When we talk about Delhi then it’s all about the lighting of city and  it’s the busiest city there is no peace and people are rushing all over around that feels you suck and its built pressure by looking at them so you just need to take a break from that life and make a trip plan for Nathatop.

Delhi To Nathatop Distance - View
Delhi To Nathatop Distance – View

Nathatop is completely marvellous for its beautiful weather change because when you’re going to travel in the month of Jan to march then you’ll find the whole area is covered with snow and people are doing skiing, skating and all, but if you’re going to travel between may to june then your find that the whole place is cover with greenery and mountain ranges look so beautiful, and if you’re going to travel between the months of September to December then you’ll find people doing paragliding, parachuting and all it’s look all different in the whole year that give you your dream place to travel over and over again. 

About Delhi

India’s capital is a mesmerising history and culture. The northern city has a marvellous story that dates back centuries, having been a key political hub for several dynasties, thus shaping its unique, dynamic culture. Delhiites are famous for their warm hospitality, with the city being a fusion of various traditions, art forms, and festivals, food cousin.  

new delhi

Delhi is a place where you all want to live and experience Delhi life that looks very fascinating and exciting because once you enter the Atmosphere of Delhi then it’s all changed. You’re gonna enjoy your life and the most important thing is you’ll live your life without any problem and any barriers just going with the flow of Delhi life. That’s why most people want to live there. 

About Nathatop

Nathatop is a small town in jammu and kashmir that is near patnitop hill station. This place is basically famous for its snow fall, and adventures like parachuting, paragliding, skating, skiing and all. It has a unique landscape in every season. When Nathatop gets snow, closer to winter, the hill station becomes the hub of snow sports.

Delhi To Nathatop Distance - Top View
Delhi To Nathatop Distance – Top View

During the other month, it becomes green and picture perfect. The lush greenery and the mountains on all sides get to the heart and eyes. The winter pictures are absolutely different from what you get to see in summer or other seasons.if you’re looking for that intangible feeling of joy where you have access to phenomenal views of natural beauty, then this place is the best for that experience.

Nathatop Highlights

Areas Nathatop, jammu and kashmir 
Elevation 2711 m
Duration April to june
Best Season Summer season 
Weather Cold

Places To Visit In Nathatop

1. Patnitop 

Patnitop is a hill station, located between Ramban town and udhampur city in the Ramban district of jammu and kashmir, Patnitop is situated on a plateau in the shivalik belt of Himalayas, Patnitop is a beautiful hill station that is located in udhampur. Patnitop was originally known as ‘Patan Da Talab’ which is literally translates to ‘the pond of the princess’ 

Delhi To Patnitop Distance - Sun View
Delhi To Patnitop Distance – Sun View

Located on a scenic plateau of the shiwalik Range of the Himalayas, this tourist’s place in jammu region boasts green meadows and panoramic view of the glittering snow capped peaks, and a garden for a memorable holiday with family, friends or even a partner.

2. Baglihar Dam

The first power project executed by the Jammu and Kashmir power development corporation, it was conceived in 1992 and approved in 1996, with construction begun in 1999.After construction began in 1999 , Pakistan objected that the design parameters of the Baglihar project violated the indus water treaty of 1960. You must visit this place because this place is related to the history of India and Pakistan and also you should understand how water is supplied during that time. 

3. Sanasar Lake

Sanasar lake beholds the most clear water and is named after small local lakes, Sana of patnitop. It’s the hub for adventure and sport activities in the Jammu region. The area is notable for its scenic view of mountain ranges including the Brammah massif. The surrounding place is so beautiful and mesmerising. If you’re a nature lover and scenic viewer then you must visit these places while you plan for patnitop.

Places To Visit Around Nathatop

1. Madhatop

Madhtop is easily accessible by road and is a 8 km trek away from Nathatop Surrounded by pristine natural beauty, madhatop is a great getaway destination for trekking, winter sports aficionados and pretty much everyone else in between. Madhatop, with its salubrious climate and silver mountain is almost a heaven for honeymoon and adventure tourists. This place is very close to patnitop so just plan and go there you’ll never get disappointed via seeing this beautiful nature and scenery.

2. Shiva Ghar

The Shiva ghar is around 15 Km away and you can trek from the Nathatop which can be visited by trekkers who have just begun. This is an ideal place for those people who enjoy a one day trek. There is trekking equipment available which can be hired from the tourists department shop located in jammu. 

3. Bhaderwah 

Bhadarwah is also often called mini Kashmir, this scenic destination is situated 80 km away from Nathatop. It has immense open ground and feisty streams to captivating meadows and treetop house, Bhaderwah is a resplendent retreat for all. You can also do horse riding, rock climbing and hiking throughout the year

Things To Do In Nathatop

1. Paragliding

Nathatop is a hill tourist destination that offers a paragliding joyride. One can reach the point by ascending through 400 Plus steps carved out of rock . The organisers, apart from providing a safe and thrilling ride,also offer a good quality video. After a flight of about 7- 15 minutes, dependent upon the wind condition, you will land at kud, all excited and enchanted. 

2. Skiing 

During the winter months in Nathatop are marked by a number of skiing courses and set ups coming up in the area. Given the modest and gentle slopes in Nathatop, it tends to be an ideal destination for skiing for people with no prior experience.

3. City Shopping 

Nathatop is a small city in Jammu and Kashmir and is a well known hill station in the state. It is a beautiful city and is very famous for its street shopping. Its dry fruits, kashmiri handicrafts, and pashmina shawls are very popular. The sweet here has a unique taste and no one can miss it.  You can purchase local souvenirs and handicrafts items near the naag temple in Nathatop. 

Delhi To Nathatop Distance Connectivity

Delhi to Nathatop distance connectivity, Delhi is a well connected and well maintained city. It’s almost connected to all major cities, and covers all the important areas of India. While we talk about Nathatop, it also has their best connections via road, air and train. Nathatop is a small town in jammu and kashmir so it’s not have direct route of rail and flight but when we talk about road route then it’s the best of all. 

Delhi To Nathatop Distance - Snow
Delhi To Nathatop Distance – Snow

On the other hand, Nathatop is a small town in jammu and kashmir. It’s not that much developed, so while planning to visit patnitop you need to search a little where to stay and how to travel via road, air or train.

Delhi to Patnitop distance is approximately 660 km and it takes around 12 hours 52 minutes to go there from Delhi. 

1. Distance By Bus

 Delhi to Nathatop distance by bus is approximately 660 km.The straight line distance between Delhi and NathaTop. The actual road distance between these two locations might be longer because it depends on the speed of your vehicle. Sometimes it takes longer than expected because of traffic jams. There are plenty of Buses for Nathatop distance while it has AC or Non AC both buses. 

2. Distance By Car

Delhi to Nathatop distance by car is approximately 660 km and it takes time approx 12 hours to reach your destination, but sometimes you’ll reach before expecting time depending on your vehicle speed. And when it’s your own car then of course you reach whenever you want, whether you want to cover it in 2 days or more by staying in nearby areas.

3. Distance By Bike

Delhi to Nathatop distance is approximately the same distance as car and Buses because they all have the same route which is a straight line and has 660 km. Travellers with your friends and family members that make the trip more mesmerising. The route of Nathatop has plenty of sites which you can enjoy and click some photos because the view is just outstanding and joyful.

How To Reach Delhi To  Nathatop Distance

1. Reach Nathatop By Road

Delhi to Nathatop distance by road is approximately 660 km and it takes almost 13 hours, 12 minutes to reach your destination point. It will take around 2 days to travel via road from Delhi to Nathatop. But if you have the courage then you’re never gonna disappoint because the view of the route is something else, it’s photogenic, it’s picture perfect and if you’re going in a group that it’s something that you never imagined. 

2. Reach Nathatop By Train

Delhi to Nathatop distance by train is approximately 527 km. Udhampur railway station is the nearest station which is 50 km away from Nathatop. And it has its best connectivity to other parts of the country via rail route. Regular trains are janmabhoomi express and jammu mail. Travelling via train gives you flashbacks of travelling anytime and anywhere because it’s made lots of memories that you’ll never forget while travelling with friends and family.

3. Reach Nathatop By Flight

Delhi to Nathatop distance by flight is approximately 529 km and it takes around 2 hours to reach your destination. The nearest airport is jammu airport, also Known by the name satwari airport and located 130 km away from Nathatop. While you land at Jammu airport then take a cab or hire a car to travel to Nathatop. This airport connects major cities of other states to travel all over the Jammu region.

Final Thoughts for Delhi To Nathatop Distance

Delhi To Nathatop Distance - Cloud River Top
Delhi To Nathatop Distance – Cloud River Top

This place is surrounded by beautiful mountains and it’s the best place to visit  hill station. Here you can trek, ski, paraglide and many more activities. This place feels like a perfect destination for a holiday. If you want to spare a day from your hectic routine then this place is all yours to spend your holidays. This place is not only about natural beauty and scenery but here you can experience a new taste buds of every local street food. And also you can experience new things like If you’re talking to their native people then you can also learn new vocab and different languages. Just feel the place you feel all the new things here and you’ll never be disappointed by such a beautiful place like Nathatop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Delhi to Nathatop Distance

Which hill station is near Nathatop? 

Patnitop is a short trek away from Nathatop 2 kms away from Jammu. The hill station is covered with snow during winters thereby enhancing its beauty. Patnitop is famous for paragliding and skiing activities that have been becoming popular over the years.

Where is Nathatop located?

Nathatop is a hill station located in Jammu, whose height is about 2711 metres. You can easily reach here after a short trek from Patnitop. Nathatop offers a great view of snow-coated hills, especially during winters. There are many activities in this hill station that will refresh you, such as skiing and paragliding.

What is Nathatop famous for?

Nathatop is famous for paragliding and skiing activities that have been becoming popular over the years. The hill station has a variety of roadside food stalls selling local cuisine. It also embraces pleasant weather throughout the year.

Is there snow in Nathatop in May?

Nathatop will not have snow in May. You have to go all the way to Gulmarg, Pahalgham or Sonmarg. No chance of snow anywhere around Nathatop, although the climate would be pleasant and temperatures would dip upto 12 degrees at night..

Is one day enough for Nathatop? 

You only have 1 day to spend in Nathatop. We’ve narrowed down the top places you should check out to get the best experience of your time here. With favourites like Chenani-Nashri Tunnel, we’ll make sure you don’t miss out on all the must sees.

Is there any snow in March? 

NathaTop is a beautiful place but it’s no fun if you don’t see a fresh and white blanket of snow. NathaTop gets its snowfall in Jan which stays for 3 months but the quality of snow isn’t as good as in Jan or Feb.

Is Nathatop safe to travel alone? 

Nathatop is completely safe for single people who travel alone. Much away from Kashmir, so no impact of unrest in Nathatop. Now the conditions are better in kashmir and also in Nathatop.you will be visiting here properly…… yeah it’s safe…