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Do You Know These Unbelievable Facts About Junk Food?

Facts About Junk Food

You might already be familiar with the nutritious value of the food items that you normally consume,  but there is a harsh reality to some of these items that are not generally known.

Here are some shocking “Facts About Junk Food” items that will make you think twice before eating them!!

Ever came across with the “Naturally Flavored” label on ice creams?? Actually, these ice creams contain a substance called castoreum which is obtained from beavers anal secretion!!


I’m sure bread is a staple meal for most of us. Isn’t it?! The softness of the bread is due to the presence of a softening agent called L-cysteine which is derived from human hair.

Facts About Junk Food_Bread

Do you still believe sea salt is low in sodium content?! According to recent studies sea salt has approximately 40% sodium content which is comparable to that of table salt.

Facts About Junk Food_Sea_Salt

Do you know that jelly beans get their shine from the same substance nail paints get it from?! Next time you eat them think twice!

Facts About Junk Food_Jelly_Beans

Pineapple has Bromelain which has the ability to destroy your taste buds for a day!

Facts About Junk Food_Pineapple

Recently it has been discovered that Sago is made from rotting insects for months.

Facts About Junk Food_Sago

Women who eat more junk food are at a higher risk of developing polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Facts About Junk Food_Women_Junk_Food_Fact

Most soft drinks have a little alcohol content.


A campaign on children food survey discovered that some baby food has as much sugar and saturated fat content as junk food.

Facts About Junk Food_Children_Junk_Food_Fact

A common thickener used in junk food corn dextrin is also used as glue on envelopes and postage stamps.

Facts About Junk Food_Common Thickener