Shivling Peak, one of the holy peaks in the Garhwal Himalayan region, towers at an altitude of 6543 meters, near the tip of the Gangotri Glacier in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is one of the most beautiful peaks in the Garhwal area.
Shivling, near the triple-peaked Bhagirathi massif, serves as the western entrance to the lower Gangotri Glacier.

It is located on a spur that extends from the main ridge that forms the southwest side of the Gangotri Glacier basin; this ridge also contains well-known summits such as Bhagirathi, Thalay Sagar, and Meru.

Shivling Trek
Shivling Trek

It was also known as Mahadeo Ka Linga (Mahadev Ka Linga) Shivling, which appears as a single pyramid from Gaumukh. It is a twin-summit peak with the northeast summit being slightly higher than the southwest summit, 6,501m (21,329 ft). Shivling trek is fortified on all sides by high rock cliffs, except the west flank which has a moderate slope, enough for snow accumulation.

History of Shivling Trek

According to Hindu legend, the summit beautifully represents Lord Shiva’s Shiva Linga. The Indo-Tibetan Border Police made the first climb to Shivling Peak in 1974, and numerous routes were afterward identified by other explorers. Because of its distinctive form, Shivling is sometimes known as the ‘Indian Matterhorn.’ The Shivling trek trip is a well-known trek among climbers.

Soon after the discovery of the Gangotri Glacier by a British visitor in 1933, a German traveler named R. Schwarzgruber, ascended numerous summits around the Gangotri Glacier and explored Shivling in 1938. Since his first ascent, eight alternative routes to Shivling trek have been discovered.

AREAGarhwal Region
BEST SEASON May – October
ALTITUDE4880 mts
Keypoints of Shivling Trek

Highlights of Shivling Trek

  • One of the Himalayas’ largest glaciers
  • One of the most beautiful peaks in the Garhwal area.
  • Tapovan is a gorgeous green meadow that is a prominent Hindu pilgrimage place.
  • The picturesque and calm lake in Gaumukh, Vasuki Tal, and Gaumukh; considered as the source of the Bhagirathi river. It is also said to be the source of Ganga.

Best Time to Reach Shivling Trek

If you want to visit Shivling trek Base Camp Trek during the summer, go between May and June; however, if you want to travel at another time, go between September and October, after the monsoon has passed.

In the summer, the weather in Gomukh Tapovan is mostly acceptable and pleasant. The majestic splendor of the Himalayas, along with the freshness of the surroundings of the wind, are ready to steal your breath away.

Gomukh Tapovan has a lot to offer in terms of its impressively-generous flora ornamented by showers, as well as its snow-clad mountains. However, you may encounter roadblocks as a result of rain-caused landslides; thus, it is advised that you bring raincoats with you. Nonetheless, the scenic beauty of the location is an experience you must take/have.

Gomukh Tapovan is much more beautiful after the Monsoon has passed. The few monsoon issues have been resolved, and the area has become even more magnificent, with its tranquil, lush foliage and huge mountains appearing bathed and well-kept.

Location of Shivling Trek

Shivling is a sibling peak positioned high at an altitude of 6543m near the Gangotri Glacier in the picturesque state of Uttarakhand—the northernmost state of India. It is one of the most popular bucket-list hiking sites in the region, tucked away in the Garhwal region.

This trip will even lead you to Nandanvan, which is located at 4340m above sea level. You will pass past several glaciers, including the Meru glacier and the Kirti Bamak glacier. You will also go to Vasuki Tal, a lovely base for Mt Satopanth and Mt Vasuki Parbat with a tiny lake. After traversing many glaciers and one of the key high passes named Kalindi Khal, skilled trekkers can reach Badrinath from Vasuki Tal.

How to Reach Shivling Trek

Gangotri is around 500 kilometers from Delhi, and serves as the expedition’s base.

By Air :-

The nearest airport, Jolly Grant Airport, is located around 226 kilometers from Gangotri. The airport in Dehradun receives regular flights from India’s capital city, Delhi. So, you may take a flight to the airport and then book a cab from there to the holy town of Gangotri. The cost of a taxi or cab will be roughly Rs 4,000.

By Train :-

If you want to go by train, you must first arrive at the Rishikesh railway station, which is also the nearest at 250 kilometers from Gangotri. When you arrive at the railway station, there will be plenty of cabs waiting to transport you to your destination. You should budget between Rs 3,000 and Rs 4,000 for cab fare.

By Road :-

The sacred town of Gangotri is well linked by road with all of the main tourist destinations in Uttarakhand and beyond. You may take a tourist bus to Gangotri from towns like Yamunotri, Mussoorie, and Tehri. To go to town, there are both private deluxe buses and state buses.

Itinerary of Shivling Trek

Day 01 : From Delhi to Rishikesh via Haridwar

The journey begins with a 6.50 a.m. rail ride from Delhi to Haridwar. After you arrive in Haridwar, drive to  Rishikesh, check-in to a hotel for the night. You can take a break here before continuing.

Day 2 : Rishikesh – Uttarkashi

You depart from your Rishikesh lodging and go to Uttarkashi via Chamba. On the trip, you may admire the magnificent Himalayan mountains of Garhwal. When you get to Uttarkashi, you may go sightseeing to appreciate the picturesque splendor of this delightful region before returning to your comfortable lodging for the night.

Day 03 : From Uttarkashi to Gangotri

From Uttarkashi, go to Gangotri through the beautiful Harsil Valley. You come across the wonderful Sulphur springs in the lovely area known as Gangnani on your journey to this destination. You may stop here to gaze at or take photographs of this amazing area, or you can have a relaxing plunge in the lake. When you arrive in Gangotri, you have the entire evening to yourself to explore the area or relax in your hotel room, whatever you like.

Day 4 : In Gangotri

This wonderfully lovely location has so much to offer that you can’t just come here for a night and leave. The fourth day is spent exploring the area and relaxing in the tranquillity of this spiritual center.

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Day 05 : From Gangotri to Bhojwassa

This is where your trek begins. You would travel through the wonderful forest of pine trees that will bring you to Bhojwasa and Bhagirathi. It’s a 14-kilometer trail that takes 4 to 5 hours to walk at a leisurely pace. This is also the location for your first camping excursion of the tour, which promises to be full of fun and excitement.

Day 06 : Gomukh to Bhojbasa through Tapovan

This day begins with your journey to Gomukh, the holy Ganges’ source. You may enjoy the breathtaking sight of the Ganges here, which is bordered by lush foliage. Following that, you will descend towards Tapovan, which serves as the base camp for the magnificent Shivling Pinnacle. You will also have the option of camping at this magnificent location.

Day 07 : Exploring Tapovan

Because this is such a stunning and lovely location, exploring some of its magnificent sites is a must. Go to the breathtaking glacier of Kirti Bamak so that you may fully enjoy its splendor. You camp here for one more night.

Day 8 : Meru Glacier Exploration

On this day, you go off for the Meru Mountain, which promises to steal your breath away with its entrancing beauty and solitude. While on this short trek, you may enjoy the breathtaking splendor of Tapovan in peace, and you can camp here for one more night.

Day 9 : From Tapovan to Nandanvan 

Go through Gomukh Glacier to Nandanvan, where you hike higher to the meadow, enjoying the delight of hiking in one of the most beautiful places, soaking in all the bliss of its natural beauty, before climbing back down. 

Day 10 : Seeing Vasuki Tal in Nandanvan

You start your journey across Chaturangi Glacier in the early morning hours to reach Vasuki Tal, enjoying the rocky and steep exhilarating road all the way. After completing your trip through the breathtaking grandeur of this location, you return to your camps to rest for the night.

Day 11 : Nandanvan to Bhojbasa

You start early on this day in order to completely enjoy your way to Bhojbasa, staring at the bountiful beauty of the enormous mountains here. When you get to the location, you set up your camp and relax in peace.

Day 12 : Bhojbasa to Uttarkashi by way of Gangotri

On this day of your journey, you will hike downhill, to Gangotri, from where you will be driven to Uttarkashi. In Uttarkashi, you spend the night in your hotel room.

Day 13 : From Uttarkashi, back to Delhi via Haridwar

After completing your hiking adventure successfully, securely, and with enjoyment, go down to Haridwar, board a train returning to Delhi. Arrival at Delhi.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for Shivling Trek

How long does the Shivling Trek take?

The entire shivling trek expedition lasts 13 days.

When is the ideal time to go on the Shivling trek?

The months of June and September are ideal for climbing Mt. Shivling.

What is the height of Shivling Trek?

Shivling Peak rises 6543 metres above sea level.

Is this trip suitable for a beginner?

Mt. Shivling is only for experienced hikers who want to push themselves to their limits.

Is there going to be snow on the shivling trek?

Because this is a challenging climb at 6500 metres, the adventure will most likely include snow and ice.

What will be the weather during the Shivling trek?

Temperature can drop to as low as -10°C to -20°C in higher sites on the ascent.