Delhi to Marhi distance carries marvellous beauty while travelling via road. Marhi is famous for its alluring beauty, panoramic view of the Himalayas, rich cultural heritage, its cold regions, and delicious cuisines.

The picturesque landscape of Marhi attracts hundreds of tourists each year as it is one of the Business hubs for its beautiful views.

About Delhi 

The vibrant city of Delhi, India’s capital, is a mesmerising mosaic of history and culture. This northern city has a compelling story that dates back centuries, having been a key political hub for several dynasties, thus shaping its unique, dynamic culture. All kinds of foods are available in Delhi, like South Indian, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali etc Food from all over the world is available in Delhi.

These temples are made for the modern architecture thought process The Laxminarayan Temple, Akshardham temple, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Lotus Temple and the ISKCON temple are examples of modern architecture. Raj Ghat and associated memorials houses memorials of Mahatma Gandhi and other notable personalities and many more. Delhi is a very crowded place. Many people like this kind of crowd but some people don’t like it. Sometimes you need to take a break from that so that you need a quick vacation and plan a trip to Himachal Pradesh.

About Marhi

Marhi is a “shanty town” in Himachal Pradesh, India, located midway between Manali and Rohtang La on the Manali-Leh Highway. As famous as Rohtang Pass all over the country, Marhi is famous for its water sports. The place is fully covered with snow in the winter.

Delhi To Marhi Distance - Snow Peak
Delhi To Marhi Distance – Snow Peak

Whenever the authorities close the Rohtang Pass due to bad weather, if the weather has bad conditions or like a landslide,then they don’t allow people to go Rohtang pass, they allow visitors to come up at Marhi to enjoy the lush green meadows. Marhi is surrounded by Himalayan range and has many beautiful and marvellous sports there and also provides some spots like parachuting, paragliding, skating and many more. 

Marhi Highlights 

AreaMarhi, Himachal Pradesh 
Elevation 3,360 m
Duration May to November 
Best seasonPre winter
Weather Cold

Places To Visit In Marhi

1. Rahala waterfall

Rahala waterfall is situated in a very beautiful and pristine area surrounded with dense growth of silver birch and deodar. The surrounding place of rahala waterfall is marvellous and picture perfect. Apart from that, enjoying the fantastic view from high altitude and splashing on the rock. People can also enjoy interesting places near the rahala waterfall.

2. Nehru Khud 

Nehru khud is a place where you feel blizzing cold and pristine water running, the scenery of mountains is just breathtaking all around the area. The place is mostly famous for its water sound and photogenic place where natural light is perfect for photography.

3. Gulaba Snow Point

Gulaba snow point is called gulab in the name of king Gulab Singh of jammu and kashmir. This place is open when the Rohtang is closed due to heavy snowfall at that time people can easily visit there.

Places To Visit Around Marhi

1. Solang valley 

 Solang valley is 30 minutes away from Marhi via Manali highway so when you’re in Marhi places take a visit to solang valley.

Solang Valley
Solang Valley

Solang valley derives its name from the combination of the word solang and nallah which is water stream. Solang valley looks very mesmerising during the summer and winter both seasons because during both seasons you can enjoy sports like parachuting, paragliding, skating etc.

2. Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass

The pass is open from May to November. It is not particularly high or difficult to cross on foot on Himalayan standards, but it has a well deserved reputation for being dangerous because sometimes this type of place has a landslide and unpredictable snowstorms and sometimes has blizzards. So when you visit that place make sure to be safe otherwise this kind of place feels like a guilty placer. 

3. Jispa

Jispa is a nearby place to visit while you’re in Marhi. Jispa is famous for its camping grounds overlooking the Baga River and the Himalayas,under the starry-sky. Travellers are visiting jispa for overnight outdoor camping. Jispa is blessed with exceptional riverside and close range Himalayan Beauty and guests looking to explore the area around stay longer than 1 night.

4. Chandra Taal

Chandra taal lake is extremely famous for its stunning reflection of the surrounding Himalayan peak in clear blue water. According to Hindu mythology, chandratal is the place where Indra, the king of god’s, came down on his chariot to transport yudhishthira eldest of the five Pandavas, in the mortal form to heaven. Locals believe that fairies visit the lake at night.

5. Manali

Manali is a high- altitude range place Himalayan resort town in India’s Northern Himachal Pradesh state called Manali.


It is widely famous as a backpacking centre and honeymoon destination. Set on the Beas River, it’s a gateway for skiing in the Solang valley and trekking in Parvati valley. It’s also a jumping-off point for paragliding, rafting and mountaineering in the Pir Panjal mountains.This place is gonna to become your dream place once you visit here. 

Things To Do In Marhi

1. River Rafting – Fight The Gushing Waters

This type of adventure for those people who wish to conquer the hard current of water, river rafting in Marhi is a must to do things because those are the things Marhi is famous for (water) and (Snow). While doing this the rafters are given a brief explanation and made wary of the lurking danger so be careful while doing this.

2. Paragliding – Bird’s Eye View

Paragliding is something you feel is not your own. It feels like you’re flying like a bird surf along majestic and getting intimate with deep blue skies. If you have fear from height so please don’t do it just enjoy watching that because that’s also give you kick.

3. Skiing – Play Around The Snow

When you’re around the mountain ranges, it’s impossible not to ski for any traveller. Once in your life you must at least try skiing. It feels so relieving and stress-free. 

Delhi To Marhi Distance Connectivity

Delhi to Marhi distance connectivity, Delhi is a well developed and well maintained city because it’s well connected to all the major cities while we talk about Himachal Pradesh it also has their best connections via road, air and train. 

On the other hand, Marhi is a small town. It’s not that much developed, so while planning to visit Marhi you need to search a little where to stay and how to travel via road, air or train.

Delhi to Marhi distance is approximately 520 km and it takes around 11 hours to get there.

Delhi To Marhi Distance

1. Delhi To Marhi Distance By Bus 

Delhi to Marhi distance by bus is approximately 568 km. There is no direct transport to visit Marhi. You need to first go to Manali by bus and then take a cab to travel to Marhi. It  takes around 2 hours to travel from Manali to Marhi. 

2. Delhi To Marhi Distance By bike

Delhi to Marhi distance by bike is approximately 520 km by bike via NH 44 and it takes around 10 hours and 47 minutes to travel from Delhi to Marhi distance. The best vehicle to visit a Marhi like place is a bike .You can enjoy your ride, visit nearby places while travelling by bike and do your kind of stuff.

3. Delhi To Marhi Distance By Car 

Delhi to Marhi distance by car is approximately 519.9 km by car via NH 44 and it takes 11 hours to cover the distance.

While travelling to Marhi via car, take your food with you and enjoy your friends and family company while going that route where the view is just amazing and the photos are just picture perfect. 

How To Reach Delhi To Marhi Distance

1. Reach Marhi By Road

Delhi to Marhi distance has a gorgeous road view. You can visit Marhi via road route NH 44 and NH 205. There are many routes to travel via road and you can enjoy the road view because it’s so beautiful and breathtaking.

2. Reach Marhi By Train

Delhi to Marhi distance by train, There is no direct train from Delhi to Marhi. One has to reach Kalka railway station or Chandigarh railway station and then take a taxi or bus to Marhi. The minimum distance covered by rail from Delhi to the town of Marhi is 537 km. The fastest train from Delhi to Marhi takes around 4 hours of travel time.

3. Reach Marhi By Flight

Delhi to Marhi distance by flight, The nearest airport to Marhi is the Kullu-Manali Airport is Bhuntar at a distance of about 50 km. If you are wondering how to reach Delhi to Marhi by air, Take a flight from Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi to Bhuntar which takes around 1 hr 20 min on the flight journey. And then you reach your destination point.

Final Thoughts For Delhi To Marhi Distance


Marhi is a place which is surrounded by Himalayan range and from the nearby distance there are also some beautiful places to visit like Manali, Rohtang pass, like places where once you visit them you always want to go back there. That’s the power behold the place. Marhi is a small town of Himachal Pradesh but it’s beautiful and it’s such a relaxing place. If you’re not like the crowd then you must visit this place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for Delhi to Marhi Distance

Does Marhi have snow?

Graced with miles of thick snow coating and milky white mountain peaks around, Solang Valley, Marhi, Gulaba, Rohtang, and Dhundi are perfect for skiing reverie. 
Marhi is basically famous for its snow and water. So if you’re looking for snow then you’re not gonna be disappointed by that in Marhi.

What is the best time to visit Marhi ?

The best time to visit Marhi is around the time of May to November Because that time you won’t feel much cold and the nearby places are also not close due to heavy snowfall so you can enjoy your trip by that time in Marhi. 

What is the best food to have in Marhi?

The best food to have while in Marhi is to have Maggie and chai because this combination is the best combination in the world while you’re around mountain ranges.

What to pack during this trip?

You must wear and carry winter clothes while going to these kinds of climate ranges because while the climate changes gradually it’s getting darker and you feel cold. So carry your winter clothes. 

What to do in Marhi ?

You can visit places and do some kind of adventure like trekking, skiing, paragliding and many more.

What is the best thing for shopping? 

The best thing you can take as a memorable memory from there is winter clothes because their winter clothes are best and you can take it as memories.