Known popularly as one of the exceptional treks of the Garhwal area of the Himalayas, the Mayali Pass Trek gives captivating views of the top Himalayan peaks from each corner. The whole Mayali Pass Trekking path is filled with breathtaking blossoms and fascinating water bodies, the awe-inspiring scenic views that allow you to soothe your body and thoughts and free yourself from the tiredness of the trek.  

The Mayali Pass trek begins off at Reeh, which is a small village surrounded by rhododendron & pine forest. From Reeh, it’s approximately 12km to Gangi which is at an elevation of 8500 feet. Gangi is the final village on the path. The upcoming day is a 15km lengthy trek to the tenting ground of Kharsoli. Kharsoli to Chowki is about 10 – 12 km. Chowki to Masartal is about 6.5kms. 

Mayali Pass Trek Sun Set
Mayali Pass Trek Sun Set

From Kharsoli, the path gets more difficult and you want to catch high altitudes. Chowki will provide you with some serene moments in the wilds with its old-fashioned wood bridges and postcard ideal natural boulders. The splendid high-altitude lakes of Masar Tal and Vasuki Tal will provide you with the brilliant chance to experience lakeside tenting.

Nature will give you more views as your Mayali Pass Trekking path takes you to the beautiful Mayali Glacier. At this point of the Mayali Pass Trek, you may get a chance to take pleasure in unadulterated mountain and lake views, which include notable panoramic attractions of the holy Mandakini River and Alaknanda.

History of Mayali Pass Trek

Mayali Glacier area is marked by the neighborhood villagers as a holy region in which Devi Parvati fought the battle with Mahishasura, to shield her son, Kartikeya.

AREAGarhwal Division, Uttarakhand
BEST SEASON May to June, September to mid-October.
Keypoints of Mayali Pass Trek

Highlights of Mayali Pass Trek

  • Bask in the panoramic views of the majestic Himalayan mountains.
  • Interact with the locals of the lovely villages on the trek and find out about the lifestyle and history of the location.
  • Enjoy exhilarating an overnight lakeside tenting near the serene Vasuki Tal and the picturesque Masar Tal.
  • Seek blessings at one of the well-known pilgrimage sites in the Himalayas, the Kedarnath Temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiva and makes for one of the ‘Chota Char Dhams’.
  • Trek is known for offering an aerial view of the encircling regions.

Location of Mayali Pass Trek

It is located in Uttarkashi district in the Garhwal area of the Himalayas, situated 5000m above sea level. You can start the trek from either Dehradun or Rishikesh.

Best Time to Visit Mayali Pass Trek

The most suitable time for hiking to Mayali Pass is throughout the summer during the months of May to June and the after monsoon months of September to mid-October.

Summers: During the summer season, the climate of the trek to Mayali Pass usually stays fine and salubrious with a gentle and cool breeze adding to the soothing experience. The peaks of the Himalayan mountains can definitely be seen from the trek during this time of the year.

Mayali Pass Trek - Peak
Mayali Pass Trek – Peak

Post Monsoon: During this time, the climate of the trek stays tolerably cool and soothing. The complete location seems serene and casts a picturesque landscape to soak in.

How to Reach Mayali Pass Trek

You first need to reach the city of Dehradun, which is almost linked with most of the main and minor cities of the country via roadways, railways, and airways.

By Air:-

The easiest manner to reach Dehradun is with the aid of using flight. Direct flights are usually available for Dehradun from Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Pune, Kolkata, Gujrat, and more. Take a flight from your location to Jolly Grant Airport. From there, take a cab to Rishikesh. 

By Train:-

The railway station of Dehradun is located at a distance of 1 to 2 km from its main town. It is connected to important cities throughout the country. So, if you are coming here either from Delhi or Mumbai or Kolkata or Lucknow or Allahabad, you may board a train to drive you to the Dehradun Railway Station. Take a train out of your railway station to Rishikesh railway station. 

By Road:- 

Dehradun town is effortlessly accessible from all major and minor cities in India via road. Hence, you have got to get ordinary state-run and private buses plying from those places to Dehradun. Apart from this, you could also have the cab facilities to be accessible from the major towns of Uttarakhand and Delhi.

Itinerary of Mayali Pass Trek

Day 1: Dehradun Railway Station to Ghuttu Village 

Reach Dehradun railway station and from there drive to Ghuttu. Ghuttu is a small village situated at the banks of River Bhilangana, it’s Bhagirathi River’s main tributary and stream source of the sacred River Ganges. It might take eight to nine hours to reach Ghuttu. Overnight stay there. 

Day 2: Trek from Ghuttu to Reehi 

Your trekking will begin from today onwards. On this day, you’ll trek to Reehi village, which lies 7 to 8 kilometers uphill from Ghuttu. The path will take you through the village of Deolang, whose lush green landscape will give you an ideal marvelous surrounding to soak in.

You will reach Reehi by dawn and check-in at a GMVN relaxation residence or live in a tent overnight.

Day 3: Trek from Reehi to Gangi 

On the third day, you’ll hike the 12-kilometer trek to Gangi village. Gangi is the final village on the path. This village is rich in the Garhwali lifestyle and the people put on traditional dresses. Over here you may explore the way of life of living in mountains nearby. En route is Bhawani Mata’s temple worshiped among the locals, you may bow your head and move further.

After the first one hour of your climb, you’ll reach Buranschauri, from where you may cover a hiking path of another 2 to 3 hours to reach Gangi, which is located at an elevation of around 2,500 meters above sea level. Once you reach Gangi village, you’ll rest overnight in your tent. 

Day 4: Trek from Gangi to Kharsoli

The fourth-day hike from Gangi village to Kharsoli is located around 15 kilometers away. Ahead Gangi there’s no civilization, in the direction of Kharsoli, go through regions vulnerable to landslides. This hiking path will take you through the lovely Deokhri Channi, which serves as a winter encampment for the Gangi villagers.

You can even trek thru spellbinding lush forestry before eventually arriving at the fascinating meadow of Khasoli, where you may relax for the night in your tent.

Day 5: Trek from Kharsoli to Chowki

Early morning, on the 5th day, begin your trek from Kharsoli to Chowki. When you come midway you may see the receding treeline and the trek begins through undulating meadows, on the opposite side of this valley close to Tambakund where you may see a waterfall that appears huge. Upon arriving at Chowki village late in the afternoon, you may camp near the serene Doodh Ganga river and spend the night in your tent.

Day 6: Chowki to Masar Tal

On this day, you’ll first take a few kilometers uphill after which descend to the lovely Masar Tal. Trek alongside the river shore and plenty of overhanging glaciers can be seen with the Khatling glaciers (Phating, Jogin, and Ratangin). Several trails end in Masar Tal, found by the herdsmen, there are rocks, stones all over the trail.

Begin to cross the regions which are higher on this glacier and onward lies Auden’s Col, which is one of the most difficult treks in India at an altitude of 5,400 meters. Once you reach here after a downhill journey of around 5 to 6 hours, you may pitch your tent near the calm lake and spend the rest of your day soaking in the picturesque surroundings. 

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Day 7: Trek from Masar Tal to Vasuki Tal via Mayali Pass 

Early in the morning, you’ll cover a hiking path of around 3 kilometers and go to the fabulous Vasuki Tal, which lies at an elevation of approximately 4800 meters above sea level. You can sometimes spot Kedar Dome from here when the climate is clear.

Once you reach Vasuki Tal after an uphill journey of approximately 6 to 7 hours, you may pitch your tent near the photogenic lake and spend the remaining day basking in the breathtaking wild beauty. 

Day 8: Trek from Vasuki Tal to Kedarnath 

This day could be all about a hiking tour to the spiritual city of Kedarnath. Vasuki Tal to Kedarnath is 6 km. Once you Climb up, you can see Kedarnath and River Mandakini. Once you reach Kedarnath after a climb of around 3 to 4 hours, explore the temple and rest overnight there. 

Day 9: Trek from Kedarnath to Gaurikund

Cover a downhill trek of 14 kilometers to reach Gaurikund from Kedarnath. It is a properly defined and well-maintained path, descend through this path and reach Gauri Kund. You may drive on the same day to Rishikesh or Dehradun .Overnight stay in Gaurikund. 

Kedarnath View from Mayali Pass Trek
Kedarnath View from Mayali Pass Trek

Day 10: Transfer from Gaurikund to Rishikesh 

Mayali Pass Trek will come to an end on this day and so you depart for Rishikesh from Gaurikund. You will reach Rishikesh in the afternoon, after a journey of eight to nine hours. From here, continue on your way back home. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for Mayali Pass Trek

What is the ideal time to go to Mayali Pass Trekking?

The most perfect time for hiking to Mayali Pass is throughout the summer months of May to June and the post-monsoon months of September to mid-October. During the summer season, the climate of the trek to Mayali Pass typically stays fine. During the Post Monsoon time, the climate of the trek stays tolerably cold and soothing. 

Can a beginner do the Mayali pass trek?

No, the Mayali Pass trek isn’t for beginners. It is a high-altitude trek so you must have previous hiking experience.

How hard is the Mayali Pass trek?

Mayali Pass trek is one of the most difficult level treks in Uttarakhand considering the fact, its altitude range. Rapid climate changes may also pose a few challenges; however as soon as the sky gets clear and peaks reveal themselves, the views can turn out to be rewarding. It is a superb trek to upgrade to if you’ve carried out more than one trek in the Himalayan range. 

Where is the Mayali pass located?

Mayali Pass trek is an underrated trek of Uttarakhand Himalayas. It is located in Tehri Garhwal of Uttarakhand state. 

Is Mayali Pass worth going for hiking?

Yes, hiking to Mayali Pass is worth traveling both for adventure lovers and nature fanatics. As this trek is a bit challenging, the adrenaline junkies will without a doubt have a terrific time checking out their capabilities in the trails. 

What are some of the nearby attractions that I can visit?

The attractions of the serene Vasuki Tal, Doodh Ganga river, and the picturesque Himalayan ranges will without a doubt leave the nature fanatics spellbound. The religious seekers and peace enthusiasts can also have their honest share of delight traveling the world-famous Kedarnath temple devoted to Lord Shiva.