The Milam Glacier trek is known for its natural beauty, picturesque glaciers, crystal blue skies, and forests. It is situated at a whopping height of 4268 m and spread over an area of 37 sq km.

It is the perfect option for your next big adventure. The trek promises you a lifetime of exhilaration. Though challenging, the final destination of the trek is worth all the pain. You get to view breathtaking Mt. Trishuli (7070m) and Hardeol (7151m).

The Indo-Sino war in 1962 resulted in the closure of the trek for 32 years and trekking resumed again in 1994. Hence you will also come across the remnants of the war in some well-known landmarks as well.

The trek begins from Munsiyari which is a small town in Kathgodam. You have to trek downhill up to Jimighat. Then the day after you will start for Bugdigar, crossing many forests on the way.

Milam trek
Milam Glacier Trek

Bugdigar is followed by Martoli and finally leads to Milam taking you through the laps of mother nature.

The glacier gives origin to pristine rivers, gushing streams. The trek is tucked with dense forests that add extra color to your scenic soul. The inhabitants of that place are very amicable.

So take out 13 days from your schedule and plan up for this amazing trek. Face the challenges and let the adventurer inside you bloom. The best part is you will have memories you can cherish a lifetime.

Where is Milam Glacier Trek?

Milam Glacier is located in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand at an elevation of 4268 m and lies over an area of 37 sq km. The trek promises you about gushing streams, dense forests, canyons, and pure natural beauty.

Munsiyari lies near the village of Milam and serves you as the starting point of the trek. The area was also known as a ghost town back in the year of 1962 due to the destruction of the Indo-Sino war.

Milam Glacier Trek Video

Best Time to Visit Milam Glacier Trek

The best season to visit the Milam Glacier trek is:-

●  Summer ( Mid March to June) The weather remains much favorable during summer. It’s quite comfortable to trek. You will have a good experience.

●  Spring ( Mid September to late October) The weather is moderate during this span of the year. However, you are advised to avoid the monsoon and winter season.

The monsoon season makes the trail slippery and unsafe for trekkers.
The winter season covers up the trail with snow hence you are unable to trek.

Milam Glacier Trek Highlights

  • Opportunity to camp at locations like Nanda Devi East Base Camp
  • Explore the beautiful inhabitation of Kumaon Himalaya
  • Challenges like crossing gorges, Alpine Meadows and ridges
  • Trek to the final destination, Milam
  • Stay overnight in the laps of mother nature.

How to Reach Milam Glacier Trek By Air

Pantnagar airport is the nearest airport which is situated 340km away from my Munsiyari where the trek starts.

How to Reach Milam Glacier Trek By Rail

The nearest railway station is Kathgodam railway station By Road. It is well connected with nearby towns like Ranikhet, Nainital, Kausani, and Haldwani by state-owned taxis and buses.

Milam Glacier Trek Cost

Cost is subjective, it’s totally dependent upon the lifestyle you are living and how much you are willing to spend on this trek but for rough estimation I would suggest once contacting any of your friends or family members who visit once before you. so you will need to come up with an estimated budget for your Milam glacier trek.

Milam Glacier Trek Route Map

Milam Glacier Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Delhi – Kathgodam ( 300 km By Train)

Your AC train departs from Old Delhi station and will reach the Kathgodam railway station by morning. After you arrive, take the cab to your respective hotel and relax for the day. You can navigate the local markets in the evening.

Day 02: Kathgodam – Almora – Munsyari ( 2290 mts / 7512 ft )

Once you arrive, meet your tour guide and travel to your hotel at Munsiyari. Take adequate rest to prepare for your next day. You can also search for local goodies and specialties in the nearby market. Stay for the night in the hotel.

Day 03: Munsiyari – Lilam ( 1850 m / 6068 ft ) ( 14 kms/ 5-6 hrs )

Your journey to Milam Glacier begins in Munsiyari. Once you have your breakfast, head off to Lilam via Darkot. From Darkot the trail further continues down the hill to Gori Ganga till the Jimi Ghat. From Jimighat you will come back to Lilam and stay there at the camp for the night.

Day 04: Lilam – Bugdiar ( 2500 mts/ 8200ft ) ( 12kms/5-6 hrs )

Take your breakfast in the morning and head off to Bugdiar. On your way, you will also come across dense forests and trees making you feel the utmost of mother nature. The Meadows also offer you the sight of sheep and goats. Camp at Bugdiar and stay there for the night. After your dinner, you can enjoy the campfire or just sleep in the laps of nature.

Day 05: Bugdiar – Martoli ( 3430 mts/11250 ft ) ( 14kms/5-6 hrs)

Today you will trek to Martoli via Railkot situated near Lean Had Valley, crossing the narrow gorges. These offer you some fascinating sites to click pictures and enjoy nature. You will spend the night at Martoli Village in your tents.

Day 06: Martoli – Milam ( 3450 m/11316 ft )

Today is important because you will reach Milam village, the important landmark. But firstly you will cross the bridges over Lwan Gad and Gori Ganga and reach Burphu village which is at a height of 3350m. From there, your trail will lead to Milam Village. Stay back there for the night and have your dinner. Also, have a good sleep so that you are well prepared for the next day.

Day 07: Milam – Milam Glacier – Milam ( 6 kms / 3-4 hrs)

Get up early and take your breakfast because today you will be heading off to Milam Glacier. Once you reach your final destination, the glacier will stand in front of your eyes as magnificent as it can be. Not only that, but you will also witness the breathtaking view of Rishi Parvat ( 6692m ), Hardeol ( 7151m ), and Trisuli ( 7074m ) peaks. Drench completely in the stunning view it offers and enjoy the moments. After that, you will come back to Milam Village and stay in your tents for the night.

Day 08: Milam – Railkot ( 3250 m/10725 )

Today it’s a downhill trek of 17km to Raikot. So eat your breakfast and start your downhill journey. Overnight stay at your camps.

Day 09: Railkot – Bugdiar

Today again you will go for the downhill trek of 12 km to Bugdiar. On your way back to Bugdiar, catch glimpses of the narrow gorges of Nahar Devi. Stay overnight in your tents.

Day 10: Bugdiar – Lilam

Get up early and get ready to trek back to Lilam through 12km down the hill. You will reach your campsite in the afternoon hence getting enough time to relax. But don’t sit idle. Get some stunning pictures of the scenarios nearby. Stay overnight at your camps.

Day 11: Lilam – Munsiyari

So today you will trail back to Munsiyari. From there you can head off to your hotels. Relax in a hot shower and let the tiredness wash away.

Day 12: Munsyari – Kathgodam

Now comes the final day of the trek. Today is a relaxed and fun day. Walk through the forest and man-made roads. And finally, you will drive back to Kathgodam. From Kathgodam, your train will depart at 8.40 pm. And this way the journey to Milam Glacier Trek finally comes to an end.

Day 13: Arrive Delhi

You will arrive in Delhi by morning. Don’t be too upset and remember the thrill of the journey you just had. With memories for a lifetime, you will always cherish this trek in the back of your mind. Wish you a safe and happy trek.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When should I Book for Milam Glacier Trek?

You should book for the trek at least before 2 months so that you get enough time to arrange the necessary.

How Long Does it Take to Acclimatize

Suddenly climbing up to great heights can cause some difference in your body and hence you have to be careful. It is nothing to be very afraid of just your body needs to acclimatize to the changing temperature. Hence take proper veg diets rich in carbohydrates and less oily. Have plenty of rest even if you are not tired.

What is the Minimum Temperature During Milam Glacier Trek?

At night, the temperature can drop low to 10 °C. In the months of December to March, the temperature may stoop as low as a minus. July and August are the seasons of rain.