Konkan is a place nestled along the western coast of India. It is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. It is a coastal strip of land bounded by Sahyadri hills on the east and Arabian Sea on the west. It is rich in mineral resources. It offers long stretches of clean, sandy beaches and bustling seaside towns such as Ratnagiri and Ganapatipule.

Konkan is one of those areas of India which has always attracted tourists in large numbers. Its lush green vegetation, panoramic sceneries and solitude attract people from all around the world. The area of Konkan includes the regions of Thane, Greater Mumbai, Raigarh, and Ratnagiri. Konkan is home to many ancient forts and look out points which also works as a factor of attraction to the tourists. 

Konkan is present at the height of 2,625 ft. above sea level. Konkan is a large area with the population of 28 million. It has gigantic area of about 30,728 km sq. The history of Konkan region dates back to 4th century.

Delhi to Konkan distance is about 1,365.6 km and it will require a drive of 23 hrs or more to reach there.

About Delhi 

Delhi is also known by the name of “Dilli”. It is capital of the India, also known as “the heart of nation”. The history of Delhi dates back to 1052 AD. It was founded by Anangpal Tomar, the word Delhi came to existence when Raja Dhillu established a city near the site that is currently known by the name of Qutub Minar.


It got ruled by Tomars, Mughals, Chauhans and Gautamas. Delhi has been one of the most important places of the nation. It is epicentre of politics as it has headquarters of the main pillars of India’s democracy, constituting ,legislature, executive and judiciary.

Delhi is famous for its heritage sites such as Red Fort, Qutub Minar, India gate etc. It is also famous for its local silver smiths who expertise in the art of making silver tea sets, silver jewellery and showpieces. Meena Bazaar and Chandni Chowk, are also factors of attraction for the tourists.

About Konkan

Konkan Coast is the 700 km long rocky section of the Western Coastline of Arabian Sea. It extends from Damon in the North to western side land of Maharashtra and Goa. The coast is filled with loads of tourist places adorned with fascinating natural beauties. You would see exotic tropical settings with bountiful offerings of nature in forms of waterfalls, landscapes and heritage sites.

This coast is also known for adventure getaways which test your skills and challenge your soul. Trekking, parasailing, kayaking, banana boat rides, forest trails are some of most loved activities here. A major draw is the unique coastal adventures offered in this region such as snorkelling, scuba diving, rafting, parasailing, banana boat ride, and jet ski. The latest addition thrilling beach experience in Konkan is the Ocean Zipline in Ratnagiri.

Konkan is really a great place which makes you witness scenic natural beauty and nerve wracking adventures. The Konkan Coast is also home to some of the largest cities of India like Mumbai and Thane. It will give you a vacation with modern comfort and luxury. Heading out on a trip to the Konkan Coast to explore the exotic beaches of Ganpatipule, port townships of Ratnagiri, wholesome Alibaug, fort township of Sindhudurg, cultural trails of Dapoli and the hidden gem Kelshi will surely make you delighted.

History of Konkan

The known history of Konkan dates back of 250 BC under the Mauryan Era or Ashokan Period. Number of ports were flourished on Konkan Coast during ancient period as the traders flocked to India via sea routes from Africa. The Konkan region got ruled by Sakas, Satvahans, Vekatakas, Bahamani Sultanate, Mughals, Marathas and the British in different era. The Dutch, Portuguese and British had their settlements across the Konkan coasts. There were princely states of Konkan such as Sawantwadi, Murud-Janjira, Javhar.

In 17th century, Chhatrapati Shivaji had a great impact on Konkan as a ruler. He established Naval force at Konkan coast. The Maratha Naval force flourished and gained control over western coast in India under leadership of Sena Sarkhel Kanoji Angre. Sea forts today found in Konkan are result of strong Maratha Navy which was created by Chhatrapati Shivaji. The Sindhudurg is an auspicious sea fort created under the rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji.

It is a unique memoir of the Great Maratha Leader. It houses a temple of Chhatrapati Shivaji and his idol which is regularly worshipped. The official language of the region is Marathi and Konkani but everyone understands Hindi in the Konkan coast region too. Rich natural landscape and historical background provides a force to the growth of tourism in this region.

Delhi To Konkan Distance Key Points

AreaKonkan, Maharashtra, Goa 
Elevation 2,625 ft.
Duration November to February 
Best season December 
Weather Pleasant
Delhi To Konkan Distance Key Points

Delhi To Konkan Distance Highlights

  • Konkan is a type of region which contains bulk of tourist destinations within itself. There are multiple beaches, forts, temples and heritage sites.
  • This region has cities like Mumbai, Goa, Ratnagiri and Raigarh which offers something to everyone. There are adventure sites for adventure seekers. It also as many peaceful destinations for ease loving people.
  • It is a home to many water spots and adventure activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, Kayaking, Parasailing etc. It makes Konkan region an ideal tourist destination. It is a must visit for everyone.

Delhi To Konkan Distance: Places To Visit In Konkan


Located just below the border of Mumbai, Alibag is a little coastal town in the state of Maharashtra. The name of the town literally means “The Gardens of Ali”. It refers to the fruit orchards that were planted by Ali, an Israelite who used to live in the town during its earliest days. This town was regarded as an important strategic port during the British reign in India.  

Being a coastal town, the beauty of Alibaug derives largely from the various beaches here. Its glittering golden black sands and clear blue waves with sparkling beaches forms a wonderful view. The brilliance of the beaches is often complemented by the historical fort ruins and ancient temple. There are many beautiful beaches present namely the Alibaug Beach, Mandwa Beach or Nagaon Beach.

Sports like parasailing, jet skiing and banana boating can be done by beginners as well as experts, and promise a fun experience for all. You can also try camping here as it is home to the several beachside campsites. Whether you’re a lover of the sea or a history buff looking for an insightful vacation, Alibaug is the must visit place for you.


Ratnagiri City is located on the shores of Arabian Sea. Having the Sahyadri Range on its other side, this town remains loaded with the best of nature’s excellence. Its location on the shore, beaches, ports and lighthouses altogether add to the beauty of this town. Ratnagiri is full of numerous such locations which are picture perfect. Each and every spot here is the perfect spot where people can feel the pleasure of nature.

This small town is loaded with a big array of waterbodies. It constitutes Ancient forts like the Jaigad Fort and numerous locations related to India’s struggle. Beaches like the Mandwa Beach and the Pandre Samudra also attract various tourists with their white sandy shores and coasts.

The beaches surrounding it are loaded with various activities. You can try your hands on activities like boating, swimming etc. Overall, the climate here is pleasant for you to enjoy hassle free sightseeing tours.

Delhi To Maredumilli


Sindhudurg stands as a remarkable part of Maharashtra. This place is an eternal symbol of royalty and grand history. The city is surrounded by Ratnagiri district on the north, Goa on the south, the Arabian Sea by the west, and crest of the Sahyadri Range by the east.

Sindhudurg is made up of exotic beaches and royal forts. In ancient times,  Sindhudurg’s importance can be found in the numerous sea forts and sky-high structures.  Also, the astonishing Mangeli waterfall, Napapne waterfall, Shivapur waterfall, etc. are an epitome of the place’s natural beauty. Sindhudurg has a vast range of places to visit. It got India’s oldest Sai temple.

It is a city filled with grandiose and adventure, one will never run out of things to do in Sindhudurg. You can head to Tarkarli for scuba diving, Nivati for snorkelling to quench your adrenaline thirst. You will witness several wild animals like leopard, wild boar, mongoose, elephants, etc. All of the above factor are enough for you to plan a visit to Sindhudurg.


Ganpatipule, a small town residing amidst white sandy beaches of Maharashtra. This town might be small but holds a significant position in the Hindu mythology. Ganpatipule is 25 km away from Ratnagiri. This idyllic getaway is a holy destination for peace seekers. You will see a hill shaped like lord Ganpati along with the convergence of a river and a beach.

The beaches present boast of white clear sands and pristine waters, perfect for a peaceful holiday. Ganpati pule comprises of iconic temples and holy religious faith. The most unique place of the town is the 400-year-old, self-created monolith of Lord Ganesha. You can visit the Swayambhu Ganapati Temple which is a self-created ancient place. 

Also, the festival of Ganesha Chaturthi is a prosperous occasion to witness the vibrancy of rituals here. With so much to see and do, Ganpatipule will not let you sit idly. There will be always something to see, something to feel and enjoy.


Kelshi is a small village which falls in the Dapoli taluka. It is mostly famous for the beach it has. The Utambar Hill reaches the Arabian Sea at this place, thus making Kelshi the perfect tourist destination. The entire landscape is loved by travel bugs and it is one of the best places to visit in Konkan.

The beach at Kelshi is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Konkan Coast. It is surrounded by the rich flora and fauna, making it appear as a little paradise, tucked in the crannies of the vast seashore.

There are multiple varieties of the Kingfisher bird that can be seen often in this area. The saline backwaters provide the perfect habitat for mangroves and coconut plantations. Especially in the winter, the whole place is a birdwatcher’s abode as many migratory birds have been spotted here. This place is must visit for nature enthusiasts.

Delhi To Konkan Distance: Places To Visit Near Konkan


This place is present near to the river Vashishthi. This town is named so as legend believes this was the abode of the warrior Parashuram. Chiplun has a tropical climate around the year.

The Akkalkot Swami Math, the Parashuram Temple and the Bhawani Waghjai Temple are the most known tourist spots around. The Walavalkar Shivaji Maharaj Museum is also a favourite tourist place.

The Pandavas cave, Narayan Lake and Kalwande Dam are also some spots that you wouldn’t want to miss. Being a historical town, this place has a huge ensemble of religious places and spots of mythological importance. This place will ensure quite an eventful holiday for everyone.


Badlapur is place Nestled in greenery. It is a fast-growing residential area It has transformed quickly over the years from a quaint little village into adjacent suburban area of Mumbai.

Due to its proximity to two dams, this place is a favourite weekend getaway from all around the area. Kalyan being the nearest railway junction, reaching Badlapur is not at all difficult. Kalyan is connected to every place in the country.

Don’t miss the Badlapur Fort and hills of Matheran. The Barvi and Barrage dams are the two dams in the area. There are numerous water parks such as the Shanti Sagar Water Park and Rainy Resort Water Park.


This is the last hill station before one reaches Goa if travelling towards the same from Mumbai. Seated in the Sahyadri Range. It is surrounded by lush green hills, this town is an eco-hotspot due to the abundance and variety of flora and fauna.

According to local legends, there are supposed to be around 108 Shiva temples, and they are still being discovered. The rainfall is very heavy. It makes the place appear even more beautiful as nature around is drenched and rejuvenated in the showers.

Cascading waterfalls can be found in abundance here. The Hiranyakeshwar temple which situated in a cave at the source of the Hiranyakeshi river is most loved spot. Overall Amboli is really an amazing destination to visit.


Mahad houses ancient Buddhist Gumpas and Maratha forts. This historical town was once the capital of the Maratha Empire under Shivaji. Frequent floods made this calamity prone area resemble a triangular peninsula with water on three sides.

It is Close to the Savitri river. This place is adjacent to the hills housing the ancient Gandhar Pale Buddhist Caves. Raigad, Pratapgad, Lingana, Birwadi, and Warandha Forts are all around and will remind anyone of the past glory of chhatrapati Shivaji’s empire.

The Dapoli Mandangad beach is closest to Mahad and offers great seafood and tender coconut water. This is one of the most ancient places to visit in Konkan coast.


Goa is a pocket-sized paradise located on the west coast of India. It is a kaleidoscopic blend of Portuguese-Indian heritage, delicious delicacies, and the serene beaches. This state has gained a lot of fame all over the world. This little state makes you carefree and lets you enjoy the laid-back lifestyle. 

It is recognized across the globe for its tempting seafood and bustling nightlife. It has a rich collection of beach shacks, trendy bars, lively clubs, splendid casinos, and elegant cafes. The state boasts the most amazing nightlife one can experience in India. 

Goa was known to be a Portuguese colony in the ancient time. Goa also flaunts the baroque architecture back from the colonial times. It can be seen in the old-style bungalows, ancient forts, and the white-washed churches.

The colourful catholic ceremonies and the stunning cathedrals also give you an insight into the Goan culture. With all of these and a lot more to experience, Goa truly has all the ingredients for a perfect holiday recipe.

Things To Do In Konkan

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving means plunging underwater wearing a breathing apparatus. Scuba diving is both a Professional and recreational activity. It is a water activity which makes you witness the beauty of water under the surface. Nowadays, it is one of the best sports for the people who love some adventure. There are bulk of places in Konkan region where one can enjoy this sport.

Banana Rides

These are inflatable boats that do not use power but are pulled along by sped boats or jet skis. Two to ten men can sit on it comfortably, resting their legs on the sides. This ride is loved very much by the people who want to enjoy the thrill in the waters of Konkan.


Kayaks are small narrowboats manually propelled with help of a double-bladed paddle. This boat can easily accommodate 3 to 4 members. It has safety measures such as a spray deck so that water does not enter inside and capsize the boat. This activity offers great thrill to the tourists and makes their experience more memorable.


It is much sought-after activity. The person doing parasailing is held by a canopy wing and is towed by boat. Minimum two people can parasail together. The moment when you see the beach from height is truly awesome. Hence, this activity is also much loved by the tourists.

Delhi To Konkan Distance: Connectivity

Distance between Delhi and Konkan is 1,365.6 km which can be covered in 23 hours or more via NE 4 and Mumbai-Agra National highway.

Delhi To Konkan Distance By Road

Delhi to Konkan Distance is around 1,365.6 km. You can easily travel with a bike or a car according to your convenience.

Delhi To Konkan Distance By Bus

You can easily travel from Delhi to Konkan by bus. You have to take a bus from Delhi ISBT, Kashmiri gate for the major city you want to visit in the Konkan region like Mumbai, Alibaug, Goa etc. Tickets of these buses can be easily booked online. Once you reach your decided city, you will easily get bus or taxi for your planned destination.

Delhi To Konkan Distance By Car

Distance between Delhi and Konkan is about 1,365.6 km. Start from heading towards Mumbai. You’ll take NH48 or NH 44 for this journey. Once you reach Mumbai, you’ll need to head south towards Konkan. 

The distance can vary depending on your exact destination within Konkan. There are multiple routes you can take depending on where exactly you want to go.

Delhi To Konkan Distance By Bike

Distance by bike is 24 hrs via Mumbai-Agra national highway. You will ride through the we’ll furnished roads and highways. You have to maintain a good speed. Bike is best option for the people who are driving enthusiasts.

How To Reach Delhi To Konkan

How To Reach Konkan By Air

You can book a flight from Indira Gandhi International Airport to the major airport of Konkan region like Mumbai, Goa etc. Many flights can be found operating between these two major places. After reaching there, you can take taxi, cab or bus for your destination in the Konkan which you want to visit.

How To Reach Konkan By Train

There are many trains which can be found to be running between Delhi to major cities of Konkan directly. These cities include Mumbai, Goa, Ratnagiri, Thane. It will take approximately 15 hours or more to cover the distance between Delhi and Konkan region by train.

Delhi To Balaji Mandir Narayanpur

How To Reach Konkan By Road

You can easily reach Konkan by taking a bus from Delhi ISBT for Konkan. There are many buses that leave for major Konkan cities like Mumbai, Goa etc. regularly. It will take around 23 hours to reach Konkan by Bus via NE 4 and Mumbai-Agra National Highway.

Roads of these routes are well maintained. You will have a safe and easy journey. You will witness prevailing scenes outside your window. It will make your bus journey more comfortable.

Final Thoughts For Delhi To Konkan Distance

Konkan constitutes locations like Mumbai, Ratnagiri, Ganapatipule, Goa etc. All of them are great places to visit. It provides really an amazing and wonderful experience. Journey is full of ease with peace and calmness. It is a place which makes you witness beauty of ancient forts and structures. Konkan region is full of multiple beaches and multiple heritage sites. It makes you feel enthusiasm and awe both at same time. It is full of lush green forests in the middle of terrains . Konkan boasts ancient forts and edifices. It is really breath taking experience.

Journey is really comfortable while covering Delhi to Konkan distance and the moment you reach there is full of satisfaction. There are many things to do and there is beauty of nature to appreciate. There is whole ocean of water and tourist destinations to dive in and explore. Symbols of ancient maratha tradition can be found in the areas of Konkan.

Delhi to Konkan distance can be covered by car, bus, air according to your choice. Places under this region are truly amusing which makes you feel the beauty of Indian heritage, beaches and blue waters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) For Delhi To Konkan Distance

Which are the best beach resorts in Konkan?

Tian beach resort, Avisa Nila beach resort, Siddhivinayak beach resort and Blue sea beach resort are the best beach resorts in Konkan.

Which are the best places to visit on Konkan Coast?

Some of the best places to visit in the Konkan region consist of Ganapatipule, Goa, Mumbai, sindhudurg, Mahad, Dapoli, Chiplun, Kelshi etc 

What are the best things to do in Konkan?

Best things to do in Konkan region are Scuba diving, Banana rides, Kayaking, Parasailing etc.

What are famous forts to visit in the Konkan region?

Sindhudurg, Murud- janjira, Vijaydurg, Underi forts are some of famous forts in the Konkan region.

Which are the best places for water sports in Konkan region?

Kolad, Tarkali, Alibaug and Malvan are best places for water sports.

What is length of Konkan coast?

Length of Konkan coast is about 700 km.

What is height of Konkan coast above sea level?

Konkan coast is present at the height of 2,625 ft. above sea level.

Who established Naval force at Konkan coast?

Chhatrapati Shivaji established the naval force at Konkan coast in 17th century.

Which rulers ruled Konkan region in different eras?

The Konkan region got ruled by Sakas, Satvahans, Vekatakas, Bahamani Sultanate, Mughals, Marathas and the British in different eras.

What is best time to visit Konkan region?

Best time to visit Konkan region is from November to February.

What is official language of Konkan?

The official language of Konkan are Marathi and Konkani.