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Food Tips For Reducing Menstrual Cramps During Periods

Women are warriors.  We work, clean, build a home, and run the world along with men. But every month, we go through our periods. It does not make us weak, but what comes along during our periods is what makes those five days the worst nightmares of the month.


Researchers have asked women, which is worse: menstrual cramps or mood swings? Sixty-five percent of the women present answered menstrual cramps. These cramps are caused by constriction in the flow of period blood, leading to severe contractions. Sometimes it is unbearable. The cause of menstrual cramps can be bad eating habits, lack of exercise, constipation etc. But, there have been instances where women having healthy lifestyle get severe cramps during periods.

Women often take rest or use heat pads, but most resort to consuming a painkiller. This may have detrimental effects later on.

So, what can be the best way to reduce the cramps one gets during menstruation? Doctors recommend certain consumption of food items which can help to reduce the cramps. Let have a look:


Nuts and Seeds

These food items are rich in magnesium. If you are the kind of person who hogs on ice cream and chocolates during periods, consuming these would prevent water retention and bloat, which adds to the cause of menstrual cramps.

Beans and Legumes

Bad eating habits have led to indigestion and irregular bowel. Constipation is a factor for causing menstrual cramps. Consuming legumes and beans help in the proper functioning of the digestive system. They contain Vitamin B which detoxifies the body and flush out impurities in the blood.

Vitamin C Food

Citric food consumption leads to the healthy formation of ova. Lemon and parsley consumption along with tea is really beneficial during period cramps as it soothes muscle pain and aches.

Dark Chocolate

An ounce of dark chocolate a day keeps period cramps away. Yes, consuming dark chocolate is helpful as it controls the craving for sugary food. It also helps in the mood swings by increasing the release of serotonin. This reduces exhaustion and depression.


Never forget consuming at least 4 liters of water during periods. Warm water helps to ease the pain and also flushes out toxins. You can mix fruits and vegetables having anti-oxidants with the water to ensure the bloating and stomach problems are reduced. It helps to excrete excess sodium which is a cause of menstrual cramp and menstrual migraine.


It is okay if we are not super strong in these five days of the month. Even heroes shed their capes off once in a while. But it ends. It is important to eat and live healthy during periods.