You surely have heard about the thrills of Kumaon Himalayas and you can definitely not ignore the amazing treks it offers you. Today you get to know about another such extraordinary adventure, the trek to Kafni glacier.

This is your chance to visit remote distant places away from everyday chaos and breathe in pure nature.

The Kafni Glacier trek is located at an elevation of 3,680 meters and gives you a rare opportunity to camp on vast grasslands, view scenic landscapes, navigate through forests, and witness gushing waterfalls.


The route to Kafni glacier is similar to that of Pindari Glacier Trek. It begins from Song, leads to Khati then Loharkhet, Phurkia, Dwali, and finally reaches Kafni Glacier Trek. During the entire trek, you will come across the jewels of nature.

The prolific Alpine Meadows, vibrant wildflowers, the sky-high snow-clad peaks and thrills are everything you will need to make your trek a memorable one.

Though the trek is a bit long, once you reach the Kafni Glacier you will see extraordinary views of Nanda Kot (6860m) and Nandabhnar (6236m). 

So mark this trek on your bucket list and set out for the adventure.  

AREAKumaon Himalayas
DURATION11 days. ( 4 days traveling/ 7 days trekking ) 
BEST SEASON Mid-April and Mid October
ALTITUDE4150mts/ 13612ft

Where is Kafni Glacier Trek?

The glacier Kafni is located in Kumaon Himalayas and to its southeast lies the Nanda Devi. The Kafni river originates from this glacier. Also, this river is the tributary of the Pindar River. The glacier falls under the famous peak of Nandkot and to the left of the Pindar river. You can get a glimpse of peaks like Nandakot (6,860)m and Nandabhnar (6,236m).

Best Time to Visit Kafni Glacier Trek

The best time to visit the Glacier is

  •  Mid-March to Mid June as it is the Summer season and the temperature remains comfortable for trekking. 
  • Mid-September to late October is the Autumn season and this time of the year the place is lush green and scenic to the eyes. Also, the weather remains quite comfortable. 
  • One should avoid Monsoon as during these times there is either a high chance of slippery roads or landslides. 
  • Also, avoid Winter as the temperature is quite low and not suitable for trekking as you can face many dangers on the way. 

Kafni Glacier Trek Highlights

  • Enjoy the magnificent view of peaks of Nandakot (6, 860 m) and Nandabhnar (6, 236 m).
  • Get a chance to experience the beauty of the largest glaciers of India.
  • Get accompanied by the dense subalpine forest in your way.

How Did You Reach Kafni Glacier Trek? 

By Air

The nearest airport is Pantnagar airport. From there you have to get a cab to reach Bageshwar which is the Base camp of the trek

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Kathgodam Railway station situated at a distance of 157km from Bageshwar. You can take a further vehicle there 

By Road

The neighbouring cities are well connected with buses to Bageshwar. You can board any accordingly

Kafni Glacier Trek Cost

According to Ahvan Adventures, the cost per person is 26,100 on sharing basis. It varies from person to person.

Kafni Glacier Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Delhi – Kathgodam

 You will board the Ranikhet express train in the evening from the old Delhi Railway Station to Kathgodam Railway Station. It is an all-night journey.

Day 02: Kathgodam – Bageshwar

By early morning you will reach Kathgodam. Then take a cab to Bageshwar. Then you can board into your respective hotel and take a rest. In the evening take a stroll to nearby markets. 

Day 03: Bageshwar – Song – Loharkhet

Take your breakfast and set off to Song. From Song drive till Loharkhet which is a small settlement on the river Sarayu. Once you reach, set up your camp for the night and stay there. Also, don’t forget to explore the place and local markets.

Day 04: Loharkhet – Khati

Today you will trek to Khati. This is the biggest village on the trek. Meet amicable locals. Dine there and set up your tents for the night. 

Day 05: Khati – Phurkia

Today you will trek up to Phurkia. On your way, you will come across dense Alpine pastures and shepherds grazing their flock in grassy fields. 

Set up your tents and stay for the night. 

Day 06: Phurkia – Zero Point – Dwali

So today you will start with zero points. The zero points give you the opportunity to witness the breathtaking view of Pindari glacier. Once you enjoy the beauty there you will head off to Dwali. Stay for the night in your camps. 

Day 07: Dwali – Kafni – Dwali

Have your breakfast early. Today you will head to Pinder valley and Nandakot. The Kafni Glacier offers you magnificent views of the Himalayan ranges. Explore the place and click on some amazing photographs. Once you are quite overwhelmed, trek back to Dwali. Stay for the night and dine in your camps. 

Day 08: Dwali – Dhakuri

After you have your breakfast you will trek to Dhakuri. You can also cross the Dhakuri-Binjak ridge to view the snow-clad Nandakot. Have your dinner and sleep in your tents for the night. 

Day 09: Dhakuri – Song – Bageshwar

Post your breakfast trek back to Song. From Song, you will be driving back to Bageshwar. Have your dinner and stay overnight there. 

Day 10: Bageshwar –Kathgodam – Delhi

Today is my last day at Bageshwar. From Bageshwar you will drive to Kathgodam. You will board your train from Kathgodam and it’s an overnight journey. 

Day 11: Back to Delhi

By morning you will arrive in Delhi. So with this, your amazing trekking trip comes to an end. Don’t be too upset about it and rejoice in all the memories you made. I wish you a safe and happy journey. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When should I Book for the Nanda Devi East Coast Trek? 

You should book for the trek at least 2 months so that you get enough time to arrange the necessary. 

How Long Does it Take to Acclimatize

How long it takes to climb up to great heights can cause some difference in your body and hence you have to be careful. It is nothing to be very afraid of just your body needs to acclimatize to the changing temperature. Hence take proper veg diets rich in carbohydrates and less oily. Have plenty of rest even if you are not tired. it take to acclimatize

What is the Minimum Temperature During Milam Glacier Trek? 

At night, the temperature can drop low to 10 °C. In the months of December to March, the temperature may stoop as low as a minus. July and August is the season of rain.