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Kedarnath Temple – Garhwal Himalayan Range, Uttarakhand



The purest soul-nourishing spot of Indian holy land Kedarnath Temple Dham is no doubt the holiest destination of Hindu Pilgrimage. In the lap of God Lord Shiva where all the creation of God emerges and destroy the evil from everyone’s heart.  The holy Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva which begins the Yatra to dham paves the way to salvation. Not just from India but from the world, thousands of devotees take part in this wonderful Yatra. The best time to visit Kedarnath is from May to June and from September to November.

The divine Kedarnath Dham is surrounded by other visiting spots such as Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Guptkashi which are totally worth visiting at least once in a life to make memories full of adventures.


The temple is located at the altitude of 11,755ft height and 223 away from Rishikesh. The name “Kedarnath” is derived from Sanskrit words kedara(field) and Natha(lord) which tie as “lord of the field”. When and who built the temple is still uncertain and no legit record is found.

But according to mythological account, after the Kurukshetra War, the Pandava came to Kedarnath to meet Lord Shiva to seek forgiveness but Lord Shiva was in no interest to meet and entertain them since he was not in a mood to forgive them. To make a disguise Lord Shiva turned into a bull and hid among the other cattle.

Eventually, Pandava managed to distinguish him, Lord Shiva tried to disappear but in the meantime one of the Pandava brother grab his tail and force him toward them to seek forgiveness but remain unsuccessful later Pandava built the first temple at Kedarnath.

Later on, Shiva’s body spread into four portions thrown into four different locations and collectively these five places are known as the five Kedaras(“Panch Kedar”). The head of the bull appeared at the location Rudranath.

Kedarnath-full-view Kedarnath-full-view
Kedarnath-full-view Kedarnath-full-view
Kedarnath-temple-front Kedarnath-temple-front
Kedarnath-route-view Kedarnath-route-view
kedarnath-mountain-view kedarnath-mountain-view
Kedarnath-left-side Kedarnath-left-side
Kedarnath-full-view Kedarnath-full-view
Kedarnath-full-view Kedarnath-full-view

Time – 23 to 25 hours

Distance – 665 kms

Altitude – 310mts to 3384mts


So now, let me share you my journey and wonderful experience of Kedarnath Trek.

 Day 1 : (Delhi – Haridwar) height – 310 mts, Distance – 220kms, time –  6 to 7 hours

We met our driver at Delhi airport and we drove to Haridwar. We check in to the hotel in Haridwar. After some rest in evening, we went to visit Mansa Devi temple and then had Ganga aarti at Pauri. We stayed overnight at Haridwar only.

Day 2:- (Haridwar – Guptkashi) Height – 1310 MTS, Distance – 220KM/ 8-9 hours

After breakfast, we drove to Guptkashi via Devprayag and Rudraprayag. In the route, we enjoyed a beautiful view of river Mandakini at Tilwara. The Mandakini river originates from Kedarnath. We drove alongside the river to reach Guptkashi and then visit Ardh Narishwar Temple. We rest overnight at Guptkashi.

Day 3:- (Guptkashi – Kedarnath- Guptkashi ) Height – 3384 MTS, 30kms by road and 19 KM trek one way/ time depends upon means of transport.

After delicious breakfast we drove off to Gaurikund, the trek was started from Gaurikund to Kedarnath ( three options according to budget, Pony/ Doli / Helicopter). Visited Kedarnath temple then we trek down to Gaurikund. Later, drive to Guptkashi.

Day 4 :- ( Guptkashi – Haridwar) Height – 3384 mts, Distance – 165kms/ 5 to 6 hrs

The morning after breakfast, we drove for Haridwar via Rishikesh. Rishikesh which is known as ‘place of sages’. It is a spiritual town located on the bank of Ganga. Rishikesh temples are enormously beautiful and apart from pilgrimage here, we enjoyed boat rafting and bungee jumping. God appeared by the name of “Hrishikesh” that’s why it named as Rishikesh. We stayed in the hotel overnight

Day 5 :- (Haridwar – Delhi) Height – Distance – 310mts, 220kms/ 6 to 7 hours

After this beautiful journey in the morning, we drove back to Delhi.

Basic Essentials:-

  • An identity card.
  • Backpack (50-60lts)
  • Day backpack (20-30lts)
  • 1 LTS of 2 water bottles
  • Trekking shoes and floaters
  • First aid box
  • Led Torch
  • Raincoat and umbrella
  • Light t-shirts (summer)
  • Winter trek clothes (winter)
  • Chocolate bars