Every morning with a plate of Jalebis we used to witness the flag hoisting on Independence day. It was a festival indeed where the sense of patriotism was at its peak. Coming to Delhi, our first few destinations were Red fort because what we saw on televisions was just the exterior.

The Hotel we stayed in Delhi to Red fort distance was an easy 2.2 kms, which we covered via the wonderful, superfast metro services which was not only cheap but very comfortable.

About Delhi

Delhi is the capital of the country and a land of immense history. It has seen the invasions of various armies and the rule of numerous emperors. Every period of rulers have left some or the other souvenir of their times and exploring them is not only fun but very enriching. Delhi is very well connected with roadways and other transportation services hence any part of Delhi to Red fort distance can also be easily commuted.

Many monuments in Delhi credit its formation to the Mughal rulers like Akbar and predominantly Shah Jahan. From Red fort, Jama masjid, Safdarjung tomb, Humayun’s tomb to the architecture of colonial era like the President house, Parliament,India gate, Connaught place and what not. The land of Delhi evidently portrays the different eras and time periods witnessed by our countrymen.

About Red Fort

Standing at a height of 75 ft is the prolific Red fort or the Lal Quila. A prominent location, especially during Independence day when the Prime minister of our country hoists our flag standing at the Red fort.The fort was built under the patronage of the Mughal ruler, Shah Jahan in the mid 17th century and is now a UNESCO certified world heritage site.

The Mughal ruler built the red fort with a strategy. The river Yamuna at its eastern bank and the massive walls of not less than 33 metres towards the townside were well planned to protect the fort from invasions, wars.There are in total 14 gates to enter the Red fort with only 2 gates in use now and the only gate used for entry right now is Lahori gate.

Near the Chandni chowk in Old Delhi, this Mughal red sandstone architecture is situated.Old Delhi to Red fort distance is barely a Km but for ease you can always take a rickshaw which is easily available near the metro station.The site always catches tourists and even the locals attention. The beauty of Red fort lies in the inside structures which are spread across acres of land. Once you visit the Red fort, you can enter by paying an entry fee either online or at the counter which is ₹35 per person for Indians. 

Red Fort Highlights

AreaRed fort, Delhi
Elevation75 Feet High
Best Time    Summer evenings/Winter afternoon 
WeatherChilly During Winters 
Red Fort Highlights

Places To Visit In Red Fort, Delhi

1. Diwan-i-aam

Translated as the “court for public”, diwan-i-aam is one of the few beautiful structures that you’ll find inside the fort that will take you back to the history books and famous movies like Jodha Akbar, Mughal-e-Azam that had reference to this. Near every such structure, a board is kept that informs about the history of the place. 

2. Diwan-i-Khas

The famous peacock throne that was later stolen by Nadir Shah in 1739 was initially the art of Diwan-i-khas. The hall of the private audience is smaller than Diwan-i-aam but beautifully constructed with intricate designs on the roofs and long standing pillars.

3. Mumtaj Mahal

Situated at the southern part of the fort, Mumtaj Mahal. Constructed with marbles this mahal had six apartments which were separated by arched piers and the source of water here was Nahr-i-bisht. It is now converted to a museum, presenting the Mughal artefacts, stories and times. 

4. Other Mahals

Khas Mahal was the private residence of the emperor, Rang mahal also called Shish mahal sometimes,Hira mahal, Zafar mahal are some of the attractive structures in the complex. All the history and details associated with it is mentioned on the board near the complexes.

Places To Visit Near Red Fort, Delhi

1. Chandini Chowk

The lanes of Old Delhi are popular among shopping enthusiasts. Traditional clothes, daily use items, shoes along with some delicious North Indian cuisines like Chole Bhature, Kulhad wali Lassi and of course the Paratha from paranthe wali gali are the major stopping points of these old lanes.

2. India Gate

Located at the centre of New Delhi is the 42 metre high India Gate. Old Delhi,Red fort to India Gate distance is 5.2 km. This Gate is a memorial to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during World War I.

It was designed by Edwin Lutyens.The entry here is free of cost and one can take a stroll near the streets of India Gate.

Trekking Places Near Delhi

3. Jama masjid

The mosque was built under the patronage of Shah Jahan and is just 1.1 kms from Red fort. Jama masjid is faced towards the holy shrine of Mecca which is in the west. The mosque has a capacity to hold thousands of people and the crowd of devotees here is maximum during the Friday prayers. 

4. Raj Ghat

Old Delhi to Raj Ghat distance is 2 kms. This place has a very serene and calming environment and is dedicated to the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi. The timings here are from 6:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening.

There’s no entry fee and the nearest metro station is Delhi Gate. People from foreign countries and dignitaries pay homage to Gandhiji whenever they have the chance.

Things To Do In Red Fort, Delhi

1. Visiting Historical Sites

Delhi is blessed to have incredible historical sites. Some of them include Humayun’s tomb, Safdarjung tomb, India Gate, Connaught place and of course Red fort.

These sites are proof of the deep and long history we share with different empires and rulers, from Rajputanas to Mughals to Britishers. A stroll down these sites is an enriching experience.

2. Walk Around The City

A walk in the Lodhi Garden, the lanes of CP, Majnu ka Tila or the beautiful roads of Kartavya path seeing all the major offices and structures like President house, India gate around it. This provides a sense of  calmness and serenity in the chaos of Delhi.

3. YULU Rides

An unavoidable fun element to Delhi is the Yulu ride. Students often use it to reach their colleges and coachings, some use it for fun but in any case, yulu rides in the silent lanes of Lodhi art district, near India gate or around the college campus is a must try. You can also cover the Delhi to Red fort distance on Yulu.

4. Cafe Hopping

Cafes are the new favourite thing of the youth. Aesthetically pleasing locations are picture worthy and gain a lot of attraction. One can also carry their work in some cafes and enjoy the delicious cuisines in there.

Majnu ka tila is famous for Korean cuisines, CP has many urban style cafes and many such places are an exclusive place to spend some quality time with your friends and families.

Red Fort, Delhi Connectivity

Red Fort, Delhi Connectivity By Bus

Any part of Delhi to Red Fort distance can be easily commuted via DTC buses which are available from every stop near your locations to Red fort in Old Delhi. Some of the bus numbers are 185, 118, 213, 347,502.Buses are free for women travellers. 

Red Fort, Delhi Connectivity By Car/Bike

Car rides to Red fort can be a little expensive and you can get stuck in traffic. As the fort is near Chandni Chowk you can expect a lot of crowd. Thus,Delhi to Red fort distance is facilitated via cabs/cars or even two wheelers.

Red Fort, Delhi Connectivity By Metros

The nearest metro station is Chawri bazaar or Chandini Chowk that falls on the yellow line. From New Delhi,The Delhi to Red fort distance can be covered in 10 minutes. After which you can either walk or take a rickshaw to the fort. 

How To Reach Red Fort, Delhi

How To Reach Red Fort, Delhi by Airport

The airport is Indira Gandhi International airport which is very well connected with other neighbouring cities and counties. After reaching Delhi, you can either take a metro/bus/taxi to reach Red fort. Delhi(Red fort) distance to Airport is nearly 13 kms.

How To Reach Red Fort, Delhi by Train

New Delhi to Red fort distance is 8.5 kms.The nearest Railway station to Red fort is New Delhi railway. After reaching the station, one can take the metro from the New Delhi metro station(yellow line) to Chawri bazaar or Chandini Chowk.

How To Reach Red Fort, Delhi by Car

Cars or taxis are also one of the options for easy and comfortable travel especially for the newbies. You can book a cab to Red fort and enjoy the beauty of this humongous monument.

Final Thoughts For Red Fort, Delhi

The 75 ft structure is one of the most important locations for all of us as we celebrate Independence day from this very monument. The fort is the epitome of Mughal architecture, strategic planning and the skill of our talented countrymen.

The fort is itself a city with so many museums, well maintained gardens, fountains and several Mahals, some of which we have seen in the bollywood representation of Mughal empire. In short, Red fort is the perfect getaway to the era of Mughals and the brilliance in architecture during the mid 17th century.Being at a perfect location, the Delhi to Red fort distance can easily be covered by any means of transport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) For Red Fort, Delhi

Is there any cost to enter the Red Fort?

Yes, the entry fee for Indians is ₹35 but for foreigners it is ₹500.

Can we bring food items inside Red Fort?

No, it is not allowed.

Who built the Red fort?

Red fort was built under the patronage of Shah Jahan.

What is the nearest metro station to Red Fort?

Chandini Chowk metro station is the nearest station to Red Fort.

What is the fare of a metro ticket from New Delhi?

The fare is only ₹10 from New Delhi metro to Chandni Chowk.

Are there markets inside Red fort?

Yes, the bazaar is called the Meena bazaar or the Chatta Chowk bazaar and has various items from accessories to handbags to traditionally designed clothes. 

How much time is required to explore The Red Fort?

Covered in 254.67 acres, a minimum 2 hours is required to cover Red fort completely.