This was our third debate of the week over our trip destination there are many which we selected but Delhi to Nathula Pass Distance is the same pick. Living in Delhi, chilly winters were unavoidable but this time we intended to enhance our radius and witness snowfall. Manali, Shimla, Jammu all of these destinations had been visited more than once so we really wanted to explore the unexplored. It was later after several days when our neighbor Mr.Rawat was engaging us with his army stories that we found out about Nathula pass.


Moving past the snowy fortresses, gazing at the mesmerizing terrain, Delhi to Nathula Pass proved to be our perfect travel destination.The Pass has witnessed trades, disasters, clashes, bilateral ties and now tourists, although “Nathu” means listening ears, the pass speaks its history. The journey to the Nathula pass is beautiful as well as adventurous. The connectivity from Delhi to Nathula pass is feasible and easily available and should be backed up with permits, warm clothes and for heart, bp, aastha patients a doctor’s consultation will make the travel really easy.

About Delhi

Delhi is a landlocked city that has tall buildings, advanced forms of transport like metros, centuries old history and quite extreme weather conditions. Every citizen in Delhi, tries to escape the summer heat by either visiting Manali or Shimla but ends up overcrowding it. 

The country is diverse not only in terms of faith but also in regard to landscape. Nathula pass is a gem that should be and generally is, the most solicited tourist spot. But every good thing comes with a little effort which is worth taking. So, the Delhiites should break the monotony of visiting the same old places and explore the wonders of The Nathula Pass. 

The first question and worry of the tourists from the capital city of India is the long route and tiresome traveling involved here. But, in today’s world, it’s a bed of roses and none of a concern, A proper plan will make the journey as smooth as it can be.Delhi is nearly 1600 km away from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim and it is easy and recommended to take a shared taxi, or rent a cab from the capital city to the Nathula pass( around 52 kms from Gangtok).

About Nathula Pass

The Nathula pass situated at great heights, nearly 14,140 ft above sea level is in the bucket list of all the travel enthusiasts. This picturesque beauty is located on the old silk route and is one of the three open trading routes between India and China other than Shipkila and Lipulekh in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand respectively. This mountain pass in the Dongya range, in the lower Himalayas connects the north-east state Sikkim to the Tibetan autonomous region. On your way up, one can behold the ethereal scenery around especially the famous lake Tsomgo that the path to NathuLa skirts on its northern arena.

Delhi To Nathula Pass
Delhi To Nathula Pass

It’s also disheartening to know that once the path to the Nathu la pass was blocked. It is crucial to cite that after the 1962, Sino-Indian war also called the Nathu la and Cho la clash between the two countries India and China, this route which connects Sikkim to Tibet was halted for not less than four decades. However, It was in 2003 after the bilateral talks initiated by the then Prime minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee that this strategic route was reopened in 2006.

Nathu la pass not only serves as a Border personnel meeting point for the officials but also acts as an anchor for the adjoining countries, and more importantly people of similar faith. Nathu la pass aids visitors to experience the beliefs and ideals of Hinduism and Buddhism, inshort the distance between the countries, its people and their faith diminishes. There’s something special about the pass,  you feel a sense of pride seeing the brave soldiers protecting our border, there’s excitement to see a different country so close, yet so far but what surpasses everything is the joy to behold the glory of nature.

Nathula Pass
Nathula Pass

Warm clothes with your IDs, passport size pictures and a permit will be enough to make your trip seamless. A shared ride, taxi or a rented car from the capital city Gangtok, a Protected area Permit generated by the Tourism and Civil aviation that will cost you around ₹200 per person is a must before you begin on your enthrilling journey. You will come across various check posts in your journey, the first one being at 6 kms from Gangtok, it is suggested to leave at or before 7 am as after 10 in the morning they don’t allow vehicles to get through. 

Places To Visit In Nathula Pass


The temple is dedicated to Harbhajan Singh who served in the Indian army. Also awarded the Mahavir Chakra, the temple is built in reverence to his brave and patriotic nature. Locals believe that even today, his spirit guards the border and serves our country. The temple is situated on the path between Nathu la pass and Jelepla pass and is closely located to the former pass. However, as the temple resides under the protected area, one should have all the required documents and permits in order to experience trouble free sightseeing.


After reaching the destination, this staircase leads you to the border. It’s surprising that the border isn’t like the Great Wall of China rather is fenced. More or less 100 steps will lead you to the Indo China border


Nearly 5 kms from the Nathula pass is the Watershed War Memorial at Shersthang. The 1958, 1962,1967 wars led to the death of many soldiers of ours. This place is one of the small ways we can pay homage to their ultimate sacrifice and patriotism for the state of Sikkim and our country as a whole.

Places To Visit Near Nathula Pass


The capital city of Sikkim is around 58 km from the Nathu la pass, an hour ride via a motor vehicle. The city is always a tourist attraction, there are temples, the famous MG road, waterfalls in short a perfect place for sightseeing.


Changgu lake is famous for reflecting different colors in different seasons. It’s better to visit the lake between May – Summer as then it’s postcard pretty with all the beautiful wildflowers around. The lake is 17 kms from the Nathu La pass.

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Famously called the Elephant lake or the Bitan cho is 14 km away from the Nathu la pass. The astounding view surrounded by valleys and mountains is something one must visit once in their lifetime. Nature truly deserves a bow.


Twenty Kilometers ahead of the lake Tsomgo, this scenic beauty is believed to change colors frequently. This tributary of the Teesta River is known for trout farming.

Nathu la is famous for its history, scenic beauties but another interesting fact is that it has the second highest ATM launched by the UTI Bank in Thegu which is in close vicinity to the Nathu la.


Delhi To Nathula Pass Connectivity

The connectivity between Delhi and Nathula pass can be a little tedious but not when you have the perfect plan with you.To reach the Nathula pass, it is recommended to take a taxi or a shared cab from Gangtok(nearly 1600 km from Delhi). Beware that only selected cars, Indian citizens and people with valid permits and identity cards are allowed.

Delhi To Nathula Pass Distance By Train

The distance between Delhi and Nathu La pass is 1,683.4 km. The nearest train station is New Jalpaiguri district (Siliguri), after which one can take a taxi, shared cabs which will take you about 4.5 hours to reach Gangtok. Again, after reaching Gangtok, a rented taxi will take you to the NathuLa pass.

Some of the trains for reference are, Mahananda express, Brahmaputra mail,DBRT Rajdhani.

Delhi To Nathula Pass Distance By Flight

Flights are the most facile and convenient form of transport. The Pakyong airport(28 km from Gangtok) does not have enough flights so the preferred airport should be Bagdogra after which the 124 kms to Gangtok can be commuted via taxi or a cab. 

Delhi To Nathula Pass Distance By Bus

As Gangtok is a hilly area, a direct transport wouldn’t always be accessible. So, a bus from Delhi to Siliguri( West Bengal) and then a rented car to Gangtok(112km) will be another option to finally reach the Nathu la pass. But, to make the travel easy and comfortable, flights are recommended.

Final Thoughts for Delhi To Nathula Pass Distance

Nathu la pass is situated at great heights and however breathtaking the view is, it is very chilly. People traveling should prefer summers but that too with enough warm clothes and the ones already suffering from breathing problems should consult their respective doctors before taking the trip. 

The snow covered mountains of Sikkim, the wildflowers and the lakes are worth every gaze. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to behold and breathe the natural air around considering the connectivity between the the two places, Delhi and Nathula pass distance is facilitated with numerous travel modes.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Delhi To Nathula Pass Distance

Where should we take the permit for the Nathula Pass?

The tourism and civil aviation department issues the permit and the permit for vehicles are issued on the police check posts. Travelers can consult a travel agency for the same.

What is the cost of the permit to the Nathula Pass?

The permit costs around ₹200 per person.

Do people suffer from breathing problems at the Nathula Pass?

The pass is situated at great heights, 14,140 ft above sea level. Breathing problems are a real problem there, so before taking the trip, asthma,blood pressure, heart patients and children should consult their doctors.

What is the best time to visit the Indo-China Border, Through the Nathula Pass?

The best time to visit the Nathula pass is between May to October, this time the temperature is around 10°C.During winters, there’s heavy snowfall and the temperature is in the negative(-25°C). Also, the pass is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and it is recommended to start your trip early in the morning to avoid delays in check posts.

What to carry on the trip to the Nathula Pass?

You should carry enough passport size photographs, identity proofs ( for children- birth certificate will do), permits and most importantly warm garments.