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Nutrition Is Much More Important Than Exercise for Your Healthy Bones

Do you ever wonder whether exercise or nutrition is good for your bones healthy, you are not alone though? Scientists, fitness enthusiasts, and many people are asking this similar question—and because of science, we have an answer. According to the study published in the journal PLOS One, state that for better bone strength, exercise and diet is very important.

Even though findings recommend nutrition is very important than the exercise for healthy bone strength, the study found out that the mineral diet and regular exercise will lead to the optimal bone strength—much faster than the nutrition without any exercise.

What Do You Need To Take For Healthy Bone?

Even though taking a good amount of calcium is very important for your bone health, but it can be effective when it is taken with certain types of vitamin like vitamin D and K2.

Vitamin D will help your body to absorb calcium quickly, and vitamin K2 will activate the protein osteocalcin that stimulates the link of bone minerals and calcium ions. Magnesium also is very important (often forgotten!) part for your healthy bones.

Do not worry, if you are not much interested to get your calcium dose through dairy products; there are many other ways. It can be like spending time in the sun (get vitamin D), having more greens (get calcium), and including strength training in your daily routine (high bone density).


Take home? Even though it appears that diet is quite important compared to exercise—if you are looking for healthy and strong bones. Exercise and mineral-supplemented diet is the best way to go? The good diet will include enough calories and the good amount of fat, carbohydrates, and protein, and, vitamins and minerals – mainly vitamin D and mineral calcium.

Different eating habits, which include calcium-rich supplements, are the best recipe for the lifetime of healthy and strong bones and a better quality of life, which comes with it. Calcium is one main building block in our bone tissue; thus, it is very important to load up on the calcium-rich supplements.


Let Us Look At Some Calcium-Rich Supplements For The Healthy Bones:



Spinach is one of the best food to get your calcium dose. Having cooked spinach has 25% of your daily calcium, plus fiber, iron and vitamin A, all of which are known to promote overall health.



Yogurt comes loaded with vitamin D and calcium. It has around 30 % calcium and 20 % of vitamin D for a day. It is important you to make curd at home but suppose you do not want to. You can buy fresh and unsweetened curd to make sure you’re loaded with enough nutrients from these food supplements.



Tuna is the fatty fish loaded with vitamin D & calcium that helps to keep bone strong and our health in proper check. You can aa dd a certain amount of fish into your daily diet.



Milk is the best source of vitamin D and calcium both of them are quite important for your bone health. You can drink non-fat or low fat milk. Pour one full glass of milk and drink this goodness every day.



Cheese isn’t that bad! It has a good amount of calcium in it. Mozzarella cheese has the highest amount of calcium. For the healthier option, you can try cheese prepared from the skim milk.