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Do You Know These Facts About Plastic: BOON or BANE?

With the ever-increasing demand for better goods and services, the use of plastic Facts has exponentially increased. On one hand, its boon for its exceptional properties and on the other is proved to be a bane owing to its non-decomposable nature. Burning plastic produces poisonous gases so that is not a solution for its decomposition.

Here are some shocking Facts About Plastic You Need To Know:

– The amount of plastic produced during the last decade is more than that produced over the last century.

– More than 73% of beach litter is plastic!

– Approximately more than 1 million plastic bags are used every minute i.e. More than 500 billion plastic bags are used per year.

– Nearly 70,000 microplastic enter the human body per year.


– Plastic takes almost 1000 years to degrade naturally.

– Plastic kills a million sea animals annually.

– 50% of the plastic is just used once and thrown away.

– Recent studies have discovered the presence of marine plastic pollution in 100% of marine turtles.

– 8% of the world’s oil production is used to produce plastic.

– Since 46% of the plastic has floating property, it keeps on drifting before finally accumulating in the ocean gyre.

– Every piece of plastic that was ever made still exists in some form or another.

– Some compounds present in plastic have the ability to alter hormones and can be very harmful to human health.

– Almost a truckload of plastic is discharged into the ocean per minute.

– More than 30 countries have banned the use of plastic bags.

– Only 10 rivers carry 90% of the plastic pollutants to the oceans.

– There are many ways by which we can reduce plastic usage or use it effectively to reduce the damage it causes.

– As we know about fifty percent of the plastic bags are used only once and thrown away, reusing plastic bags is a good initiative.

– In this digital era, plastic DVDs and CDs can be easily prevented. All the movies and music are available online.

– Beaches are majorly polluted by plastic waste. One should volunteer for beach cleanup programs once in a while.

– Seeking for alternatives like the use of steel lunchboxes and utensils instead of plastic boxes.

– Spreading awareness about the hazards of plastic waste can also prove to be of great advantage.

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