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Don’t Make The Same Mistakes I Made When I First Began Travelling- Part 3

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Here goes part three of my travelling tips! These are several small mistakes I made in the past from which I have learned so much, and now I wish to share these with you so you don’t make the same. It’s great to keep these things in mind before or while travelling to ensure that you trip is the best! There are of course so many other things you can add to this list, but here are some important ones for you.

Write Down Important Details In A Diary

We live in a world run by gadgets and technology. We depend on our phones and laptops for so many different things. I remember on this one trip, I backed up all the necessary details of my hotel and cab on my phone. As soon as I boarded my flight, my phone started acting weird. I lost all my juice within minutes and my phone was refusing to start. I remember being frantic because I had all my important details on my phone and I had not bothered to write it down in my diary, thinking that nothing can go wrong. How wrong I was! Writing important things down on a diary ensure you will never lose vital information and always, always remember this travel tip.

Pack Light Travel Towels

I know you want the softest of towels, but let’s be honest with ourselves, they add a lot of weight! Instead carry travel towels. They are lighter and dry much faster too. You also won’t need to use the hotel towels and will be saving up on a lot of water.

Always Carry A Pair Of Flip Flops

This is a handy tip especially when you are staying at hostels or places with shared toilets. You’ll thank yourself later for practicing your personal hygiene even when your travelling.

Make A Checklist And Back Your Bag Early

This was one of the important things I would never do. I would pack a few hours before my flight left and end up travelling without a number of key essentials. On some days I’ve forgotten my tooth brush, on others my comb, my chargers and sweat shirts! Having a checklist helps you keep note of what you need to pack. Start this early so you can keep adding things to your list and won’t end up forgetting things. Packing a day in advance will give you enough time to pack the things you would otherwise have forgotten.

Carry A Large Plastic Bag For Washing Clothes

This is my favorite travel tip, especially when I’m travelling to remote places. I like to carry a huge 2-3-foot-long plastic bag so that I can convert it as a bucket to wash my clothes in. This comes in handy when your travelling to remote places and don’t have access to a proper bathroom or place to wash your clothes.