Gaddi refers to the shepherd tribe in the Himachal’s local language. The Gaddi trail or the shepherd trail journey is usually done by the shepherds to cross the Kangra valley from Kullu in Himachal. One of the most beautiful and picturesque treks in the district, the shepherd trail Gaddi trek is wandered onto by heap travelers, wildlife lovers, and nature enthusiasts from various corners of India and abroad. The shepherd trek starts from Manali at 2,050 meters and prompts Lamadugh at around 2,500 meters. The trek goes through rivers and dense forests of cedar trees.

Shepherd Trail Gaddi Trek

Gazing upon the astonishing grand vistas along the entrancing paths, be ready to arrange your directions through snow-bedded paths, rough paths, and hazardous moraines. Along the course, save an open eye for sights of interesting Himalayan birds and creatures. One of the most charming journeys in Himachal, this trip is undoubtedly a stunner and the most extraordinary experience for travelers and climbers.

Key Points of Shepherd Trail Gaddi Trek

AREAKullu, Himachal Pradesh
DURATION12-13 days
BEST SEASON Mid-June – Mid October
ALTITUDE4800 mts / 15,744 ft
Keypoints of Shepherd Trail Gaddi Trek

Highlights of Shepherd Trail Gaddi Trek

  • Get a chance to explore the beautiful paths and destinations of Manali.
  • Opportunity to cross three high mountain passes in a trip with the most noteworthy being roosted at a rise of 15,700 ft. (Kalihani Pass) above ocean level.
  • Chance to catch unmatched grand vistas of the Western Himalayas.
  • Experience of overnight setting up camp across the river settled amid astounding beautiful views with bonfires.

Best Time To Visit Shepherd Trail Gaddi Trek

One can wander on this trek between the time of June and October. Owing to heavy storms and the likelihood of avalanches and cloud rushes in the rainstorm season, the best time to visit the shepherd trail Gaddi trek is between August and October.

Location of Shepherd Trail Gaddi Trek

The shepherd trail starts from Kullu valley in Manali and ends at the Kangra valley in McLeodganj/Dharamsala. Settled in the lap of Pir-Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges in the Western Himalayas, the shepherd trail offers an unrivaled picturesque brilliant scenic and a visual treat to the eyes.

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Itinerary of Shepherd Trail Gaddi Trek

Day 01: Manali

Reach Manali early in the morning. Freshen up in a hotel, and do your breakfast. Visit Hadimba Devi Mandir, in old Manali, Tibetan monasteries, and the shopping center. Spend your night in the hotel.

Day 02: Manali to Lamadugh

Altitude: 2500 Mts/8200 Ft | Time: 5 Hours

This is the starting day of the trek which leads through forests of deodars (Cedar), and climbs delicately through Manalsu valley. Do campsite in the rich green meadows of Lamadugh.

Day 03: Lamadugh – Dohra Nalla (3100 Mts/10168 Ft) Over

Altitude: Dohra Nalla: 3100 Mts/10168 Ft | Khanpari Pass: 3600 Mts/11810 Ft | Time: 6 Hours

The path starts to rise steeply through forests and meadows. With wild alpine flowers thrown all around. The splendid bushes of Rhododendron and Birch make ready to the pass.

Day 04: Dohra Nalla – Sangohar The Foundation Of Kalihani | Journey

Altitude: 3800 Mts/12465 Ft | Time: 5.30 Hours

A wonderful stroll through the lush forests and over the glaciers. Look out the mountains of the Kullu and Lahoul valleys which are going to be an unforgettable experience.

Day 05: Sangohar – Gaddi Gote Over Kalihali Pass

Altitude: 15,744 ft | Time: 8 Hours

Today the scene gradually starts to change, as timberlands and knolls give may to rough outcrops with patches of snow starring to show up. Steep climbs through glaciers and the highest point of the pass are reached. Stunning views wrap the peak of the pass and after a concise visit, descending through glaciers and moraine leads the campsite on the bank of the shimmering mountain stream.

Day 06: Gaddi Gote – Lamba Phad

Altitude: 3300 Mts/10824 Ft | Time: 4 Hours

Now the path leads down into the Soony waterway, via Devi Gote. There is a temple that is developed by the shepherds (Gaddis) for the protection of the sheep and themselves from the regular fiascoes and animals. Pay reverence to the Goddess and proceed to the camping area.

Day 07: Lamba Phad – Soony

Altitude: 3500 Mts/11480 Ft | Time: 5 Hours

Leaving this wonderful camping area, the paths now twist through the rough landscape. The path starts to rise, a dense forest starts to show up, and the stream races through fabulous chasms: when crossed via a snow bridge.

Day 08: Visit The Town

A remote and segregated town opens just four or five months a year. The inhabitants are the Himalayan shepherds (the Gaddies) who live nomadic lifestyles, driving their tremendous groups of sheep and goats in high mountain summer pastures, and in pre-winter getting once again to their separated presence in the town.

Day 09: Base – Panihartu Over Thamsar Pass

Altitude: 3200 Mts/10500 Ft | Time: 6 Hours

The path steeply rises out of the rough glacier site into the milder landscape. The lakes on both sides of the pass offer a marvelous perspective of the Dhauladhar range with strong Manimahesh Tibba on the north of the pass.

Day 10: Panihartu – Raj Gundha

Altitude: 2900 Mts/9512 Ft | Time: 6 Hours

An extremely wonderful stroll through the forests and the flowing cascade; soon, the small town is situated on the slope side of the hill, giving a magical, dreamlike appearance.

Day 11: Raj Gundha – Bir

Altitude: 2080 Mts/6823 Ft | Time: 6 Hours

The path goes through the forests of oak and rhododendron. From billing direct plunge to the Bir. As the billing is notable for the paragliding, people from all over India as well as foreigners use to enjoy this site. Now, this is the last day of this wonderful trip through the place that is known for the incredible Gaddis, intense and wiry Himalayan shepherds.

Day 12: Bir – Dharamsala

On the way visit the Tibetan settlement and the monasteries at Bir, Chamunda Devi temple in Palampur. After driving for 50km you reach Dharamshala from Palampur.

Day 13: Dharamshala – Delhi

After breakfast, half day touring in Dharamshala and at night move to Pathankot railway station to get the train for Delhi.

Frequently Asked Questions for Shepherd Trail Gaddi Trek

What is the ideal time to go on a trek to Shepherd Trail Gaddi trek?

The ideal time for the trek is between Mid June to Mid October.

Can a beginner do a shepherd trek solo?

No, as the level of the trek is difficult so it is not recommended for beginners to go on this trek solo.

Where is shepherd trek located?

It is located in Kullu valley in Manali, McLeodganj/Dharamsala. Settled in the lap of Pir-Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges in the Western Himalayas.

How long is the shepherd trail Gaddi trek?

The trek last longs for 12-13 days and includes 140 km.