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Don’t Make The Same Mistakes I Made When I First Began Travelling- Part 1

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Travel is the only thing constant in life

To overcome the fear of flying, to overcome a fear of travelling alone, to overcome a heartbreak, or the loss of someone, to seek fulfillment; these are all some of the reasons we travel. For some, it is simply getting over something; a place, a person, a feeling, for others it is about finding something; peace, solitude and even themselves. Whatever be the reason, a change in surroundings helps us.

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Of Journeys And Beginnings

We’ve all started out on our journeys of discovering new places at different times in our lives. Some of us have started off farther from home, while others have started out by travelling to places not so far away.

We hear a lot of people say that travelling scares them and we do sympathize with you on that. Because, whether we like it or not, travelling is scary. But the fear of not knowing how to go about planning your travel or even taking that first step outside should never stop you from exploring the world.

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We realize that sometimes people need an extra push to get out. So, this post is dedicated to those of you who are starting out on your journeys and want to avoid the mistakes that we long-term travelers have made when we began on ours.

Here Are Our Top Five Travel Tips For You

Take More Photographs Of You

One of the most important travel tips we’ve ever gotten is to take more photographs of ourselves. As tourists, we are so focused on taking photographs of what lies in front of us; a beautiful snow-clad mountain, the big blue ocean or even a forest. While you will certainly remember the place and tourist spots, you won’t remember what you were feeling, what you wore or looked like, because you weren’t in the photograph.


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Learn Some Simple Words And Phrases In A Foreign Language

Any and every traveler will give you this tip: Learn a new language or at least some important phrases when you travel abroad! You’ll not only learn a new language, but you will also be able to interact with the locals.

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Emergency Money

We often think that our credit and debit cards will come in handy during difficult times. But on many occasions, like when you travel to a remote location or abroad, you run a huge risk of your card not working. Hence this is an important travel trip- store extra money at odd places like shoes and socks. You never know when you will need it.

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Don’t Plan Your Trip To The T

Another fantastic travel tip! We often have only a few days to explore and we want to make the most of it. So, what do we end up doing? We pack our days with as much sightseeing as possible and we end up fatigued at the end. Leave a few hours every day for a free time. Spend it reading a book under a tree or simply sitting and admiring the view. The more you slow down time, the better you’ll remember your trip.

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Don’t Fret If You Can’t Find Enough Information About Where You Are Travelling

Whenever you are travelling to remote regions or countries that are less touristy, beware that you may not always find as much information about it as you would like.

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This is likely to happen in places which are not thronged by tourists and are still undiscovered. We’re here to tell you that such places are definitely okay for you to visit. You’ll end being one of the first few people to have discovered it!

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