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Do You Know These Interesting Facts About Snow-Leopard?

Eliminate Your Fears & Doubts About Snow-Leopard

Lions and Tigers get all the fame, but there’s another big cat that deserves your attention- Snow Leopards (Panthera uncia). Snow leopards are one of the most enticing and shy mammals in the world. They are extraordinary and endangered species, found in high mountains of Asia.

Snow leopards are listed as vulnerable on IUCN Red List because of frequent fall in their percentage.

We’re still attempting to find out about their behavior because they live in such distant fields. But there are some facts snow leopards you might not know about .

The fur on the belly of the snow leopard is about 5inches thick. And this thickness helps them to survive in cold, rough mountain climates.

One of their unique features is their long, furry tail which helps them to walk, run and leap through rocky terrain. They also use it to blanket their face while resting.

They are the only big cats that call the cold and snowy mountains as their home.

It might be surprising for you to know that snow leopards can’t roar. Instead, they growl, mew and yowl.

There’s even a holiday to honor these beautiful cats- International Snow Leopard day on October, 23.

Snow-Leopard is often known as mountain ghost as they are scarce and live their lives in isolation.

They are considered as excellent jumpers as they can attack prey at a distance of 45 feet. They prey on animals up to three times their body weight.

Their mysterious nature is one of the reasons we don’t have a good estimate of snow leopards in the world. As they are already listed as vulnerable, poaching, habitat loss and killing due to loss of livestock are threatening for their long survival.

 Do as much as you can to protect them!