The Pin Parvati trek is one of those treks that any trekker wants to do in his life. This trek has every component, making it one of the most extraordinary treks in the great Himalayas.

The track inside the thick woodlands of Extraordinary Himalayan National Park is likewise a test even for an accomplished climber. Crossing the Parvati river and its different feeders can be a little bit painful; thus, it does navigate the high elevation gaps.

Pin Parvati Trek - Valley View
Pin Parvati Trek – Valley View

However, regardless of what number of difficulties it presents, the Pin Parvati Pass journey is adequately related to making it one of the most sought-after Himalayan Pass treks at high heights.

Keypoints of Pin Parvati Trek

AREAManali, Himachal Pradesh
DURATION10 days / 11 days 
BEST SEASON July, August
ALTITUDE5,319m (17,500 ft)
Key points of Pin Parvati Trek

Gallery of Pin Parvati Trek

History of Pin Parvati Trek

According to the legends, Lord Shiva meditated in this valley for around 3000 years. He stayed there meditating and appeared as debris spread or that of a naga sadhu with time. After ages, Lord Shiva woke up, glanced around at this immaculate, beautiful scene, and named it after his consort, Parvati.

Highlights of Pin Parvati Trek

  • Test your perseverance by traveling on elevations as high as 5319 m.
  • Prepare set for an uneven drive, which will take you to the most pleasant towns of the trans-Himalaya districts like Keylong, Koksar, Rohtang Pass, and Kaza.
  • Enjoy a shower in the sulfur springs of Kheer Ganga.
  • Enjoy camp under the clear sky at the Mantalai Lakeside; additionally, you can savor the views of the adjoining snow-covered mountains and ice sheets.
  • Trek across the verdant breadth of meadows, and Pin Valley National Park.

Best Season for Pin Parvati Trek

The best time to visit pin Parvati is from the end of June to September. You may likewise think about early June if snow conditions allow.

How To Reach Pin Parvati Trek? 

By Train:– Chandigarh is the closest railroad station to Manali; the absolute rail distance is 397 km. You can either book a bus or a taxi from Chandigarh to arrive at Manali.

By Road:- One can, without much stress, book a seat on a bus from Delhi to Manali there are normal buses too from Delhi. The total distance between the two objections was 611 km by street. If you love to do road trips, you can also go in your vehicle.

Itinerary of Pin Parvati Trek

Day 1: Kalgha to Kheer Ganga.

We arrive at Kala, which is 30 min away from Barshini. From Kalgha, you will begin to climb pleasantly toward Khir Ganga. You will have 4 h of walking up along the Parvati stream. In Kheer Ganga, you can enjoy the natural hot water spring. 

Day 2 Kheer Ganga to the Thunda Bhuj.

After some time from Kheer Ganga, you will go through a thick Himalayan Cedar woodland and enjoy the valley’s picturesque excellence at this height. You will likely meet a few locals grazing their pets in the woodland. Following 5 to 6 h of walking, you will arrive at Thunda Bhuj. This place is situated on a knoll and offers you an inconceivable view. 

Day 3 Thunda Bhuj to Thakur Kuan.

The trek to arrive at Thakur Kuan is very simple and it will just require 3 to 4 h in the following camping area. You easily ascend 250 m and go through the night at Thakur Kuan.

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Day 4: Thakur Kuan to Odi Thach.

This is going to be quite exciting as you will cross two bridges. The first bridge crosses a stream and the subsequent one crosses the Parvati stream. Here, you can feel the enchantment of the Greater Himalayas. Following 5 h of walking, you will arrive at Odi Thach.

Day 5: Odi Thach to Mantalai lake.

Here, you follow the same Parvati stream. As you progress toward the lake, you will see a great many more modest streams twisting through the lower part of the valley. Following 6 h of a walk, you will arrive at the Mantalai lake, which gathers all the water from the above glaciers to bring forth the Parvati stream. Enjoy the beautiful view. 

Day 6: Mantalai lake to Basecamp (Parvati side)

We wake up early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise from the Parvati stream. The climb today is steep however it’s worth the effort! At the point when you will arrive at the camping area following 7 to 8 h of the trek, you will be right at the edge of the Parvati glacier.

Day 7: Basecamp 1 to Basecamp 2 (Pin side)

Today, after a steep climb gets on a glacier, you will cross the Pin Parvati pass that connects you with the Spiti Valley. Enjoy the 360-degree perspective on the Himalayan region and of the peaks of the Incomparable Himalayan.  Then, you have a descent of 1.5 km to arrive at your camping area after 7–8 h of your walk.

Day 8: Basecamp to Tiya.

After leaving your camp you will have a precarious drop over 3 km and afterward, the path follows a river. 

Day 9: Tiya to Mud.

Today you will walk toward Mud town, following 5 h you will arrive at the spot. Enjoy the unbelievable moonscape of Spiti! Night in the Mud town or drive back to Kaza.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Pin Parvati Trek

Is the Pin Parvati Trek safe?

Pin Parvati is one of the difficult treks. It’s a very high-risk journey. Regardless of the number of security precautionary measures you take, you can’t make the journey safe. Where is the Pin Parvati pass?

Where is Pin Parvati trek located?

Himachal Pradesh. The Pin Parvati Pass is a mountain pass in Himachal Pradesh, 5,319 m. It was first crossed in August 1884 by Sir Louis Dane looking for a backup route to the Spiti valley.

What is the fitness Necessity of The Pin Parvati Pass Trek?

This is an exceptionally demanding trek on physical and stamina fitness. That is As much as possible. Related knowledge on any high-elevation Himalayan trips helps.

Which Is The Closest ATM  on The Pin Parvati Pass Trek?

Numerous ATMs are available in Manali to pull out cash from. ATMs are even accessible in Kaza for cash withdrawal. There were no ATMs during the trek.