Manali is the center of many treks, and adventurous activities situated at a height of 6,700 ft with river Beas streaming on the other side. Young people always enjoy the cordiality presented here. The energy and the vibe of this spot are is amazing. Friendship peak is a hill in Himachal Pradesh’s Kullu region with a level of 5,289 meters. The journey starts from Solang Valley, outside Manali, and takes you to one of the most popular traveling mountains in the Pir Panjal range. Friendship peak trek is evaluated as moderate to difficult and is a good decision for experienced climbers hoping to progress to climbing.

It is also called the adventurer’s paradise as the trip goes through the Solang Valley. The narrow climbs of the trek make the trip more daring, and adventurous and one adores the enthusiasm while trekking, especially with your family and friends. One thing that should be known by the trekkers who are going to climb this peak is that it is very narrow and steep so it needs a little planning.

Friendship Peak Trek
Friendship Peak Trek

It is eighteen kilometers from Manali. If one is wanting to hit this location, the best time to visit is during May, June, September, and October. It shows up with difficulties and challenges as the height is high and the mountain is steep. When trekkers arrive at Friendship peak the entire view is truly gorgeous and hypnotizing. It opens all seven days a week. One may plan to visit this place between nine AM to five PM.

In the wonderful valley of Kullu, one sees everything so captivating, and afterward while visiting friendship peak makes the visit more beautiful and eye-opening. Therefore, try not to miss a single attraction since this area is an incredible encounter of mountaineering. So Plan your trip with a little preparation and an offhand outing to this place will not work. The journey begins from Solang which is a valley close to Manali. 

Key Points of Friendship Peak 

AREAKullu Region, Himachal Pradesh
DURATION3-4 days
BEST SEASONMay to October
ALTITUDE5,287 mts / 17,348 ft
Key Points of Friendship Peak

Highlights of Friendship Peak

  • Solang Valley
  • Journey from Base camp to Bakarthach
  • Hadimba Devi Temple 
  • Lush green valleys and Forests 

Location of Friendship Peak

Situated at a height of 5289 m in Pir Panjal peak, a trip to friendship peak is great for beginner and growing mountain climbers. The friendship peak is in the Beas Kund region and to arrive here; one will have to pass through glaciers, lavish green valleys, and Forests. Trek, starts from the Solang-Nalla Valley and passed through the exhilarating rises and dives, it prompts a friendship peak from Bakarthach. The peak is viewed as among the easiest climbs, in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh and can be climbed even by laypersons with adequate perseverance with proper direction.

Best Time To Visit Friendship Peak

The best time to visit Friendship Peak trek is in the month of May, June, August, September, and October, as the heavy winter is abandoned. Visiting this endeavor in the period of July is not good because of heavy rainfall. For the most part, the temperature goes from 10 to 15 degrees during the daytime and switches to about – 6 to 4 during the evenings. You can take a look at Himalayan peaks covered with flawless snow. Embrace yourself to observe captivating views during the trek if you plan to visit the peak during these months.

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How to Reach Friendship Peak

By Train:

Take New Delhi-Kalka Shatabdi Express at 7:40 AM which arrives at Kalka at 11:45 AM. From Kalka, there are local transports to Manali. You can take a taxi from Manali to Solang.

By Road

Delhi to Manali is 546 Km and can be reached using NH21A in 12 hours. You can take a taxi from Manali to Solang.

By Air:

Kullu is well connected with all flights from Delhi. Flying to Kullu airport bhuntar which is 50 km away from Manali.  

Itinerary for Friendship Peak Trek

Day 1: Manali to Solang Nalla to Dhundhi

Distance: 8 Km, Time: 3 Hrs

Drive to Solang Nalla from Manali early morning. Begin your journey through the pine forests, Maple, Silver fir, and Oak to arrive at the west of Dhundi. Dhundi is a plateau and once at Dhundi, you will be encircled by snow-clad mountains. The most noteworthy piles of Dhauladhar, Hanuman Tibba (5950 m), Deo Tibba (6001m), and Indra Asan (6100 m) should be visible if the weather conditions are good. Try to camp there overnight.

Day 2: Dhundhi to Lady Leg

From here a walk along the stream before crossing it and afterward rise steeply to arrive at the brushing grounds of Noali. After a crisscross walks, you will arrive at the Lady Leg camping area, where you can spend your night.

Day 3: Lady Leg to Friendship Peak to Lady Leg

Get up early in the morning and after a light meal, prepare for the climb up to the highest point. It’s best to be up at the peak promptly in the first half of the day to make the best of the climate and get great views.

There are many valid reasons to out from home for a couple of days for this beautiful trek. You can make friendship Trek recordings with the wonderful landscape. And if you like this trekking journey, itineraries and their details. You can share this itinerary with your friends and family members. And don’t forget to share your journey with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Friendship Peak Trek

Can we charge our electrical gadgets on Trek?

No, Ensure you have an additional battery with you. If in case, you can charge your gadget like Mobile phones, with solar panel.

How good are networks in friendship peak?

You will get a good network at your base camp, where you can connect with your loved ones by calling.

What will the temperature be at this peak?

Friendship Peak weather conditions figure to make sense for us that the area of friendship peak typically stays charming and clear, nearly consistently, except for the long periods of winter. During the time of June to October, the temperature goes from 10 to 15 degrees during the daytime and plunges to about – 6 to 4 during the evenings.

When will there be snow on this trek? Should it be possible to do Trek in Snow?

This undertaking has an aggregation of snow along the raised part of the paths. Indeed, it can be done on snow. The friendship peak campaign is covered with snow, which dissolves consistently, as the rich green lush, harsh navigates, and brown colored tops begin to release. You can observe an assortment of a portion of the grand Himalayan Peaks covered with snow.