It is a very creative brand when it comes to the suitcase. All of us wish to have that perfect suitcase, especially those who need to travel frequently, isn’t it? This particular luggage brand is very innovative and unique in their ideas.

This not-so-popular brand is from the United Kingdom, established in the year 1985. And has served for over 3 decades with utmost loyalty all over the world. What sets this particular brand apart from other brands is their unique and creative designs. 

Now let us move on to the It luggage review part. In this review we will be discussing 5 best It luggage reviews based on their quality, design, durability, functionality, etc. and you will decide if it is the perfect luggage for you. 

Why should you (or should you not) choose it over other luggage manufacturers?

VALUE FOR MONEY- It luggage gives the best value for your money. It luggage gives you the best possible luggage in a super affordable price range, on the other hand where other brands cost you way more for the same quality bag. The brand has a good loyal customer base who chooses It luggage over any other brand mainly because of how amazingly affordable their products are, yet good in quality. 

LIGHTWEIGHT- Another impressive feature of It luggage is that they are lightweight. Their most lightweight product weighs only about 3.8 lbs. On the other hand with other brands, it’s really difficult to find any model that weighs below 5 lbs. So you can clearly see the difference in weight. 

DESIGN- In terms of design and looks, there are very few brands out there that can compete with It luggage. The designs are pretty cool and unique. The designs look premium and classy which is a bit tough to find in this price range from other brands. So, if you want your bag to be handsome when you check-in at the airport, It luggage is the right choice.

TSA APPROVED– Another feature that might impress you is its TSA-approved lock feature. This particular feature is common in premium bags, but are difficult to find in bags below 100$. TSA-approved locks are very friendly when it comes to airport check-in, it will give an experience of hassle-free check-in.

DURABILITY- Although It luggage is pretty durable but it might just not be enough for people who travel frequently, like 5-6 times a year. It won’t last more than 3-4 years. And another negative part of this particular brand is their warranty deal. It gives a warranty of 10 years. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

But it’s not. Mostly because their warranty covers only basic manufacturing defects. Their warranty terms clearly mention that it does not cover any physical damages during shipping, airline damage, normal tears, etc. Moreover, all the shipping costs must be covered by the customer. And also their support team is ironically not supportive enough.

So, you are good to go if you travel for like 1-3 times a year. It will last for over 6 years. If you are lucky enough it will last even longer. But if you want something that is better in terms of durability, then this is not your choice. 

Best-Rated IT Luggage Suitcases

1. World’s lightest rolling carry-on

World’s lightest rolling carry-on
World’s lightest rolling carry-on
  • Weight: 3.8lbs (1.7kg)
  • Dimensions: 21.8 x 14.2 x 7.3 inches
  • Material: Polyester
  • Special features: lightweight, available in many colors

This carry-on weighs just about 3.8 lbs (1.7kg) which is great for its size. The suitcase is large enough to carry all your clothes and other essentials for a 3-day trip. The dimensions are 21.8 x 14.2 x 7.3 inches. 

The secret of such a lightweight carry-on is that it is made of high-density polyester combined with a fiberglass frame. This also makes it perfect for airlines where the weight limit is below 15lbs. 

The bag also has various color options, but we would recommend you to get the darker shades as they don’t get muddy easily and on top of that looks cool and premium.

Now let’s get into the interior of the bag. The bag has as many as 4 zippered compartments inside along with 2 exterior pockets where you can store things that you might need easy access to. The main compartment is quite spacious. 

If you want a lightweight carry-on then probably the best choice.

2. It luggage Cushion Lux

It luggage Cushion Lux
It luggage Cushion Lux
  • Weight: 3.1kg, 4.5kg, and 5kg variant
  • Dimensions: (47 x 36.5 x 24cm), (63.5 x 44 x 31.5cm), (72 x 50 x 34.5cm)
  • Capacity: 52L, 123L, 151L 
  • Special features: expands up to 25%, combination TSA lock, good looks 

This product from It luggage is one of the most liked bags by the customers. Cushion Lux is a bag with good looks. People are bound to stare at it when you enter the airport next time. This product is available in 3 sizes for customers with different demands, it is also available in 3 colors. So you can match it up according to your personality and choice.

As the name suggests, the bag has a quilted exterior which not only feels soft but also gives maximum protection. The single expander system can expand the space up to 25%, which is great for last-minute addition.

As we have mentioned above, the bag is available in 3 sizes – cabin size, medium-size, and large. The cabin size has a capacity of 52L, and an interior dimension of 47 x 36.5 x 24cm, weighs about 3.1kg. The medium-size has a capacity of 123L, which is more than double the size of cabin size at the cost of just £10 extra.

The medium-size has an interior dimension of 63.5 x 44 x 31.5cm and weighs just about 4.5kg. Next comes the largest one, with a massive capacity of 151 L! And again at just £10 extra. The interior dimensions are 72 x 50 x 34.5cm, and weigh about 5kg.

So, it’s your choice which would suit your travel plans and needs. 

3. Duraliton Apollo Suitcase

Duraliton Apollo Suitcase
Duraliton Apollo Suitcase
  • Weight: 6.17lbs, 8.04lbs, 9.92lbs variant
  • Dimensions: (21.3” x 15.7” x 8.5”), (27.2” x 18.5” x 11.2”), (30.9” x 21.6” x 13”) respectively
  • Material: scratch-proof polycarbonate
  • Special features: expandable capacity, lightweight.

The Duraliton Apollo suitcase is one of the toughest and most innovative products from this brand. It is made of lightweight and durable material, which consists of 2 layers of polycarbonate. The double polycarbonate layer is scratch resistant and ultra-strong in nature.

The suitcase also features double spinner wheels, and a button on the telescopic wheel which enables you to lock it into a particular position. It has a total of 8 wheels, which gives you total maneuverability. 

Coming to the size of the bag, it is available in 3 different sizes, the smallest one is 21.3” x 15.7” x 8.5”, then the medium one is 27.2” x 18.5” x 11.2” , and the largest one is 30.9” x 21.6” x 13”. The best-suited size for you depends on your usage, whether you are mostly into solo traveling or with a companion, or family. 

One negative point about this suitcase is that it lacks a lock! Yes, very surprising, but you can always buy an external lock for your suitcase. Maybe they didn’t include it to cut down on price.

So, overall this bag is pretty impressive except the fact that it doesn’t include a proper lock, so your things are not very safe.

4. Asteroid spinner hardside carry-on

Asteroid spinner hardside carry-on
Asteroid spinner hardside carry-on
  • Weight: 3.1kg (6.9lbs)
  • Dimensions: (21.3” x 15.6” x 9.3”)
  • Material: 100% polycarbonate
  • Special features: expandable capacity up to 25%, TSA friendly lock, lightweight

As you can already guess by now, it is one of those hardside suitcases. If you are a fan of hardside suitcases then you should definitely have a look at this one. Although at first glance, the material might look cheap, but it is pretty strong. 

The material used for this suitcase is polypropylene, used especially for lightweight suitcases without compromising the strength. Compared to the famous “world’s lightest collection” from it, the asteroid spinner has added features. The suitcase features TSA-approved locks, which is quite a rare feature in this price range, TSA approved lock is mostly found in premium suitcases. 

Taking a look into the interior of the suitcase, the bag is 21.3 x 15.6 x 9.3 inches, which is pretty large. It also has a zippered expander, which can increase the space by up to 25%. This suitcase weighs about 3.1kg (6.9 lbs). The interior main compartment has a fabric compartment to prevent things from getting mixed up during transit.

But one downside of this bag is its width (15.6 inches) which might create a problem in international flights, where the rules are more strict. 

5. Crusader suitcase 

Crusader suitcase 
Crusader suitcase 
  • Weight: 6.35kg (14.1lbs)
  • Dimensions: 29.3 x 20.9 x 13.8 inches
  • Material: 100% polycarbonate
  • Special features: zipperless suitcase, TSA approved lock, corner guards.

This is one from It luggage is a bit unique than the others we have listed above. Crusader suitcase is a zipperless suitcase. And there are many people out there who prefer zipperless suitcases over the zippered. 

Zipperless suitcases do not have the problem of zipper breakage and also is much much safer than the usual zippered suitcases. Zippered suitcases can be easily opened up by just opening up the zipper with any sharp tool. It has an aluminum frame with 100% polycarbonate, featuring double spinner wheels. The bag is more sturdy than it looks, it has corner guards which makes it even more sturdier. 

The interior of the bag is also pretty impressive, all the compartments have a divider. One downside of the bag is it is not expandable. But it is already spacious so you wouldn’t need an expander. Its interior dimensions are 29.3 x 20.9 x 13.8 inches and weigh about 14.1lbs (6.35kg) which is pretty heavy.

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Final Words

Summing up everything, It luggage is an excellent choice for frequent travellers in India. But one must agree this is not the best choice out there, so our recommendation is to spend your money wisely. Our It luggage review is based on original customers, and are more close to practical use.

In India, It luggage is not very popular in Indian market, but you can find there products easily on They have a decent price to quality ratio, the products that IT luggage offers is surprising and quite impressive. Obviously, there are far better quality products out there in the market, but let’s just agree that they will cost you a heft of money.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs for IT Luggage

What is IT Luggage and what does it offer?

IT Luggage is a luggage brand that offers a wide range of luggage products including suitcases, backpacks, tote bags, duffel bags, and more.

Is IT Luggage a reliable brand?

Yes, IT Luggage is a reliable brand known for its high-quality and durable luggage products.

What are some of the unique features of IT Luggage products?

IT Luggage products come with several unique features such as lightweight construction, expandable compartments, TSA-approved locks, and smooth-rolling wheels.

How much does IT Luggage cost?

The cost of IT Luggage products varies depending on the type and size of the product. Generally, IT Luggage products are priced competitively compared to other high-end luggage brands.

Where can I buy IT Luggage products?

IT Luggage products are available for purchase on their official website, as well as at major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

What is the warranty on IT Luggage products?

IT Luggage offers a 10-year warranty on all of its products. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects or faults in the luggage.

Can IT Luggage products be repaired?

Yes, IT Luggage products can be repaired. The company offers a repair service for their products, and customers can contact their customer service team to arrange for repairs.

Are IT Luggage products TSA-approved?

Yes, IT Luggage products come with TSA-approved locks, making them easy to open and inspect during airport security checks.

What are some of the best-selling IT Luggage products?

Some of the best-selling IT Luggage products include the World’s Lightest Collection, the Megalite Collection, and the Intrepid Collection.

Does IT Luggage offer free shipping?

IT Luggage offers free standard shipping on all orders within the United States. However, expedited shipping options are available for an additional fee.