The popular Kanari Khal Trek in Garhwal ranges covers the most significant of nature’s most express attractions including streams, waterfalls, high-elevation meadows, mountain towns, and forests. The journey takes travelers along the secretive Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand. One can get captivating views on the path of Kanari Khal Pass and can hear the streaming thunders of many inflows during summers and winters.

Kanari Khal Trek - River Sand
Kanari Khal Trek – River

Along the path, travelers may visit the many pilgrimages centers like Rishikesh, and can also see Dronagiri town and Joshimath very close to the nearby region. The region has many lofty peaks to explore like Changbang, garure dome, and Kalanka, and can also see the pinnacles of Lampak. This trek is full of challenges and is particularly for mountain lovers and adventure darlings that will set their spirits high with thrill and adventure fun activities.

Keypoints for trek Kanari Khal Trek

Region πŸ“Garhwal Himalayas, Uttarkhand
Total Distance πŸ‘£40km – 50km
Duration πŸ—“οΈ10-11 days
Best Time to visit ⌚May, June, Sep, and Oct
Grade πŸ§—πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈModerate to Difficult
Altitude πŸ”οΈ4515 mtr / (19,495 ft)
Keypoints for Kanari Khal Trek

Highlights of Kanari Khal Trek

  • Get a chance to explore nature as you will cross rivers, waterfalls, high-elevation meadows, and dense forests.
  • Enjoy the views of snow-covered pinnacles, forests, and mountain towns.
  • Meet and greet local people of towns like Jumma, Tapovan, Reni, Lata, Suraithota, and Phagt.

Best time to Visit Kanari Khal Trek

The best time to head out to the Kanari Khal trek is in the summers (May – June) and Post monsoons (September – mid-October).

Summer: The climate of Kanari Khal stays pleasing during summer.

PostMonsoon: Serenity is at its best during the post-monsoon time at Kanari Khal Trek. The area is honored with snowfall during winter and the accommodation choices are also not many. But, you can see the best of Kanari Khal Trek during post-monsoon as it seems to be heaven on Earth.

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Location of Kanari Khal Trek

Standing tall in the bounties of nature, Kanari Khal is a high mountain Pass in the Chamoli Region of Uttrakhand. Mostly, mountain lovers are seen scaling the Kanari Khal. From Kanari Khal, one can see the mesmerizing views of Dunagari and other adjoining tops.

How To Reach Kanari Khal Trek

Via Air:

Book your flight from Delhi to Dehradun. It takes you approximately 1 hour to reach there.

Via Train:

Book your train from Delhi to Dehradun. You can easily get many trains on this route. It takes you around 5-6 hours

Via Road:

Traveling by bus is also one of the ways to reach Dehradun. You can book your tickets from Delhi ISBT. It takes you around 6-7 hours to reach Dehradun.

Itinerary of Kanari Khal Trek

Day 1: Delhi – Dehradun – Rudraprayag (160 kms/5 – 6hrs)

Reach Dehradun one day before your trek. Then travel from Dehradun to Rudraprayag. Check into the hotel. Explore the night beauty of Rudraprayag.

Day 2: Rudraprayag – Joshimath (115 kms/4-5 hrs)

In the morning after breakfast drive to Joshimath via Karnprayag, Nandprayag, and Chamoli. On landing in Joshimath checkin the hotel. Do your lunch and dinner in the hotel and stay overnight in hotel.

Day 3: Joshimath – Jumma (45 kms/3 hrs) – Dronagiri town (5 – 6 hrs)

In the morning after breakfast drive to Jumma and from here start your journey to Dronagiri town through Chiyacha. Enroute you will cross dense forests, waterfalls, and many more. Set out a camp for an overnight stay.

Day 4: Dronagiri town – Bagni Bamak Basecamp (5 – 6 hrs)

After breakfast, resume your trek to Bagni Bamak via Dronagiri Col and Dronagiri Gad. You will encounter some adventures like climbing on rocks and glaciers. On landing at the base camp set out camp for an overnight stay.

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Day 5: Bagni Basecamp – Dronagiri Town (4 – 5 hrs)

In the morning after breakfast trek down to Dronagiri Town. Take your dinner and overnight stay in camp and enjoy a bonfire.

Day 6: Dronagiri Town – Kanari Khal (4 – 5 hrs).

In the morning after breakfast set out the journey for the difficult day trek up to Kanari Khal. Today you will travel across the high passes, waterfalls, dense forests, high knolls, and rivers.

Day 7: Kanari Khal – Garpak (5 – 6 hrs)

In the morning travel up to Garpak town. The trek to the town is a steep climb after the pass. Take your dinner and overnight stay in camp and enjoy a bonfire.

Day 8: Garpak – Kalla Khal Base (4 – 5 hrs)

Today travel up to the Kalla Khal base. The trek is a blend of ups and downs. Take your dinner and overnight stay in camp and enjoy a bonfire.

Day 9: Kalla Khal Base – Malari (6 – 7 hrs)

Today’s trek is to Malari. It’s a lovely town in the Niti Valley. During the trek, you will cross Dhauli Ganga. It’s the last town on the border. Set up the camp for overnight.

Day 10: Malari – Joshimath (65 kms/3 hrs)

In the first part of the day, we will take a drive up to Joshimath through Jumma, Lata, Reni, and Tapovan town. One can take a blessed plunge in the steaming hot water spring at Tapovan. Upon appearance look at the Lodging for the short-term visit.

Day 11: Joshimath – Rishikesh

Early morning drive to Rishikesh after breakfast. On the way visit Rudraprayag where the river Mandakini and Alaknanda meet. Lunch enroute. Reach Haridwar and after that go to your destination.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs for Kanari Khal Trek

How tall is Kanari Khal Trek?

The adventurous trek is located at an elevation of 4515 mts.

Where is kanari Khal trek located?

It is located in the Chamoli Region of Uttrakhand.

Is the kanari Khal trek difficult?

Yes, it is a moderate to difficult level trek.

Where does the kanari khal trek start and end?

This trek starts at Dehradun and ends also at Dehradun.

When is the ideal time to visit kanari khal trek?

May – Oct are the best months to visit kanari khal trek .

What is the Kanari Khal Trek?

The Kanari Khal Trek is a trekking route that takes you through the scenic Kanari Khal Pass, located in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, India. The trek is popular among adventure enthusiasts and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks.

How difficult is the Kanari Khal Trek?

The Kanari Khal Trek is a moderate to difficult trek, and is suitable for experienced trekkers. The trek involves steep climbs and descents, and requires a good level of fitness and stamina. However, the stunning views and the overall experience of the trek make it well worth the effort.

How long does the Kanari Khal Trek take?

The Kanari Khal Trek is a 6-day trek that covers a total distance of approximately 34 km. The trek starts and ends at Sankri village, and takes you through scenic villages, lush forests, and picturesque meadows, before culminating at the Kanari Khal Pass.

What is the best time to do the Kanari Khal Trek?

The best time to do the Kanari Khal Trek is from April to June and from September to November. During these months, the weather is pleasant and the skies are clear, offering stunning views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks. The monsoon season (July-August) should be avoided as the trail becomes slippery and the risk of landslides is higher.

What is the altitude of the Kanari Khal Pass?

The Kanari Khal Pass is located at an altitude of 4,270 meters (14,009 feet) above sea level.

What is the accommodation like on the Kanari Khal Trek?

Accommodation on the Kanari Khal Trek is in tents or guesthouses. Tents are provided at designated campsites along the trail, while guesthouses are available in some of the villages along the route. The guesthouses offer basic facilities such as a bed, blanket, and shared bathroom.

What should I pack for the Kanari Khal Trek?

You should pack warm and comfortable clothing, trekking shoes, a backpack, a sleeping bag, a water bottle, a first aid kit, a headlamp, and a camera. It is also advisable to carry some cash, as there are no ATMs or banks along the route. Additionally, you should carry some snacks and energy bars for the trek.

Is it safe to do the Kanari Khal Trek?

The Kanari Khal Trek is generally considered safe, as long as you follow the instructions of your guide and exercise caution on the trail. It is important to stay hydrated, avoid consuming alcohol, and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Additionally, you should make sure you have adequate travel insurance before embarking on the trek.