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Don’t Make The Same Mistakes I Made When I First Began Travelling- Part 4

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Here goes part four of my travelling tips! These are several small mistakes I made in the past from which I have learned so much, and now I wish to share these with you so you don’t make the same. It’s great to keep these things in mind before or while travelling to ensure that you trip is the best! There are of course so many other things you can add to this list, but here are some important ones for you.

Ensure You Have A Check Out Routine

Checking out is when you need to be on your toes, because during this time you are bound to lose a number of your personal items in the commotion. If you are like me, then I’m sure you too have ended up donating a number of chargers, toiletries and even clothes to hotels because you forgot to pack them before leaving. This is why you need a check out routine. Check the counters, tables, drawers, bed and wardrobes. These are the places you are most likely to keep your belongings and then forget them.

Travel During Off Seasons

This is the best tip I’ve learnt till date. By travelling during an off season, you not only save an incredible amount of money, but you also get to experience the place without the crowd! Cities are usually less crowded and a bit quieter, so always try to opt for off season travels.

Travel Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

This may be opting for a ride on a crowded public transport or cycling or even bungee jumping. Whatever it is, opt for something that is out of your comfort zone. This will help you gain a ton of confidence and you will also be able to get over a number of your fears.

Use Travel Towels

A travel towel is the first thing I pack. Although you will be tempted to pack your usual, thick and unbelievably soft towels that you normally use at home, you should opt for travel towels instead because they dry faster and are much lighter. Moreover, travel towels are also easy to wash during your trip.

Test Walk Your Back Pack

Yes, you heard right, test walk it! Just like you take a new car for a test drive, it is important to try out your back pack a few days before you go on a trip. The first time I took my bag out for a test walk, I ended up going back home and removing half of its contents. Taking your bag out will help you lessen the weight and help you pack only the bare essentials.

Don’t Exchange Money At Airports

Airports have the worst exchange rates. Try to find some local places where you live and carry just the bare minimum. Most likely, you will have access to an atm where ever you travel.

Wear Flip Flops In Common Bath Rooms

Unfortunately, you will find a number of people with very low hygiene standards, more so in common places like hostels and hostel bathrooms. Always ensure you carry a pair of flip flops, and make it a practice to not enter bathrooms without them.