Guide to Enjoying Adventure Sports in and Around Kolkata

There’s good news for adrenaline-thrill seeking junkies! You will find a number of awesome places for adventure sports in and around Kolkata. The incredible City of Joy is among the top places for adventure sports in West Bengal. So this vacation, make plans to visit and enjoy an action-packed adventure in Kolkata! It’s up to you to decide if its bungee jumping, paragliding, or trekking near Kolkata you wish to enjoy. You can even visit an adventure sports club in Kolkata and try out all the exciting options offered by them.

Whether it is adventure resorts you are looking for or a moderate gaming zone in Kolkata, the city offers you all possible choices. Seize the chance and explore adventure tourism in Kolkata to its very best!


Exploring Adventure Tourism in Kolkata

When it comes to dealing with adventure games in Kolkata, the place you pick will depend on the type of adventure sport you enjoy. Check out the list of top places for adventure sports in and around Kolkata below and decide likewise. Board a couple of cheap last-minute flights in case you cannot book flights in advance of your trip. Have the most amazing adventure holiday yet!


1. Paragliding and Parasailing

These are among the most exciting extreme sports in India and abroad. Mandarmani Sea Beach and Digha Beach are among the best places for Parasailing Kolkata’s nearby region have to offer. Parasailing is one of the most fun activities in Kolkata and the beauty of these spectacular beaches add to the thrill of the sport. On the other hand, the nearby hill station of Darjeeling is among the top places for paragliding Kolkata has to offer. Enjoy breathtaking views as you paraglide above lush green mountains, stunning deep valleys, and pristine water bodies.

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2. White Water Rafting

White water rafting is a popular sport in the state of West Bengal and is done on the spectacular Teesta River. Offering an incredibly strong undercurrent and surrounded by lush green wilderness, the river is among the topmost attractions of the state. It runs through Kalimpong, Chitrey, Darjeeling, and other such picturesque places. You can make your rafting expedition from any of these places. If whitewater rafting is not your cup of tea, simple boat rides and kayaking expeditions can be organized as well.

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3. Trekking

Undoubtedly, Darjeeling is the best adventure place near Kolkata for trekking. You will be amazed at the elaborate trails this remarkable hill station is home to. The highest peak in the region is Sandakphu which is among the top places for trekking and other adventure sports in and around Kolkata. Offering panoramic views of Mount Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, and Kanchenjunga, it’s the most scenic place to book business class flights too. If you want an option for trekking near Kolkata, then you can consider the Susunia Hills located in Bankura.

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4. Kayaking

Kayaking is a huge part of adventure sports in and around Kolkata. The City of Joy bears news for those who love kayaking. The New Town Eco Park located well within the city limits comes fully equipped to show kayakers a jolly good time. For a price of approximately INR 150 (about US $2), you can enjoy kayaking for at least half an hour. This is perhaps the cheapest kayaking option in the area. There are other adventure sports offered here as well. You can enjoy as many of them as you like.

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5. Rock Climbing

Within Kolkata itself, you will find many artificial walls for rock climbing. But for the real deal, you can head to nearby places such as Tajpur beach town or Bankura’s Susunia Hills. Tenzing Rock located in Darjeeling is another awesome option. All these places are great for rock climbing and prove to be among the best options for adventure sports in and around Kolkata. In addition to rock climbing of various difficulty levels, you will be able to enjoy parasailing as well. Visit and enjoy an adventure in Kolkata like never before!

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6. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about adventure sports in and around Kolkata. However, about 4-5 hours from Kolkata is the spectacular and ideal spot for mountain biking – Panchet Hill located in the scenic Purulia district. It’s a good place for beginners and moderate-level mountain bikers. Those who wish for a more challenging mountain biking terrain can head over to places such as Kurseong, Darjeeling, and Kalimpong. The picturesque natural terrain will leave you mesmerized, to say the least.

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7. Wind Sailing

One of the top adventure sports in and around Kolkata involves wind sailing. However, yachting is also popular among water sports enthusiasts. If you happen to be a water sports lover, then these are among the most fun activities in Kolkata to try! Head over to the Hooghly River banks to enjoy a thoroughly exciting round of wind sailing or yachting. Just about two hours away from Kolkata, this is a great spot to enjoy exploring with friends. Alternatively, you can also visit Dooars which lies in the northern part of the state and is a popular spot for yachting.

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These were some of the popular places to consider when talking about adventure sports in and around Kolkata. You can book cheap flights to Kolkata with Indian Eagle travel agency and visit any of these spectacular places. Pick a place you like depending on the type of adventure sport you’d most like to enjoy. Have your most action-packed and adventurous holiday yet!


Here’s a guide to adventure sports in and around Kolkata! Kolkata is a top spot for adventure sports in West Bengal like parasailing, paragliding, trekking, rock climbing, white water rafting, and other fun activities in Kolkata. Enjoy the best adventure in Kolkata!