi. Beautiful architecture isn’t new to the eyes of Delhites but the Sun Temple is a pilgrimage on the shores of Bay of Bengal that bathes with the light of the holy Sun, the lord who is considered as the only visible deity. The humongous temple is a delight to watch and be in, from the temple to the fun light show, the time here flies.

Frequently Asked Questions for Delhi To Konark Sun Temple Distance

What is the entry fee for the Konark Sun Temple?

The fee for Indians, BIMSTEC and SAARC citizens is 40 rupees whereas for the foreigners is 600 rupees.

What is the best time to visit the Konark Sun Temple?

Since it is near the coast, the climate is tropical. The best time will be from October to March.

When and Where is the international sand festival held in Odisha?

It is held at the Chandrabhaga beach which is 3 Km from Konark around the same time as the annual Konark festival which is in the first week of December.

Is the Konark Sun Temple Famous?

The temple is listed in The UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE, and is the mark of India’s rich history and culture.

What are the nearby places to visit Konark Sun Temple?

Odisha is famous for its beaches, you can visit Puri which is around 35 km from the temple, there are museums to recollect the past, Chandrabhaga beach, Bhubaneswar and many more.