Want to experience the beauty of Sikkim along with a panoramic view of the world’s 3rd largest peak? The answer is Goecha La Trek, situated in the west of Sikkim. The attractions include views of Mt.Kanchenjunga, a radiant forest of Rhododendrons, Turquoise Samiti lake, and a suspension bridge.

History of Goecha La Trek

 It is considered the closest to the big mountain trek of Nepal. Goechala trail is an old one, yet it wasn’t always as famous as it is right now. Changes happened during the Nepalese Civil War which lasted from 1996 to 2006.

Goechala Trek Peak Sunset

Due to such circumstances in Nepal during this time the country had to put a halt on trekkers. As the trek to one of the highest mountain peaks was now hindered, trekkers started looking for new alternatives. At that time Goechala trek emerged as solace to all the trekkers.

As this trek offered the point-blank of mighty Mt.Kanchenjunga with the addition of captivating views of the Singalila range from Dzongri Top.

Keypoints of Goecha La Trek

AREAWest Sikkim
WEATHERWinter Min Temp. -10°c, Max Temp. 7°c,
Summer Min Temp. -5°c Max Temp. 15°c
BEST SEASONSummer (Rhododendrons) April & May: Winter (Snowcapped Peak) Sep. to Nov.
ALTITUDE16,200 ft
Keypoints of Goechala Trek

Gallery of Goecha La Trek

Highlights of Goecha La Trek

  • The Kanchenjunga National Park (or Khangchendzonga National Park) and biosphere reserve is an infallible chance to watch for the trek to Goechala.
  • 550 species of birds are also found in the national park which are restricted till here.Himalayan Monal,Rufous-bellied Eagle, Grey Bushchat, Greentail Sunbird, and European Sparrow and many more.
  • The Khecheopalri Lake also known as ‘the heaven of Padmasambhava’ is considered to be a wish fulfilling lake, largest lake of state.
  • Rabdentse monastery to the south, the cloudy view of the Rathong valley to the north, the road to Tashiding with forested hills in the background situtated in the east and the Khecheopalri in the west.
  • The magnificent views of the peaks of Pandim, Kanchendzonga, North and South Kabru, Talung Rathong, Kokthang, Black Kabru, Kabru Dome, Gocha Peak tends. Greatest of all sunrise at Goechala viewpoint.
  • Culture of Sikkim can be experienced here, Tshoka is a beautiful small settlement of Tibetan refugees

Location of Goecha La Trek

It comes under the eastern Himalayas, south of the southern face of Kanchenjunga runs the 3,000–3,500m  high Singalila Ridge that separates Sikkim from Nepal and northern west Bengal. South face of Kanchenjunga seen from Goecha La Trek.

Best Time to Visit Goecha La Trek

Summer:- April and May is the best time to appreciate fully blown Rhododendrons along the trek.

Winter:- September to November is best to visit to enjoy the snowcapped paradisiacal scene of mountains brimmed with golden sunlight.

How to Reach Goecha La Trek

The Jalori pass is most easily attainable from the cities of Delhi, Ambala, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Amritsar, and Leh (July to October only). 

By Air:-

The nearest airport is Bagdogra, WB to reach Siliguri from Bagdogra.

By Train:-

The nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri, WB via train to reach Siliguri from NJP.

By Bus:-

Sach Pass Trek

By Road:-

The best way to reach the pass is by road. Jalori Pass is located about 3 miles from Shoja town, but the road is making it a 30-minute drive. Once in Banjar, many buses go to Jalori Pass. Banjar has located only 20 km from Jalori Pass and from Jibhi Pass to Jalori Pass it is only 13 km. 

Itinerary of Goecha La Trek 

Day 1: New Jalpaiguri to Yuksom

8-hour travel then rest and leisure in Yuksom, experience the culture of Buddhisim and eastern India.

Day 2: Yuksom to Sachen

7200 ft | 8 km | 6 Hour

Explore the lively and lush forest to reach Sachen, with a captivating view of Tshushay Khola Falls then cross through suspension bridge Pha Kola to reach the destination in half an hour.

 Day 3: Sachen to Tshoka via Bakhim 

9000 ft | 7 KM | 5 Hour

Alluring views of Mt Kanchenjunga and Mt Pandim, prominently oak and rhododendrons (seasonal) are scenic attractions through this path. Tibetan settlements and Monasteries can be encountered at Tshoka.

Day 4: Tshoka to Dzongri via Phe Dang

13,700 ft | 8 KM | 7 Hour

Trekking through a lush forest of rhododendrons, break at Phe Dang accompanied by a magnificent view Mount Kanchenjunga. The trek gets steeper and prone to altitude sickness.

Day 5:  Rest Day at Dzongri

Climbing to Dzongri top, mesmerizing view of many mountain peaks with sunrise is an awe-struck moment for trekkers.

Day 6: Dzongri to Thansing

12,900 ft | 10 KM | 6 Hour 

Surrounded by a lustrous forest of rhododendrons. Bask in the river bank of Prek Chu and rest huts are available in Kokchurang. Temperature from here onwards gets colder.

Day 7: Thansing to Lamyney

13,650ft | 4 KM | 2 Hour

Reach Lamyney as it’s just a 4 km walk then rest and lunch there. The magical part is 2 km away from Simiti Lake, turquoise blue in color wide variety of flora and fauna emerged especially spectacular birds are seen here. Have good rest for the next day’s trek. 

Day 8: Lamyney to Goecha La to Thansing

15,000 ft | 18 KM | 13 Hour

The most difficult part of the trek as it is steepest, coldest, and longest to reach the top. Breathtaking views of mountain peaks as climbing to the top. Enjoy the splendid view of Kanchenjunga from the V1 point. Trek back to Thansing, and rest in between at Lamyney.

Day 9: Thansing to Tshoka via Phe Dang

Rest in Phe Dang then descend to Tshoka

Day 10: Tshoka to Yuksom via Sachen

The astonishing beauty of villages and culture can be experienced.

 Day 11: Yuksom to Jalpaiguri

Return to Jalpaiguri with unforgettable memories 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Goecha La Trek 

Is this trek for beginners?

This trek is moderate to difficult, trekkers should have practiced walking 6km in 30 mins to have no hindrance in completing the trek on time estimated.

Where can I find a guide to help me?

Villagers at base village Yuksom, charge Rs 500 at least per day.

How much does it cost to trek to Goechala?

Depending on the agency that you choose anywhere between 12k to 20k.

Is Goechala Trek worth it?

The answer is if you are allergic to scenic beauty, fresh air, and new experiences, you should avoid this trek.

Who should avoid this Trek?

If a person is suffering from any chronic condition, heart condition and breathing-related problems medical advisory is suggested