Before we jump onto the details of the trek, isn’t the name itself enticing? The name is given so because of the beautiful rhododendron which covers the meadow making it look pink. Situated at an altitude of 12000ft above sea level, you will witness wide meadows, lush and green, exploding with beauty and life, leading you to your final destination, the Gulabi Kantha.

It is pretty much surrounded by majestic peaks like Bandarpunch, Kalindi Sirkala, Shivalik mountains, and Chaukhambha, aiding to its already existing glory. Even after being filled with adventure, This trek pretty much falls under the unpopular category of Indian treks.


Apart from these, this place gives you some drool-worthy sunrise and sunset views. This trek is pretty much adventure loaded beauty.

So don’t forget to check out this unexplored beauty for your next trek.

AREAGarhwal Himalaya
BEST SEASON Pre-Post Monsoon
GRADEEasy to Moderate
ALTITUDE3657 mts

Gulabi Kantha Trek Highlights

  • Get to see the view of some majestic peaks along with the Gulabi Kantha peak.
  • Witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset views
  • Get to see the wide flora and fauna
  • Lush green meadows
  • Get to see the pink lands of rhododendron flower

Gulabi Kantha Trek Location?

Gulabi Kantha Trek is situated in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand. This is a less popular but adventure-filled trek. Also, the Gulabi Kantha peak is surrounded by Bandarpunch peak, Kalindi Sirkala peak, Shivalik mountains, and Chaukhamba peak. The whole experience is surreal. This is an easy to medium level trek.

Best time to visit Gulabi Kantha Trek

The best season to visit the Trek is pre and post Monsoon.

Summer the weather remains very comfortable and is the best time to visit.

Winter the temperature may stoop low to negative and hence the trek becomes unsuitable. The roads often get blocked due to heavy snowfall.

Rainy season the area is very susceptible to landslides and floods. Hence the area remains closed.

How to reach Gulabi Kantha Trek

By Air:

The nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Airport from where you have to take a cab to Hanuman Chatti.

By Rail:

The nearest Railway station is Dehradun Railway station and from there further, take a cab or a bus.

By Road:

​Dehradun is well connected with all the major cities. Hence you can travel there by bus and further travel to Hanuman Chatti.

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Gulabi Kantha Trek Itinerary

Day1:- Delhi – Dehradun

Take your AC train from the Delhi platform to Dehradun at 22:30 hrs. This is an overnight Journey.

Day 2:- Dehradun to Hanuman Chatti Base Camp (165 kms/6-7 hrs)

Once you arrive Dehradun, take a cab or a bus to the base camp Hanuman Chatti. Enjoy the bonfire and relax for the night.

Day 3:- Hanuman Chatti – Seema Thatch (10km, 5-6 hour)

Today you will start your trail to Seema Thatch from your Base camp. It will be a 10km trek. Once you reach your spot, take your time to check out the place and the beauty it offers. Pitch your tents and stay there for the night. Enjoy a good bonfire under the starlit sky.

Day 4:- Seema Thatch – Gulabi Kantha and back 5km one side (4 – 5 hour)

Today is the most crucial day as you will be trekking from Seema Thatch to Gulabi Kantha. Do get up early by 5.30 am so you don’t miss the sunset. The trek to Gulabi Kantha is a 5km journey. Once you reach the spot check out all the main highlights of this entire journey. From meadows to the majestic peaks surrounding it. Move back to Seema Thatch and rest for the night.

Day 5:- Seema Thatch – Hanuman Chatti 10km (7 to 8 hour)

Post your breakfast you will be trekking back to Hanuman Chatti which is almost a 10 km trek. You can stop by Kandola for lunch. Once you reach Hanuman Chatti, take rest for the day. Enjoy the pleasant experience in the lap of mother nature. Also, don’t forget to enjoy some music and bonfire.

Day 6:- Hanuman Chatti – Dehradun – Delhi

Today you will be traveling back to Dehradun which will take about 5-6 hours. From Dehradun board your AC train or AC Volvo. You will reach Delhi by 11:30 hours.

Wish you a happy and safe journey. Ask us anything in the comments!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

When should I book for the Gulabi Kantha Trek?

You should book for the trek at least before 2 months so that you get enough time to arrange the necessary.

How long does it take to acclimatize?

Suddenly climbing up to great heights can cause some difference in your body and hence you have to be careful. It is nothing to be very afraid of just your body needs to acclimatize to the changing temperature. Hence take proper veg diets rich in carbohydrates and less oily. Have plenty of rest even if you are not tired.

What is the minimum temperature during Gulabi Kantha Trek?

The temperature can stoop low to 7-8 degrees or less. During winter at some places, it can stoop low to minus as well.

What are the best shoes for trekking?

You can opt for Quechua Forl Claz 500 as it is quite a value for money and a good option for trekking to the Himalayas