Most of you might have heard about the majestic victory tower of India which is also the tallest tower of India, the ‘Fateh Burj’ known as “Chappar Chiri” as well. Being situated in the village Chappar Chiri in the district SAS Nagar, this beholds a lot of significance to Indians.

Fateh Burj minar is 328 feet height ( 100m ) which was built to bid in respect to the Sikh Misls establishment of India back in 1711.

The village of chappar chiri is located on Kanar- Banur road which has been renamed to Banda Singh Bahadur road in the memory of the greatest Sikh warrior of his time, the Banda Singh Bahadur. He fought and won the battle against Mughal army and its commander Wazir Khan. 

Where is Fateh Burj Located? 

The Fateh Burj tower is located inside the Baba Banda Singh Bahadur War Memorial at Chappar Chiri, Mohali. It is located on an area of about 20 acres, coming under Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar (Mohali) in Punjab.

The Fateh Burj is the main attraction of the memorial. The victory tower has attracted tourists from all over the world to witness the might of Sikh freedom fighter Bandar Singh Bahadur. 

Historical Significance Fateh Burj

The greatest historical significance is the village itself ‘chappar churi ‘ where the tower is located. The tower was built to pay tribute to the freedom fighter Bandar Singh Bahadur who fought and won the mighty battle against Wazir khan, commander of Mughal army back in 1710. 

Additional Information

The tower was completed in 2011 by Architects/Landscape Designers are Renu Khanna and Associates, Panchkula.

  • It was sculpted by Prabhat Rai.
  • Structural consultants included Pankaj Chopra and Dr Ramana.
  • And the contract was signed by Larsen &Toubro.

Fateh Burj Highlights

  • ● Get a rare opportunity to witness beauty and might of one of the greatest freedom fighters
  • ● Beautiful tower shows you the stunning architectural work of builders.
  • ● Surrounded by stunning surroundings to give you peace
  • ● The opportunity to visit historic Chappar Churi village
  • Relish the memory of victory with the victory tower.

How To Reach Fateh Burj? 


The nearest railway station is Chandigarh from Mohali. You can take a cab to Mohali and then from Mohali to Chappar Churi. 


Mohali is well connected to other nearby cities through roads and you can travel by your own vehicle or state run buses. 


The nearest airport is from Mohali in Chandigarh. It is 15km from Mohali. 

TICKET PRICE :- There is no entrance fee to visit the memorial and tower. You only have to save money for your accommodation and travel. 

Fateh Burj Vs Qutub Minar

Fateh Burj

  • It is located in Mohali, Punjab of India
  • It is 100 m or 328 ft in height. 
  • This was completed in 2011. 
  • This is the tallest victory tower of India. 

Qutub Minar

  • Qutub Minar is located in Delhi, India.
  • It is 72.5 m or 238ft in height.
  • This was completed in 1311 AD. 
  • This is the tallest Minar made of bricks in India.